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  1. [hide] Main Round January 20th - January 25th, 2020 24 Nations, 4 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nation from each Group will qualify for the Quarterfinals Group 3 Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 20th 2021 France 13 Algeria January 20th 2021 Portugal 6 Norway January 20th 2021 Switzerland 3 Iceland
  2. Yeah it was really fun but now I'm exhausted !
  3. Nah, this time I'll be wise and end it there.
  4. What can 108 righteous outlaws do except a Journey to the West ? 1
  5. My Chinese literature knowledge is quite rusty... In this case rusty means non-existant.
  6. I understand the risk and yes, B is my final answer.
  7. I know the answer !!! Bonjour Roger Bambuck. He's a French sprinter who had the world 100 m record during a few minutes in the 60s. Mennea was an Italian 200 m world holder and Borzov a Soviet Olympic champion. And the right answer is the Australian Peter Norman. Answer B !
  8. My thinking was mostly wrong but I'm right ! Yeah !
  9. A person. And a Germanophe one. Great.
  10. For B, C or D, I would expect the name of a famous person in those fields. Walo seems strange, maybe it's a brand. And that's why, with that really weak logic, I'll answer A: show business (and yes, we use the English expression in French)
  11. That's ok. Technically I live closer to Switzerland. Gamble or not gamble ? I think I will try it !
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