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  1. Natural track luge and ski mountaineering are not being added, so this must be a stingy Santa who won't bring any big gift but only a candy to not show up empty handed.
  2. That one was occupying a lot of space though , just look at how Di Lorenzo defended a similar situation some 10 or 15 minutes ago- no chance of the ball hitting his arms, that's how players are taught to defend since they are young (at least here) and it's considered an important skill.
  3. Well, now defenders know that they can occupy a lot of space with large arms to intercept crosses and will exploit this rule, they'll change it back soon. This kind of handball has always been punished, way before VAR.
  4. No surprises in kata, these 4 are the 4 best not yet qualified in the ranking if we remove the easy points that NZL and DOM got in their continental championships.
  5. 1. Which two teams will reach the final – and who will win? Wales and Scotland 2. Who will win the Golden Boot? Marek Hamsik with 6 crest headers 3. Who will be the surprise team of the tournament? Italy and France in negative, out in the group stage 4. Who will be the breakthrough player of the tournament? Haaland 5. How far will England, Scotland and Wales get? (that is original Guardian question - but I would rather ask you: How far will your national team (or a team you support the most) get? See #1 6. What are you most looking forward to, on or
  6. No playoff, there will be a final round-robin pool of 4 with the two finalists and the two "bronze medallists". Top 3 will get the quota. So even reaching the final is not enough to qualify.
  7. 29 refugee athletes selected, full list:
  8. [hide] Preliminary Round June 11th - June 23rd, 2021 24 Nations, 6 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nation from each Group + the 4 best 3rd-placed Nations will qualify for the Round of 16 Group A Date & Time (GMT +2, CEST) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 11th 2021, h. 21:00 Turkey 0 2 Italy June 12th 2021, h. 15:00 Wales 0 1 Switzerland June 16th 2021, h. 18:00 Turkey
  9. I think that footballer Kazuyoshi Miura, 52 years old, is still active in J1 League - started his senior career in 1986. Although he only has 1 appareance this season.
  10. Sabre fencers Olga Kharlan and Luigi Samele are another couple who I think will win medals.
  11. Brazil will host. Bolsonaro the saviour of futebol!
  12. You're clearly wrong, I read it here that they confirmed their withdrawal at least 10 times
  13. Because those players would not: a) be eligible, since they have no points in 3x3 ranking; b) care about this tournament or the Olympics.
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