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  1. In rugby, Los Teros defeated United States, and qualified to the 2023 World Cup. In football, the men's team drew Colombia and lost 3-0 to Argentina. Brazil is next. In handball, the women 's team finished 4th at the South and Central American Championship. Only the top 3 qualified, and out team drew 3rd and 5th place finishers Paraguay and Chile. In swimming, the men's under-18 waterpolo team is selling lottery tickets to fund their travel to the South American championship. One wonders what's the continental and world federations spending their budget on.
  2. Thanks! I attended the match, here's my photos. Unfortunately, the other Uruguayans abroad had no luck this weekend.
  3. The South and Central America Women's Handball Championship was held in Paraguay. Brazil (5 wins, 0 losses) Argentina (4 wins, 1 loss) Paraguay (2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses) Uruguay (1 win, 2 draws, 2 losses) Chile (1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses) Bolivia (5 losses) Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay qualified to the 2021 World Cup. Uruguay was needing 1 goal to qualify, Chile was needing 4 goals.
  4. The Women's World Series will also have just two rounds in Canada. And there will be just four teams: Canada, United States, Great Britain and France.
  5. The Men's World Series will have just two rounds in Canada. The other rounds were cancelled. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina will not enter. There will be a single Great Britain team.
  6. Manny Pacquiao was defeated by unanimous decision by Yordenis Ugás. The Cuban is now the 3rd welterweight contender in the world by the TBRB. Today in Leeds, England: Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington (featherweight) Katie Taylor vs. Jennifer Han (lightweight)
  7. Charrúa Awards nominees: Curiously, the Tokyo Olympics are not included...
  8. Even the final was lopsided, with Untied States defeating Canada by 118-46...
  9. Both Williams cars crashed in qualifying. Latifi's was quite hard.
  10. Olympic refugee boxer Eldric Sella was refused return to Trinidad and Tobago, so he was welcome to Uruguay.
  11. "AmeriCup" is a stupid name. Why don't just call it Americas Cup or Pan-American Cup?
  12. "Thirty-million cricket fans live in the USA" That's obviously not even remotely true.
  13. I suggest having a Iberoamerican forum, for all Spanish and Portuguese speaking sports fans.
  14. Mind that men's volleyball isn't exactly massively popular in France, where basketball and handball are more popular.
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