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  1. Look, those absolutely reliable media already changed their mind! From 100% certain of competing under IOC flag to 100% certain of competing normally in 12 hours!
  2. and no more snarky comments by Eastern Europeans afraid of Italian teams benefitting from some sort of cheating or being helped by referees
  3. The 2nd placed team will play against Greece in semifinal, the 1st will play against Hungary. Hungary is stronger.
  4. ok, please point out to the rule you are referring to in FINA rulebook then. Anyway don't worry, Italy will beat Slovakia for sure. The worst that can happen is the Hungarian girls being served some rotten food at breakfast the day of the semifinal.
  5. no need to score own goals, just let Slovakia take easy open shots, score a goal to draw and repeat. Of course it will not happen but because we are stupid, not because we can't.
  6. Disqualification based on which rule? Must be the same rule that led to the disqualification of Croatian men after losing to France at Rio 2016
  7. HUN chose to play "smartly", NED chose to play "smartly", I don't see why Italy should be the only stupid team to play fair. If the coach thinks that Greece is the best opponent to face for an Olympic ticket, let's give the Slovakian girls the biggest joy of their sports career.
  8. I think Dunfee and other top racewalkers have been out of the loop for years. They knew their event was going to be cut, they should have tried to do everything they could in order to show that racewalking deserved one more event. What they did was continuing to oppose the introduction of any kind of technology that would have brought a bit more credibility to the judging and accepting to star in those ridiculous 1 km runner vs walker events. They should blame themselves before crying foul.
  9. I guess that's why he switched from Canada to Italy
  10. Kelderman trying to claim that doing the whole stage "with really bad weather" would have a been a danger for the cyclists'immune system exposing them to covid, what a clown
  11. Lol I thought it was because of weather but it seems this is not the cause. So now some teams can protest and force the organizers to change a stage the day before or on the same day because they don't like it or it's too long according to them
  12. Giro-E = giro d'Italia for e-bikes - this thing From the same article you posted: "la direzione della corsa rosa ha precisato a tuttobiciweb che nessun poliziotto al seguito del Giro dei professionisti è stato trovato positivo" = no positives among the policemen following the Giro d'Italia for now. "È bene anche sottolineare con chiarezza, che due sono le squadre della polstrada al seguito delle corse, e sono entrambe ben distinte" = the police squads for Giro d'Italia and Giro-E are separated. PS: that twitter acco
  13. Indeed, races should only be held in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, all almost covid free thanks to their self-disciplines. Let's just scrap races in this mafia driven country , I'm boycotting them and watching Paris-Roubaix
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