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[OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic

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Unfortunately I got infected through my roommate who came back from Austria about 1,5 week ago after the town he visited got quarantined due to a Corona outbreak. He and all of his friends he went on

Its getting worse here, despite less cases, today over 630 people dies!   Also my 83yo grandmother is tested positive and is in special hospital for covid patients, I can please for prayers

They are not numbers. They are people with family and lovers and so many vivid stories sharing with the world. It reminds me of the stories I read about Wuhan people. They are only numbers on news but

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4 minutes ago, up and down said:


So is every one in India alright with this? Total lockdown cannot come out and cannot buy things?

It's difficult for us but we are going well. For people in big cities it's OK. I'm in a rural area and no chance of online delivery. Also no grocery store or pharmacy store will be open with District commissners order. 

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3 minutes ago, depleter said:

They will be open. The district and local bodies are advised to facilitate home delivery as much as posible.


Good, I really hope that works well. If not, that is an absolute recipe for disaster and even war-like situations if people run out of the food they've got left at home..

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4 minutes ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

It's difficult for us but we are going well. For people in big cities it's OK. I'm in a rural area and no chance of online delivery. Also no grocery store or pharmacy store will be open with District commissners order. 


So pitiful for you. Hope you can sort things out well.

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4 hours ago, hckosice said:





Sooo, here are the fresh Updates


First, All new Confirmed cases will be announced now only once per day the next morning around 09:00. Like this morning they unveiled the amount of cases from yesterday 19.


So 204 Confirmed Cases in Slovakia (+19 Yesterday)

Todays cases will be announced tomorrow morning around 9 AM


Current graph

  Reveal hidden contents



and now the new measures and regulations. :evil:


out of the 60 measures proposed, the Government with the Crisis Staff approved 40. I´ll not write all of them, I´ll pick just the most important regulations by which the state wants to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Several of them concern the old peoples, who are today the most vulnerable group of people,


  • for example the shops, supermarkets etc.. will be open between 9:00 and 12:00 only for the +65 years old persons, Younger peoples will not be allowed to enter the stores during this period (except necessary accompaniment but only a minimum number)
  • Seniors should not leave the house outside this period and should not travel by train.
  • Masks are now mandatory for all people to wear everywhere !!! Until now they were mandatory only in the public transport vehicles, stores and offices from now it´s obligatory as soon as you leave the house you must have a mask covering your mouth and nose.
  • Before entering hospitals and factories, everyones temperature will be measured.
  • Every Sunday All Food and drugstore shops will be closed in order to have Sanitary day.
  • Since the previous measures remains valid, All Schools, All sport event, Cultural, Social or Religious events remains closed until further notice. The state ordered the National radio and TV broadcaster RTVS to broadcast every day at 18:00 a mass on its second channel RTVS 2, also a sort of universal "online school" will be broadcasted every morning.
  • there will be no written examinations this year, oral examinations will take place two weeks after the eventual opening of schools.


and many others




did you think you had an exclusive with that?


no way :finger:


our main public TV channel Rai 1 from tomorrow will broadcast every morning at 7 a.m. the mass celebrated by Pope Francis from the Chapel in "his house", Casa Santa Marta...:evil:


of course it will be available worldwide thanks to the fact that rai 1 is basically everywhere for free, on the internet and on satellite...

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