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  1. Knibb was very impressive on the cycling part. Duffy is on the same shape as in Tokyo but on this sprint event I don't think see can beat Knibb. To complete the podium I have my eyes on Lindemann but she will need a better cycling, at least stay in contact with Knibb and Duffy. First surprise with Betto out, but she crash during T1 and this format is mistakeless Without the best swimmer in the second leg it will be interesting to see if Knibb will dynamite the cycling too and if best runner can come back this time too.
  2. Knibb was really impressive during the first qualifier, I think she will be the future of women triathlon. I see her winning tomorrow The men race look interesting as there is a lot of potential winners.
  3. All work perfectly fine for me, I hadn't lost nothing since 2:00am yesterday morning
  4. I feel pretty weird to all the anti-olympics as in the same time there is people in base ball and football pro games in Japan. This looks pretty politic to me.
  5. I guess they don't have the choice as the table are blue otherwise it will be difficult to see what happens
  6. The work is still in progress as there is some issues with times and days of some session. For example the softball session on the 21st is missing but there is the 22nd session of sotfball at that place on the schedule right now. All the early morning event seems to appear to the day prior on the actual schedule. My concern is on the split screen we have on the last games, we can watch four different sessions on the same screen, I hope it will be available this time also. There is no mention of it anyway There is also a feed by sport that was added two days ago on the main page but right now there is nothing on it, we will see wednesday what happens
  7. Pretty impressive 17 medals for us, unfortunately only 3 titles but medals in discus or javelin throw are not common in France. Hoping to see some of them in 2024
  8. 16 sound right to me otherwise the qualification stage will be meaningless, top 3 from group of 6 that looks like a joke. On the other hand some smaller countries can participate at the final stage...
  9. We have a policy of trying combined events from the younger age and then let the athlete choose what he likes the most. Besides that we have a great pole vault history.
  10. I think on paper Spain have the better team but this is a team sport and for instance you can see "worst" player becoming great because of the team spirit. I was a very bad football player when I was young but my strength is my stamina and I keep running everywhere to help my teammate, they always thank me for this support that let them on offensive duty. A well known french journalist says that the beauty in sport is the "glorious uncertainty of sport" that let the small win some times
  11. I take three weeks off for the olympic games since I work so I begin in 2010 for Vancouver, before I was student so that was easy to watch the more that I can. For this games it will be nearly 2am to nearly 5pm all day, and it will be a great pleasure. Since London we are able to watch all the events so right now my work is counting how much event will take place at the same moment and having the right number of screen set up. In Rio and Pyeongchang we can have 4 events by windows with a split screen. I hope this is the same this year like this I can watch the more olympic action to feed me to next one.
  12. Moerman decline, he was annoyed not to be in the first calls. He retired from national games
  13. Yes I will watch rowing. I already check because I was afraid to get up for nothing at 2:00 in the morning. Unfortunately I already plan to watch all the softball and football games live. I already set up my five screens (I have two more to set up for the first week).
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