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  1. Shame it happened when we have just one race in the whole season.
  2. Yeah, I don't mind. Vlhova will really concentrate on technical races only next season? Gisin could win big globe then I feel.
  3. Only JTB I could think of at the moment is Boe from biathlon. Maybe thought about Grange? JBG.
  4. Gut just stopped her run after first gate. What a silly goose.
  5. Stupid event, glad the best are ignoring it.
  6. Cheered for him there at the end, but Norwegians took gold and silver. Krueger and Holund.
  7. It's lovely without Johaug. Mighty battle for...5th place!
  8. Maybe, but when they said it, girls did 5k in 15 minutes. Think they just miscalculated.
  9. No idea how those two english ES commentators think race will finish closer to an hour, than hour 15 it finished last time. Math might not be their strong suit either.
  10. That second run looked quite ordinary, yet propelled her 5?
  11. Level of competition is such that four of Vlhova - Liensberger - Shiffrin - Gisin - Holdener were top four in every single race so far this season.
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