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  1. Patriots haha, more like morons out of context. That account is like a textbook far right outlet- go Bolsonaro, pRoTeCt the TrAdITionAl FamILy!!!!!!!
  2. FINA has removed the 25km open water events from next WCh citing low number of participants in relation to the costs...bah.
  3. Yes, it will be the same at every Championship in the qualification period.
  4. Yep, we have to know the hosts first, since they will be placed at #1, 2, 3 as usual.
  5. They only needed a huge invisibility cloak to complete their plan.
  6. So are qualified for next WCh. First time for Israel. If one or two of these teams will be in top 2 of the World League Super Final, and then are next in line.
  7. Anyone can joke as much as they want - just don't play the poor victim of racial prejudice and stereotyping one minute after agreeing with the use of a (or the ) stereotype - joke or not. By laughing downvotes what do you mean, reactions by me? The laughing one, as I see it, is like haha - either in a positive funny way or a ridiculous way- there is only a few of them and I don't think the others are more apt.
  8. It's indeed better for anyone to get the men's as soon as possible, since they have way more contenders and not many chances with this qualification system...
  9. As it was the reference made by your compatriot (expected that from some other user here at max. tbh) to which you reacted with a "like"...
  10. If Serbia wins 3-0/1 vs Tunisia, Italy has the chance to send all the team you mentioned to the top half of the bracket and avoid them all...sadly I think we won't be smart enough to do that.
  11. Alexandra Ndolo, world silver medallist in women's epee one month ago, will switch to , her father's country, in the road to Paris 2024.
  12. It was: the last world league Top 2 (what are they going to do with it this year? I don't know) qualify, then 4 from this year's wch, then 3 more from the ECh So a top 6 here is surely enough given that at least HUN, NED, ITA are qualified, but a 7th place should be enough too.
  13. That would mean losing out on all top pool distance swimmers. Which are the big names that make open water somewhat more interesting to a bigger audience. + would make pool swimming clashing with athletics for more days in this case.
  14. Non-Italians have been doing that for years, it's very annoying. Still not a excuse for Italians to now start picking up that behaviour as they should know better.
  15. I am in the process of creating a new political party whose main purpose will be to make a law which punishes any Italian who claps over the anthem from start to finish by chopping their hands off.
  16. This edition set a standard: find a venue and build a temporary track, whatever the size it fits.
  17. Meh, no historical or geographical accuracy, no funny names...they just wanted to give a big kingdom to their friends and take a cheap dig with the indigenous=emirates and Islamic republics
  18. Celina Seghi, alpine skier at the 1948 and 1952 Olympics (with three 4th places), died at 102. I think she was the oldest female living Olympian and the oldest living winter Olympian.
  19. He wore it for night parties, preseason trainings are hard and he wanted to have fun
  20. Clostebol:
  21. It's a right wing leaning forum
  22. Here the direct download- it's a 90 pages pdf
  23. 16 nations with at least a medal is a new record, the previous one was 15. First ever medal for Georgia, and Belgium back on the podium after 71 years.
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