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  1. after this goal Bra becomes 2nd but Aus scored now ^^
  2. and Marta becomes the best scorer of the WC with 17 goals
  3. Penalty & goal for the lipstick girl 🙌😁💋
  4. it's like that since the beginin , nothing alarming they noticed that people are lazy here not interesting
  5. the lipstick of the NB 10 💋
  6. much missed goals , technically bad
  7. ita/bra is the best match until now , bra is qualified as best third & will meet France
  8. dcro the horses fan The Japan Racing Association announces at Tokyo Racecourse on June 15, 2019 that a total of 156 horses will be excluded from racing on June 15 and 16 after finding a prohibited substance in their feed additives
  9. cycling Felipe Mendez and Gabriel Raff tested positive
  10. they doped in India even in Kabaddi while heywoody is fan
  11. 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan - Tsunami alert
  12. today they played the Teqball and Egypt is in
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