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  1. Football fans never fail to amaze me with lazer pointers.
  2. NZ immigration has accepted at least 4000 Ukrainian refugees with family already in NZ that belong to the Ukrainian diaspora here will be eligible to immigrate asap. This is the intial phase with more perhaps down the track. Better than nothing I suppose.
  3. World Rugby has subsequently banned both Russia and Belarus. Not that they were major players anyway particularly in real rugby (15s) but that would ruin the Russian 7s program.
  4. Definitely an end of an era for sport. Dame Valerie Adams has retired. Multiple world champion and 4 olympic medals 2 of them gold. 3 weeks after the great Hamish Bond an 8x wch and winner of 3 olympic gold medals announced his retirement. That's a hefty bit experience and expertise gone but was expected. Thank you to them both for giving us many memories.
  5. This just reiterates how weak the Western leaders are and now we see (since I'm in NZ we're relatively isolated from a lot of the major world events) how unpopular Biden is proving to be. Ukraine unfortunately a bit like Poland when invaded in 1939 will be seen as collateral damage. But the worst thing about this is that it's all being played in front of our eyes. It also seems that the West are just not only helpless but hopeless. Taiwan will be looking at this in utter fear. As they will perhaps be next...
  6. Well what a disaster and this is all the West's doing. Taking full control of a drunken Yeltsin while ripping off the Russian populace during the breakup of the Soviet Union. We had this coming and Putin wants a restoration of the old Soviet Union and it won't stop with the Ukraine. We had it coming...
  7. What a stupid event. You can DNF and the team that has all clean runs and wins 2 of them can still get knocked out. Get rid of it.
  8. All the pressure on Nico to win gold so we finish ahead of Australia. You know sibling rivalry...
  9. To be brutally honest. Apart from halfpipe I find mens Snowboarding in general very boring. I guess the progression is to just do the most spins. No real flair or realness.
  10. NZ Reporter to Zoi . "You must be really disappointed with that final jump, did the pressure just get a bit too much?" OMFG! Leave the poor girl alone. Now you know why your news stations are getting attacked in NZ by angry mobs. Let's get a negative spin outta this
  11. Gasser totally deserved but so gutted for Zoi but she's got at least another 2 maybe 3 olympics left so got lots of years ahead. The progression has been insane.
  12. Im so happy for Xu Mengtao the bridesmaid finally gets the gold.
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