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  1. I don't think NZ will medal in the K4. The 2nd boat is very average at best. So sorry for Carrington I'm afraid.
  2. Commentators saying Lisa even though she won put herself under pressure and missed a stroke at the starting blocks. She can't really afford those. But she's mentally very strong to get back from that.
  3. NZ and Australia seem to be way off the pace and Australia are even crashing!!!
  4. Now let's see how Carrington will handle her heavy workload...
  5. First tennis medal for NZ in 109 years. Anthony Wildiing won bronze in the singles for a combined Australian/NZ then known as Australasia. Fun fact. The reason they combined both countries is because NZ was contemplating becoming a state of Australia 😅
  6. Hamish Bond now has 3 gold medals at the olympics!!!
  7. We won the Mens 8s yay. First time since 1972
  8. Jeez Emma Twigg looks amazing with her form. Hopefully she can break her duck of 4ths!
  9. Well done the Irish omg I was holding my breath.
  10. Finally a gold. But what a surprise from the Russians.
  11. Oh Fijians are known to throw the pill (ball) around. They play with such flair while we have always been known to be very physical and direct in 7s. That's why I liken them to the Harlem Globetrotters
  12. Even though I'm Kiwi you can't deny the Harlem globetrotters of 7s rugby they simply are the best. God Bless Fiji.
  13. Just seen the M8 race NZ are deffo dark horses.
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