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  1. we´ll see. The Dudinská 50 is schedulled for 28th October, so until then the situation may change. + there still a possibility an event can be held (but not very likely), but without spectators in very limited participation and everyone must have a valid covid-19 negative test not older than 12 hours before the start of the competition. I guess our athletics federation will do everything possible to let Matej Tóth reach that freaking Tokyo standard even if he´ll be the sole competitor at the start
  2. all sport events (Professional or Amateur) of any level (domestic or international) is banned from 1st October midnight will affect among others the EURO 2020 play-off SVK - IRL schedulled 8th October, the Košice Peace Marathon (the second oldest annual marathon in the world) 4th October and others means obviously, also the Ice Hockey Extraliga will not start (1st round was expected the 2nd October)
  3. Nice race, nice winner, just shame that moron won silver, but, yeah I can live with that Congrats Juju 5 SVK at the start, the best result of them ...DNF equalled by all remaining four
  4. Schmiedlová vs V Williams h2h at RG 2-0
  5. STANLEY CUP FINAL 2019/20 GAME 5 (September 26th, 2020) TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING - DALLAS STARS 2:3 After 2nd Overtime (0:1, 1:0, 1:1, Overtime : 0:0, 0:1) Goals: 25. Palát (Kucherov, Point) 1:1, 44. Sergachyov (Point) 2:1 – 18. Perry (Seguin, Oleksiak) 0:1, 54. Pavelski (Heiskanen, Seguin) 2:2, 90. Perry (Klingberg, Seguin) 2:3(OT). Series Standing 3:2 Officials: Kozari, O'Rourke - Amell, Cherrey, Penalties: 2:1 all for 2 min., Power-Plays Goals: 0:0, Shorthanded Goals: 0:0, A
  6. STANLEY CUP FINAL 2019/20 GAME 4 (September 25th, 2020) DALLAS STARS - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 4:5 After Overtime (2:1, 1:2, 1:1, Overtime: 0:1) Goals: 8. Klingberg 1:0, 19. Pavelski (Benn, Radulov) 2:0, 29. Perry (Seguin, Janmark) 3:2, 52. Pavelski (Seguin, Heiskanen) 4:4 - 20. Point (Palát, Shattenkirk) 2:1, 23. Point (Killorn, Kucherov) 2:2, 39. Gourde (Kucherov, Sergachyov) 3:3, 47. Killorn (Sergachyov, Cirelli) 3:4, 67. Shattenkirk (Hedman, Maroon) 4:5(OT). Series Standing 1:3 Officials: S
  7. this video is maybe better, with both hats
  8. It may differ by region, but yes it is one of the national hats (Liptovský širák - Liptov hat) from the Liptov region However the real SVK "national" hat is the (Goralský hat) from around the SVK-POL Tatras borders region. A typical part of Slovak sports fans dress (mainly ice hockey)
  9. First official presidential visit of Slovakia since the begining of the coronavirus pandemic ...and... thus the first honey from the presidential palace could be donated. president Volodymir Zelinsky arrived today to visit Slovakia
  10. STANLEY CUP FINAL 2019/20 GAME 3 (September 23rd, 2020) DALLAS STARS - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2:5 (1:2, 0:3, 1:0) Goals: 12. Dickinson (Hintz) 1:2, 47. Heiskanen (Pavelski, Cogliano) 2:5 - 6. Kucherov 0:1, 7. Stamkos (Hedman, Rutta) 0:2, 21. Hedman (Cirelli, Palát) 1:3, 33. Point (Kucherov, Hedman) 1:4, 39. Palát (Point, Shattenkirk) 1:5. Series Standing 1:2 Officials: McCauley, O'Rourke - MacPherson, Cherrey, Penalties: 8:8 all for 2 min. + Benn (Dallas) - Rutta, Maroon (Tampa Bay) all for 10
  11. Ah Albertville. The great games where the last time a skier in GS was litterally eaten alive by another from who started after him
  12. new kids turbo was a hit here CZE/SVK, every sentence finishing by "piča" so yeah Slovak dubbing ?
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