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Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Poll #10 - Day 10 - Who will win Men's Ski Jumping Team Competition and one more mysterious event?


Who will win Men's Ski Jumping Team Competition?  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win Men's Ski Jumping Team Competition?

    • China
    • USA
    • Czech Rep.
    • ROC
    • Switzerland
    • Poland
    • Japan
    • Slovenia
    • Norway
    • Austria
    • Germany
  2. 2. Who will win Women's DEN vs ROC match in Curling?

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  • Poll closed on 02/14/2022 at 11:00 AM

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Time for Poll #10.


I know I have promised that these polls will be only about events which were not included in Road To Beijing Polls Series.


But I feel like I have already broken the rules here in these polls like 100 times, so why not do it again? Be a rebel!


So, we have already voted for M ski jumping team competition.


But you know, I'm from Poland, it's ski jumping, forgive me, let's do it again. :dunno:


There is 1 point for a correct guess in this brand new poll and there is also 1 point extra for users who have participated in the old poll, if their guesses back then will turn to be correct.


When you took part in the old poll, there's no problem, you can obviously join a new poll and you can even vote for a different team.



And in case we may not have a ski jumping event tomorrow due to some weather issues or due to everyone showing up in the wrong suits, we need another event to vote for.


So I have chosen the most important Monday event, the clash of the titans, the pinnacle of the whole olympics which is...


Yes, you guessed it correctly. :DEN vs :ROC match in women's curling. Both of them are currently lying on the bottom of the round robin table but if you only blink your eyes, it may suddenly change - THAT'S CURLING!!! Things happen fast.

So 1 point for a correct vote in this one as well.


Be aware, this polls closes at Monday noon CET, at the start of the ski jumping event, even if curling match is later on.



Our new rankings will be published as soon as I reach my maths professor to help me sort it out... :facepalm:



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Our rankings after all Sunday events. CONGRATS TO OUR NEW LEADERS!!!


I know it probably turned out to be too complicated... But all those extra points are just for fun...


Maybe one day I will try to count it all on the regular basis as well, 1 point for a correct winner and that's all...


:MEX @mrv86 10 1/3

:ITA @Gianlu33 10 1/3

:CAN @orangeman 10 1/3

:FRA @Styrka 9 5/6

:CAN @Topicmaster1010 9 1/3

:MNE @ChandlerMne 8 5/6

:SWE @Belle 8 1/2

:DEN @Wumo 8

:ITA @phelps 7 5/6

:GRE @maestro 6

:POL @rafalgorka 6

:ITA @Henry_Leon 6

:CAN @james89 6

:CAN @NearPup 5 1/2

:GRE @Ted 5 1/2

:BRA @vinipereira 5

:BUL @Federer91 4 1/2

:SLO @FireRun 4 1/2

:ROU @IoNuTzZ 4 1/2

:ROU @Trebron92 4

:GER @LowerSaxony 4

:FRA @EupenM 3 1/2

:POL @FancyFenchel 3 1/2

:DEN @Agger 3 1/2

:POL @Monzanator 3 1/2

:CRO @Kirkpatrick 3 1/2

:INA @Griff88 3 1/2

:CZE @Jan Linha 3 1/2

:GBR @uk12points 3 1/2

:ITA @Dunadan 3 1/4

:NOR @Einarsen 3

:POL @Adriano 2 1/2

:ITA @Sindo 2 1/2

:CAN @JoshMartini007 2 1/2

:NZL @Joshi 2 1/2

:SVK @hckošice 2 1/2

:CHN @Vic Liu 2

:HUN @pdr4332 2

:IND @Fly_like_a_don 2

:BUL @Ros 2

:CAN @intoronto 1 1/2

:DEN @Morten Jensen 1 1/2

:USA @Olympian1010 1 1/2

:POL @Speedy 1

:ITA @stamura84 1

:NED @Arnoud Beldman 1

:NED @Jinzha 1

:ITA @gualty80 1

:ITA @Andry84 1

:POL @rybak 1

:FRA @De_Gambassi 1/2

:NED @Dennis 1/2

:ITA @Walter Egow 1/2

:GBR @Orangehair43 1/2

:CRO @dcro 1/2

:HUN @Vektor 1/2

:NED @heywoodu 1/2

??? @Peterpeer 0


22.02.13 polls.xlsx

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