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  1. In rowing, Cetraro/Klüver did 6'36.87 at the repechage, finishing 3rd by 0.08 seconds, so they are into the top 12! In swimming, Nicole Frank did 2'18.93 at the 200 m individual medley, or 0.7 seconds above her best time.
  2. Well, it turns out that Marca Claro has a full set of free YouTube streams across Hispanic America.
  3. La selección masculina de vóley le está ganando a Brasil. En otra noticias, a la esgrimista Belén Perez le propusieron matrimonio.
  4. An Argentine fencer was proposed marriage by her partner and coach during an interview.
  5. Cetraro/Klüver did 6'42.85 at their heat, about 20 seconds off the top 2. In a few hours they will compete at the repechage. Lola Moreira will also compete tonight.
  6. Er, United States lost a 2006 World Championship semifinals game versus Russia.
  7. I wonder if 3-vs-3 beach voiley would be a better show than the current 2-vs-2.
  8. Taiwanese taewkondist Su Po Ya has been a meme in Spanish social media, since "su polla" it means "his penis".
  9. Claro Sports / Marca Claro has the rights in Hispanic America. I'm pretty sure that the journalists will give little attention to non-Mexicans. Here in Uruguay, local rights were sublicensed to Channel 5 TNU (public broadcaster) and VTV (cable channel that has Uruguayan football and basketball). I expect them to have a few football journalists plus a few journalists with no sports knowledge at all.
  10. I expect no medal, but maybe we get lucky in sailing, rowing or long jump.
  11. Rowers Cetraro/Klüver will be the first Uruguayans to compete at Tokio. Full calendar:
  12. In my opinion, drivers should be punished for squeezing the rival off the track if they are on par.
  13. Crazy idea 1 for cricket: make teams swap roles every 4 overs. Crazy idea 2 for cricket: make the boundary a very tall net around the field, and do not stop the play when the ball touches it.
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