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  1. We have three qualification events for skateboard : Dew Tour, TBA, 17-23 may Street world championships, Rome (ITA), 31 may-6 june Park world championships, TBA, 14-20 june source :
  2. From what I saw there is two majors causes. On one hand the entrance of Mahé in attack and the defense playing well during the second half and on the other hand I have the feeling that croatians lack strength during the last fifteen minutes I'm really interested by the Croatia-Portugal of tomorrow to mix my feeling and try to find the clearer view.
  3. French attack was laugheable, glad to see some change to try anything else. Croatia play well and should win this match I don't see another outcome
  4. I haven't see Brazil play but I assume that Norway and Brazil are already qualified. For the trio Germany/Sweden/Slovenia it seems quite impredictible right now. Germany and Sweden were quite on and off and Slovenia was miles away from Algeria so next mach will tell us. I think Sweden is better then the two others are at the same level. I'm really excited by France-Croatia coming in a few hours, hope to see a great match.
  5. To complete, the world cup event became a test event only. As a precaution the event will take place with only japanese gyms to test the venue. Without the qualification to obtain there is no need for athletes all around the globes to travel to Japan by this trouble time.
  6. I think there should be 11 races plus the medal race only with the highest ranking boats
  7. The sailing event, La semaine olympique de Hyères, which should give european quota for Laser and Laser Radial is canceled (source in french :
  8. From what I find there is only 4 chinese boats 4 Races are scheduled tomorrow
  9. From what I saw here ( the asian olympic qualifier in fencing is schedule the 15 and 16 april, right before the asian championship.
  10. I tried to do it but I had severals problems. For some sports you don't have all the tournament schedule or you don't know if some tournament will count or not. For others sports you will have a calendar with 4 or 5 events in the same time, yes I'm looking at you golf and tennis. So I went to wait for the ranking list provided by the IF
  11. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Cross-Country Skiing, Women's Sprint Classical Day 1 February 25th, 2021 Any Finnish Athlete Lucia Scardoni Maiken Caspersen Falla Anne Appelkvist Stenseth Lotta Udnes Weng
  12. Does anyone find news about the nacra 17 asian championship which should begin the 1st march in Shanghai?
  13. Pretty surprise by the greek performance. They might take this game too easily. I am also surprise by the germans, I think they are not as good as the last euro but they seem not good at all for me. I was thinking than the second place of group B will be a battle between Russia, Germany and France but the Netherlands might be a contestant too. The last match of today will tell us a little more on this.
  14. From what is written on the link, this is only one quota for each country listed as this is "an additional non-nominative berth" I have a question too, does someone find date for continental championships? I only find dates for the european ones but anything else (apart the place for the african championsip)
  15. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Mixed Relay 4x7.5km Day 1 February 10th, 2021 Austria Belarus Czech Republic France X Germany Italy Norway X
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