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  1. What is the Dutch NOC doing this time, sending 10 people across several sports with no chance of medals? Is that because they've already been forced to book a chartered flight and they need to fill the seats?
  2. Didn't the Kenyan NOC forget about the quota process in 2018, despite telling Simader she was competing? Maybe this time they forgot about her entirely.
  3. Ah, and if this is true he is indeed a criminal- if I go to public events knowing that I am positive I'll get a jail sentence +L'Equipe photoshoot on the 18th. Either he didn't care about infecting others or he wasn't positive and he later fabricated fake documents.
  4. Everyone acting as if vaccination certifications to enter a country didn't exist before 2021 I wonder what the Novaxes-Heroes of the Free World would have done if they had to play somewhere in Africa where you still need to get the yellow fever or whatever vaccine in order to enter. Or if they were born when smallpox vaccination was mandatory to travel.
  5. Or maybe if you claim to have tested positive you shouldn't attend public events where everyone can take photos of you, and then cry because the big bad Aussies don't believe you.
  6. Ah, the old times when you'd get at least 10 replies specifying that Czech Republic etc. aren't in Eastern Europe. Nowadays, even on something completely unlerated to nationality, everyone is Eastern if they can play the victim of the Big Bad West
  7. Cristian Ghilli, 19 yo, 3x European and 2x world champion in junior skeet ( Apparently he shot himself by accident while hunting.
  8. Celebrations of Djokovic because he "stands by his own opinion" are so dumb...on the contrary, if he stood by his opinion he would have simply said: I'm not getting the vaccine because I think it's bullshit and not entering any place and tournament if they require it. Instead he's a huge hypocrite and made up claims of medical exemptions to get more money and records. And if he campaigned for other people to get vaccinated while thinking vaccines are dangerous it's even worse. Also laughable the fact that after all this time people are still using the "in DR Congo with no vaccines people are not dying on the streets" a quick Google search in DR Congo: 46% of population is under 15, median age is 19, child mortality rate 7-10%, only a few people are over 50...not a surprise that in countries where nearly all the a bit frail and a bit old people are already dead there won't be many dying of covid on the streets, vaccine or not vaccine.
  9. Clown NoVax has no dignity left anyway so he might as well claim he has a critical medical condition and play the victim of the system role. Hopefully he is given a huge helicopter hat to wear so he can avoid people coming within 3 metres of him.
  10. Since you "expect it", I don't think Berlusconi was fascist for governing Italy in a coalition which also included MSI (the literal continuation of the Fascist party) - AN . By your logic, he was a fascist? So here you want to judge Kast by his program/ proposals. Now do the same with Boric and tell us which part of his program makes him a communist dictator.
  11. yeah, better to believe some randos on sports forums claiming that everyone with economic views left of Bolsonaro's is a wannabe communist dictator.
  12. Not even the right wing business papers here describe Boric as communist, they only mention that the communist party is in the coalition. I'm going to guess this is the usual: wanting social welfare = communism = bad
  13. If confirmed, a decent leverage to use against FIFA's biennal WC plan
  14. 0-3 vs Morocco in October 2019 , Algeria's unbeaten streak is currently at 25, otherwise CAF and FIFA would be posting about a new record everywhere. As you see it's counted in FIFA ranking so an official match, with the same coefficient of a friendly
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