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Handball 2018 Discussion Thread


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11 minutes ago, rybak said:

@bestmen not helped them, so, they lost...

Not surprising. @bestmen is their best men, so of course they lose since he is currently posting on totallympics.

My favourite Volleyball position: LIBERO. You ask why? Look here.


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7 hours ago, vlad said:

Men's Asian Champ. 2018: Qatar 58 - 14 New Zealand:lol: Second half ended 31-3 :yikes::wacko:


not a big surprise :d Actually South Korea not beating Bangladesh with the same margin surprised me more ! they lost only 46-20 and how the hell Bangladesh managed to score 20 goals on them ?! :yikes:


the 1st round is quite useless and shameful, look at the tomorrow matches. all 6 matches will be heavily one-sided. with at least 10-20 goals difference, probably much more.


I think 6 teams are competing for 4 World Cup slots, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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