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  1. UEFA sold most TV rights in Latin America to DirecTV. I have cable, so can only watch one or two matches per day.
  2. Katie Taylor won her title fight. Next weekend: Erislandy Lara vs. Greg Vendetti (WBA Regular light middleweight title) José Ramírez vs. Viktor Postol (WBC and WBO light welterweight titles)
  3. I'm a professional videogame programmer and an amateur videogame designer. Likewise, I love to invent game rules. My other crazy proposal to increase scoring in baseball is that players on base after 3 outs in odd innings keep their place for the next (even) inning.
  4. This weekend: Brentwood, Britain Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin (WBC interim heavyweight title). Katie Taylor vs Delfine Persoon (WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO lightweight titles) Los Angeles Shawn Porter vs Sebastian Formella (WBC Silver welterweight title). Las Vegas Eléider Álvarez vs Joe Smith Jr.
  5. Cecilia Brækhus lost her undefeated record on the hands of Jessica McCaskill. The Americans took the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and IBO welterweight titles. David Benavídez defeated Roamer Alexis Angulo, but was overweight and lost the WBC super middleweight belt.
  6. How about this: if a team gets an out having scored multiple runs an inning, the team can choose to save the remaning outs for later innings.
  7. I'd prefer pitchers playing few innings over many games, than many innings over few games. Last year, the Verlander pitched 223 innings over just 34 games. That's an average 6.5 innings per game. I'd prefer starting pitchers like him to play 223 innings over 55 games, averaging 4 innings per game.
  8. Hamilton should have been given a drivethrough. Albon was side by side, and Hamilton rammed him off track.
  9. The Mexican congress approved a law that criminalizes hacking any computer - even your own.
  10. The Segway made the news in Uruguay back in the day, but it was obviously a slow and overpriced product.
  11. I'm a videogame developer. My latest personal project is Motorball Derby
  12. The Uruguayan Football Championship is planned to restart in early August.
  13. The Uruguayan Football Championship is planned to restart in early August.
  14. Uruguayan surfist Lucas Madrid got coronavirus.
  15. Yesterday in Argentine football, River Plate was supposed to play Atlético Tucumán at the Núñez stadium with no fans for the Superleague Cup. But River refused to open the stadium top anyone. The Atlético Tucumán players and the referees went to the stadium as usual. The referees declared the walkover by River, and the Superleague declared a points penalty to the team. THe situation is so ridiculous that Diego Maradona, a Boca diehard, supported River's decision to protect the players.
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