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  1. Yeah, that is one of the easier what is the name of that women who won Sydney 2000 gold in Skeet ?
  2. Exact. Štvrtecký = (he is from) Thursday
  3. Quite funny enough coming from a Lithuanian Correct spelling of women's Lithuanian surnames is I believe for majority of this world sometimes like solving examples from nuclear physics.
  4. Well, that is the plan. We do not have any update from their camp so far, so hopefully everything is OK and we will finally be able to start collecting points from Hochfilzen
  5. Slovak Athlete of the Year 2020 nominations are out. Due Covid-19 pandemic this year is a bit different, several athletes and sports teams could not introduce themselves and compete, which is why this year is different. Instead of the traditional top 10, only the top 5 will be awarded. And instead of the top 3 sports teams, only one winning team will be awarded and announced. Athlete of the Year 2020 Nominations (In Alphabetical Order) Erik Černák (Ice Hockey) Erik "Drago" Černák the Košice born blueliner is among the nominated for the 1st time
  6. Why ? There still 31 Women races remaining this season, I really dont get how te overall WC should be already decided with all DH and SG still to be raced and Mikaela can perfectly win all the GS or SL until the end of the season
  7. OFFICIALS The list of game officials for the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship was released today by the IIHF. With the World Juniors being played in a “competition bubble”, the IIHF Officiating Committee has selected game officials that currently residing within the host country Canada. The decision to use only Canadian-based officials was made based due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel restrictions in the individual countries, as well as the existing health and safety regulations in Canada. Referees Linesmen BL
  8. Mikaela Shiffrin will skip also St. Moritz, she announced it today
  9. Some hard core revolution happened today in Slovakia. The Slovak Ski Association is not anymore a National sport federation. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic takes away the status of the national sports association from the Slovak Ski Association (SLA). Following an agreement with the International Ski Federation (FIS), the state moved the whole movement, which brings together several disciplines, temporarily under the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOŠV). Based on this, also our skier Petra Vlhová
  10. PREVIOUS MEDALISTS *The 1974, 75 and 76 editions are still considered as unnofficial Tournaments, The 1st official Juniors World Championships was played in 1977 YEAR HOST GOLD SILVER BRONZE 1974* Soviet Union USSR Finland Canada 1975* Canada & United States USSR
  11. VENUE ROGERS PLACE (EDMONTON) Rogers Place is a multi-use indoor Arena in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Construction started in March 2014, and the building officially opened on September 8, 2016. The arena has a seating capacity of 18,500 as a hockey venue and 20,734 as a concert venue. Used mainly as home to the Edmonton Oilers NHL Ice hockey team and venue for some of the biggest concerts, shows, and live events in Edmonton.
  12. TOURNAMENT FORMAT Tournament Format The 10 teams are divided into two, five-team groups in the Preliminary Round. After a single round-robin series in each group, the top four teams from each group advance to the Playoff Round while the fifth-placed team in each group the tournament is over. There will be no relegated team this year. The top four placed teams from the Preliminary will play a cross-over quarter-final game: 1A vs. 4B, 1B vs. 4A, 2A vs. 3B and 2B vs. 3A. Canada will play the third quarter-final game (17:00) if qua
  14. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 World Championship 2021 Edmonton (CAN) - 25 December 2020 - 5 January 2021 Official Website Programme Results System Results Database Facebook Page Discussion Thread
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