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  1. blah blah blah, China good, the West bad
  2. Not much, since the chance of a dolphin virus jumping to Faroese humans and then infecting the whole world is tiny.
  3. Fencing included as the official European Championships this time - so awarding many ranking points for Paris 2024
  4. Understandable, they wanted more players to quarantine. Or arrest on the field and then quarantine in Croatia for 10 days.
  5. Likely nothing. Maybe 1 point with rounding.
  6. So four judges saw NED closely winning while the fifth one, from GBR, scored in total 231.7-223.2 for GBR In old-style boxing robberies at least there needed to be a few corrupted judges agreeing on the outcome.
  7. Yeah I remember the top 10 teams lost points after some verification now and then. The Belgians got away with it by only targeting a place in the QT. On the good side, FIBA now will be forced to change the qualification system.
  8. There were hours long daily livestreams from Mongolian school gyms.
  9. Nah, long live rankings wherever there is a well established world cup style circuit, as opposed to random qualifying competitions one in a while. Ranking fails mostly happens when they consider way too many lower level tournaments, with 3x3 basketball being the extreme case - a normal ranking with world cup + world series would have been much better, but they had to push for "universality" so... predicting is not their purpose though, rankings are only meant to tell who has been among the best in a certain set of competitions in a certain (past) period. Qualification tournaments, especially in sports with a draw and an elimination format, are a much worse way to find out who is the best
  10. will soon get medals everywhere, I think they could be 3rd in the medal count by LA 2028
  11. Why not starting from zero after the Olympics? Shouldn't the World Championships held between July 2020 and July 2021 be part of the "Road to Tokyo" ?
  12. Gold with 4.15m and podium with 4.05m in pole vault, maybe the lowest level ever?
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