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  1. For tomorrow Avengers ' Endgame'
  2. real fight in Orlondo wtf man vs woman and the bunny of easter
  3. oooooooooooooooooooh another fire in france, car warehouse
  4. CHALEL Yacine has hoined the club "PARIS CYCLISTE OLYMPIQUE" and won yesterday the Prix des Œufs Durs à Poilly-lez-Gien the final ranking
  5. i regret now my first choice i know could gets the 12 from @heywoodu @Olympian1010 maybe @Quasit and finnator123
  6. i can calculate my points now : i eliminate this group as they never gave points to Africa they don't like songs in french : , no idea how is the taste of for sure 2 nations of the 1rst session +3 of the 2nd +1 of the 3rd , +1 of the 4rth only 6 nations the average scoring is 6 , so 6x6=36 points my ranking will be around 35
  7. i found it on google translate , means everyday каждый раз = kazhdyy raz
  8. accident of Bus in Bolivia , 25 DEAD
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