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  1. Is it a coincidence that the world has gone to shit after that bestmen was driven out of this forum?
  2. So I guess that means that athletics won't be allowed anymore to bring 300 athletes more than their quota while other sports are forced to have a tiny number of entries, right?
  3. Did Americans already start ripping their banknotes, they have a few slavers pictured on them.
  4. Softball: USA - CAN - MEX Women's basketball: FRA - SRB - ESP Men's field hockey: GBR - IND - GER Women's field hockey: NED - GER - GBR Men's indoor volleyball: FRA - BRA - POL Women's indoor volleyball: SRB - BRA - TUR
  5. In none of these sports 11 yo children are training like seniors. Gymnasts might be training hard for their age but they are still 5 years away from being eligible to compete and the difficulties that they train are much lower than any elite senior gymnast. The minimum age requirements work well, it would not make sense to teach children dangerous skills years in advance. I don't even get why the IOC did not push for an age limit to have at least only teenagers and adults competing- from a public relation point of view if an accident like this happened at the Olympics they'd be accused to be child exploiters and murderers.
  6. 11 year old elite athlete in a quite dangerous sport almost dies in horrific accident. The first thing she says is that she's going to push even harder for next year's Olympics. Adults keep encouraging her in her quest for glory
  7. Nice study: No problem in that, you can be on (insert drug) for years, just stop on the opening day of the Games and we won't count you among the TUE users.
  8. See this post with the 1 March ranking by MHSN: Rabat PL and 2021 Euro Championships points will be added to that ranking
  9. First, making only the 2021 European Championships as part of the qualification process does not make sense - either the ranking period is extended for all continents (in that case also previous results in other continental championships, 2019 or 2020, would be removed) or it's not extended at all. The purpose of including 2019 Euro/African/PanAm Championships in the ranking since the beginning was to be sure to include a continental result in the case the 2020 editions were not held in time. This is exactly what happened but now they changed their mind. Secondly, when an IF officially communicates to the public and the member federations the list of qualified athletes and there's no calculation or procedure mistake, they shouldn't change the process anymore - no one forced them to decide but they did.
  10. "All athletes who qualified for the Olympics in 2020 will remain qualified for 2021" , the IOC had said... One month later: "Sorry that was a joke haha".
  11. No, sadly you are an idiot.
  12. Poles do not count. We already know that they are genetically superior and are all vaccinated against measles, which is proven to be 100% effective in preventing a Covid infection.
  13. Wtf Permanent ban and fustigation for dcro please.
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