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  1. No idea. but our police keep a regular overview of drug prices on the Slovak black market Metamphetamines = pervitín The estimated 2 Billions are mentioned in all articles. TV news
  2. The summer season in the high Tatras is officially on, if anyone looking for a holiday during this strange year 2020
  3. Slovak police seized in Nitra 1.5 tons of methamphetamines, with an estimated street value of some 2 billion euros ! the country’s largest-ever seizure ! The drugs originated from Mexico arrived in Slovakia from the Croatian port Rijeka and is thought to have been destined to be sold throughout the European Union. Inspectors drilled holes at the bottom of the tanks and found large amounts of a white crystalline substance later identified as methamphetamine. the dog who sniffed the shipment is becomming the new national hero
  4. Someone uploaded on youtube this pure jewel of Olympic ice hockey history. Oneofthe most memorable matches of the history. The Torino 2006 vs game with the unforgettable gala exhibition á la Marián Gáborík and his 2 unanswered turnover super goals in the last 4 minutes. I suggest you to rewatch the incredible last 4 minutes
  5. Testtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 1112223333äúščť 1 2 3
  6. beat easily 8-2 In Prague (Mens davis cup, W U23, M U18, W U18, B U14, G U14) and in Bratislava (Womens Fed Cup, M U23, B U16, G U16) was held this weekend the first ever Czecho-slovakian trophy (Pohár přátelství/Pohár priateľstva) Friendship cup The only Slovak wins are from the W U23 (3-2) and M U18 (17-14 in sets - 6-6 in matches)
  7. vs Davis Cup Friendly match in Prague and - Fed Cup Friendly match in Bratislava Both matches are 1-1 after yesterdays first singles
  8. "Fans" of Slovan Bratislava once again confirmed that they are complete brainwashed morons and they actually didn´t care at all about the club they are supposed to cheer this time they reached probably more than just closed doors for some matches. so as for someone who don´t really support Slovan, this is a rather good news to not see or read about these jerks who do nothing else but mess and shame everywhere they come for a while
  9. Random pic from a street in a town named Juan José Castelli, in the province Chaco in north of Argentina. Awesome lads
  10. In the Music from random fun facts, today time to introduce Pavol Habera and his band Team, which is famous by re-singing the whole very successful album all over again but this time in Esperanto. And it worked to be even better than in the native slovak language the biggest hit of the album "Reklama na ticho" Ad for silence. in esperanto original slovak version
  11. New governement, new politics Prime Minister Igor Matovic traveled to Warsaw today for the V4 summit and decided to took 30 children from orphanages with him to the plane and offer them a free touristic trip to Warsaw during his meeting.
  12. That still 5 more than in the whole Slovakia
  13. you know we have new governement with a completely but completely opposite spectrum than the previous one
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