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  1. Uruguay got multiple medals in athletics at the South American Youth Games: Gonzalo Gervasini won the 800 m with 1'52.98 and the 1500 m 3'57.61. Silvina Gil was silver in high jump with 1.69. Adrián Nicolari was bronze in 100 m with 10.67 (new national under-18 record) and bronze in 200 m with 21'29 Nazarena Filpo was bronze in 800 m with 2'15.14. The mxied team was bronze in 4x400 with 3'42.38. The women's field hockey team was silver; the women's beach handball team was bronze; and Julieta González was bronze in street skateboarding. As a results, Uruguay collected 3 gold medals, 5 silvers and 10 bronzes.
  2. In athletics, Santiago Catrofe crushed the national 5000 m record at Málaga with 13'28.41. Also, the Montevideo Marathon was held yesterday with over 4,000 participants. The men's winner was Nicolás Cuestas won with 2:20'35, followed by José Cardona (2:30'39) and Ruben Inda (2:37'55). The women's winner was Camila Bagnasco with 3:12'58 (not exactly competitive). In 21 km, the winners were Andrés Zamora with 1:04'55 and Lorena Sosa with 1'17:54 (who crushed the national record). In 10 km, the winners were Gaspar Geymonat (31'44) and Karen Lucía Romero 40'01.
  3. Leclerc had DRS for several laps and couldn't overtake Verstappen. I insist that it's the cars that prevent action. An IndyCar race there would be thrilling.
  4. Liberty wanted a seaside racetrack. Instead they installed a fake marina next to the track.
  5. Three weeks until the best motorsport weekend of the year.
  6. Suzuki in MotoGP = Honda in F1
  7. Argentina has a perfect record of 6 wins in regulation time, however they are fourth in points. This format is a mess. The FIH should sort of copy the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, and have 3-5 weeks of play, so each group has four teams playing each other in a single venue.
  8. Conference Semifinals after two games: Golden State Warriors took an away win over Memphis Grizzlies. Milwaukee took an away win over Boston Celtics. Miami Heat has two home wins over PHI 76ers. Phoenix Suns has two home wins versus Dallas Mavericks.
  9. Hey, Uruguay had narrow losses versus Brazil, one of them at overtime.
  10. Uruguay so far got a gold medal in men's 3x3 basketball, three silvers and three bronzes. I hope for more medals in athletics and team sports.
  11. In rugby, Peñarol is now leading the South American Super League with 7 wins and 1 loss. Next rivals are Jaguares XV and Selknam, its two main rivals for the title. I hope I can attend the Selknam match.
  12. Hong Kong withdrew from the Asian qualifier to the Men's World Cup... then was allowed to re-enter (?)
  13. At the South American Youth Games, Uruguay got a gold medal in men's 3x3 basketball, defeating Argentina in the final by 18-14. The delegation got three silvers, with Diego Aranda and Micaela Sierra in swimming, and Martín Gasalla in artistic skating; and three bronzes, with the men's rugby 7s team, and Pedro Leites qand María Sara Grippoli in taekwondo.
  14. In athletics, Emiliano Lasa won the Brasil International Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, improving his national record in long jump to 8.28 meters. Therefore he qualified to the upcoming World Championship, and ranks second best in the season.
  15. The South American Youth Games will be held this week. Uruguay will have 83 competitors, and we expect some medalss, especially in swimming and rowing.
  16. In karate, Maximiliano Larrosa won the USA Open at Las Vegas in the under 60kg class. Nicolás Deandre was silver in under 53 kg, and Agustín Barrios was bronze in junior. In rowing, Marcos Sarraute and Romina Cetraro got earned a combined five gold medals at the Coastal Americas Cup held in Lima. In swimming, Nicole Frank won four gold medals and one sivler medal at the Puerto Rico Open. She did 2'34.11 at 200 m breaststroke, 1:12.59 at 100 m beaststroke, 33.10 at 50 m breaststroke, 4'57.92 at 400 m medley, and 2'19.52 at 200 m medley. In athletics, the National Championship was held in Montevideo. Manuela Rotundo, a 17-year-old, broke the javelin throw national record with 53.87 m. Lautaro Techera also broke the javelin throw national record with 70.67 m.
  17. In basketball, Biguá defeated Argentine teams Boca Juniors and Quimsa to reach the final of the Champions League Americas, where they lost to Sao Paulo 98-84. It's the best result ever for a Uruguayan team in the competition. Also in basketball, the under-18 women's national team lost to Brazil and Colombia, so they ranked fourth. It's also their best result ever.
  18. In field hockey, the Cimarroncitas lost to Malaysia and defeated Canada and Wales to rank 13rd. In rugby, Peñarol defeated Selknam 31-3 (the Chilean team had several top players missing). In motorsport, Maite Cáceres debuted at the F4 United States. She was rather slow, so let's hope she progresses every race. In cycling, the Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay is underway.
  19. In field hockey, the Cimarroncitas got their first win ever at the Women's Junior World Cup with a 1-0 win over Austria. They also lost to South Korea 1-0 and Argentina 4-0. Tomorrow they play Malaysia in the 9th place bracket.
  20. In para-cycling, Pablo Rosso was bronze at the South American Championship in 1 km time trial. In amputee football, the national team finished runner-up at the South American Championship with four wins and two draws, so they qualified to the World Cup.
  21. In rowing, the national team collected 6 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronzes at the South American U23 and Junior Championship. In equestrian, Carolin Mallmann won the Prix Saint George. In athletics, Emiliano Lasa finished 6th in long jump at the World Indoor Championship with 7.99 m. Also, Manuela Rotundo got the javelin national record at the Grand Prix Darwin Piñeyrúa and Estrellita Puente held in Montevideo (I couldn't attend). The 17-year-old girl did 53.41 m.
  22. It's beyond midnight and the drivers are still locked down in a meeting room at the racrtrack, presumably discussing if and how to boycott the race.
  23. Have you seen the controversy at the Uruguay vs Perú match? Peruvians are furious.
  24. The South American Women's Under-17 Championship is in the final stage. I attended the Uruguay vs Chile match, here's my photos.
  25. The South American Women's Under-17 Championship is underway here in Uruguay. I attended the Uruguay vs Chile match, here's my photos.
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