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  1. TV coverage of biathlon is terrible. Show us the Eckhoff - Wierer battle! (plus some more shooting when you're - not for this race anymore of course)
  2. One more and could've been a globe! But yeah, very nice. Also * to all the globe winners.
  3. They really wouldn't mind Kranjska Gora in alpine skiing to be cancelled as well (one big and two small globes going to Norwegians as of now).
  4. Pidrushni doing well, fighting for a podium place.
  5. Ah, Boe takes out the excitement. Party pooper.
  6. Jacq beat Johannes recently in similar end, didn't he?
  7. JTB 1-1-1 25 seconds behind Jacquelin. Hope Windisch could win somehow.
  8. Boe from 20+ to 3 seconds, crazy. That 1-1-1-1 win prediction comes truer and truer!
  9. Boe slowed down, figured wouldn't be too smart keeping that speed for too long.
  10. As it started, if Boe goes 1-1-1-1 I think he can still win.
  11. Not sure, still behind 13+, even after Boe missed once.
  12. Fourcade losing 20 seconds in 2 kilometers.
  13. If my calculations are correct, Bolshunov needs 56 points to win the overall title. 5 races to go 550 points to grab Guess he'll have to go to North America, Klaebo has 350 points for sure I'll say.
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