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  1. I still think they should have waited to cancel it last year. Now, worldwide and in Japan, the situation has not improved at all.
  2. Here some promo codes to get more packs
  3. Wasn't a Diniz team or training mate also caught doping a few years ago - before Rio 2016- but of course Diniz knew nothing about it? And yet he knows for certain about Schwazer. Same with Dunfee that, if I remember correctly, was live tweeting during the last Euro Champs that someone from Belarus was on EPO (the proof, according to him: she was bleeding from the nose. We might as well say that his red hair is a product of doping and everyone who raises doubts about it as a cheater).
  4. Llavador is clearly ahead. Look here for the olympic ranking before today If you look at the FIE ranking you still have of course to discard the last event before the qualification period started- it will be updated later or tomorrow.
  5. To sum it up, quota for: Men's foil Lee Kwanghyun Takahiro Shikine Marcus Mepstead Carlos Llavador Guilherme Toldo Mohamed Samandi Women's foil Jeon Hee Sook Chen Qingyuan Leonie Ebert Irem Karamete Ines Boubakri Saskia Van Erven Garcia
  6. Tchaikovsky is obviously linked to Russia, I heard from a reliable source that WADA's proposal to play some Texas country music for anyone competing under IOC flag has been accepted.
  7. Ouch, poor Tristan Tulen (and Daniel Giacon).
  8. Egyptian women (who will be tied with Japan if they win) have a 1st place. In any case yes, a 3rd place is better than a 13th
  9. Yes, Egypt is ahead in case of tie because they have a better best result (a 1st place in the zonal champs)
  10. If I'm not wrong, Estonia has no score to discard so they could pass Egypt in the ranking even if they lose this match
  11. Already done at youth level. It's a format that doesn't take into account that the difficulty of scoring in each weapon is vastly different. This is like having a relay in athletics with a 100m, a 400m and a 1500m runner- that would simply be a 1500m with a small difference at the start, with 2 legs out of 3 irrelevant to the final result
  12. Archery (with teams made of 3 archers) has 64 entries per individual event, fencing (with teams made of 3 fencers) has 32-34, a tiny field if compared to other competitions like World Cups, etc. I'm not sure that World Archery would accept an halved number of entries in recurve to make space for compound.
  13. That's team foil - qualification finished a year ago, now there is only one individual left. For some reason they forgot to stop the ranking on the FIE website and added the 2021 Il Cairo WC (cancelled, worth 0 points) instead of the previous one, the final ranking for olympic qualification is which is exactly the FIE ranking as of now, since there were no more team events during the last events
  14. Don't agree. Results count, not potential of being a top 10 - out of 4 disciplines Gut has been one of the best in 2, Vlhova in 1, with almost the same points in GS. Add two downhill and a SG and Vlhova wouldn't stand a chance. As for the men, I guess it's true that Pinturault was luckier
  15. Good for Goggia who won't risk to injure herself more than she already has, but very unfair to Gut, having less speed races is the only reason for which she will lose a deserved overall globe.
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