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  1. The cure has been found here 3 weeks ago by a co-medical scientists / tested in secret was effective at 100% in 4 days but the minitery is very corrupted and bureaucratic to start working with , the scientists are calling the president , otherwise they will go to another country
  2. China is helping the world while USA steals it usa is calling the medical staff of the world to join them , for high salary especially who worked vs CoronaV
  3. the world is diving into the apocalypse and all what you do is music
  4. @Sindo there is no unsubscribe , can you do it manually ?
  5. no , unsubscribe ,to remove my presence and past here
  6. @Sindo how can i unsubscribe , don't tell me that i can't
  7. i took the host because i wanted to make something new , my personnal touch on rules by making filters to avoid some previous mistakes like when the newcomers throw their song and disapear just for music while we are in forum of sport or like when Justony who always claims much time to vote or this 12 reserved from uk12points to IND (the deja vu) , or viniperiera/titicow who voted for the western countries only ,the guy from Moldova ...etc but some people can't adapt themselves influenced by this Category of U18 the first filter was like you said "behaviour" : provocating people is the only way to push them to show their real faces for my part am into many sites and things are better besides i have to travel soon , so am leaving this forum , @Sindo i think that you missed one good chance to valorize your forum because we prepared many surprises/Guests in live /Publicities ..etc one professionnal work not childish which could help this site to be more known and @heywoodu thank you for being maybe the only one who trusted the Cat you abondonned your edition because you felt something good coming , but sadly we didn't show even 1% this Edition was yours and it back to you , you do what you want with you will never know who was the real bestmen , do not beleive all what you see on internet
  8. and i have to announce something in few minutes , some people will be glad
  9. yes of course as you didn't login for long time your Intro is and your Character
  10. stop lying i have never been DSQ and didn't reply you since the begining just to not dissipate negatives waves , this is the only reason and everything is running perfectly like planned
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