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  1. Hamilton should have been given a drivethrough. Albon was side by side, and Hamilton rammed him off track.
  2. The Mexican congress approved a law that criminalizes hacking any computer - even your own.
  3. The Segway made the news in Uruguay back in the day, but it was obviously a slow and overpriced product.
  4. I'm a videogame developer. My latest personal project is Motorball Derby
  5. The Uruguayan Football Championship is planned to restart in early August.
  6. The Uruguayan Football Championship is planned to restart in early August.
  7. Uruguayan surfist Lucas Madrid got coronavirus.
  8. Yesterday in Argentine football, River Plate was supposed to play Atlético Tucumán at the Núñez stadium with no fans for the Superleague Cup. But River refused to open the stadium top anyone. The Atlético Tucumán players and the referees went to the stadium as usual. The referees declared the walkover by River, and the Superleague declared a points penalty to the team. THe situation is so ridiculous that Diego Maradona, a Boca diehard, supported River's decision to protect the players.
  9. I'm fine with an 8-team Fifa Club World Cup. But expanding to 24 teams is horrendous.
  10. In the Finals Qualifier, two away teams won: Czech Rpublic over Slovakia, and Ecuador over Japan. In the World Group I Play-offs, three away teams won: Israel over Turkey, Finland over Mexico, and Portugal over Lithuania.
  11. Spain has played 8 matches. Germany has played 2 matches. Who made this ridiculous schedule?
  12. The Canada Servens is this weekend. The 16th team is Japan.
  13. The tournament started today. Finals Qualifier Croatia vs India Hungary vs Belgium Colombia vs Argentina United States vs Uzbekistan Australia vs Brazil Italy vs South Korea Germany vs Belarus Kazakhstan vs Netherlands Slovakia vs Czech Republic Austria vs Uruguay Japan vs Ecuador Sweden vs Chile World Group I Play-offs Ukraine vs Chinese Taipei Pakistan vs Slovenia Bolivia vs Dominican Republic Turkey vs Israel Bosnia & Herzegovina vs South Africa Mexico vs Finland Lebanon vs Thailand New Zealand vs Venezuela Peru vs Switzerland Norway vs Barbados Lithuania vs Portugal
  14. Tim Tebow will play the qualifiers for the Phillipines. He's a former NFL quarterback, where he scored 17 touchdown passes and 12 touchdown rushes, but also 9 interceptions and 6 fumbles lost. Since 2016 he plays baseball. In 2018 he batted .273 at the AA Eastern League, but in 2019 he batted .163 at the AAA International League.
  15. Chile and Uruguay hosted the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series.–_Men's_tour Japan, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Chile, Germany, italy, Tonga and Jamaica were the top 8 teams, and qualified to the Hong Kong qualifier.
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