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  1. on announcement there is official pdf. 3000 are in
  2. yes it is written in the outlines of the event. vizier says: This is a return to the IJF World Judo Tour like no other. Budapest is ready to again host a spectacular Olympic qualification event, but this will be a very special event indeed. Following more than half a year of quiet restriction, we will meet again and it will be, undoubtedly, electric!
  3. is not qualification period frozen up to november 30?
  4. first golf player on PGA tour positive to coronavirus.
  5. I found this after Q2
  6. If the Tripartite Commission is not able to allocate a Tripartite Commission Invitation Place, it will be reallocated to the next highest placed athlete, not yet qualified, in the Combined World Championships 2019, respecting the maximum quota per gender per NOC.
  7. bestman,we miss world championship from 20 years.but we really emproved a lot.the match against brasil will tell us who really we are.
  8. Massimo stano will be italian future......hopefully that any italian doctor,or chinese coaches,or colonia's antidoping officials leave him alone.
  9. good results for our team,we confirmed the podium of pyeongchang. this is just the beginning.go italy team
  10. Voto alla nostra spedizione olimpica: piu di 6 non riesco a dare,10 medaglie è giusto la metà di cio che ("se" tutto fosse andato bene) si poteva ottenere,ovvero 20 medaglie.puo sembrare striminzito come voto,ma mi voglio attenere a ciò che ha preceduto le olimpiadi e come ci siamo arrivati.Un bel numero di podi in cdm in due anni ,è ovvio che ti devono far arrivare all'appuntamento olimpico con l'acquolina alla bocca.ok abbiamo migliorato sochi e vancouver (era difficile eguagliare o peggiorare),ma va detto che,in modo minore Sochi ,ma soprattutto vancouver e torino assegnavano parecchie me
  11. [hide] Men's Tournament Knockout Round February 20th - February 25th, 2018 Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Bronze Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 24th 2018, h. 21:10 Canada 3 Czech Republic Gold Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2
  12. misha ge in Figure skating for UZB, Ohaco in freestyle slopestyle for CHI,bychenko in Figure skating for ISR.this table is all ok. meanwhile I aspected between 10 and 20 medals for us.we're still at I can't be happy for now
  13. we're not overperforming.....I don't see the medals of Fischnaller in luge,I don't see the medal of team realy of luge,I don't see the medal of Goggia in superg,I don't see the medal of visintin,I don't see the medal of wierer in biathlon,I don't see any medal from man alpine skier,I don't see the medal of team sprint in cross country (I didn't expected the medal in single sprint).and many others medal could come.this imagine is all the world cup's podium in this season.if we have all this podium this means that we had a lot of chanches to get medal up to now my vote to olympics is about 5
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