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    depleter got a reaction from up and down in [OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic   
    Yesterday the number of tests conducted is 8345. And the capacity is way more than 12K. ICMR is mostly counting the capacity of govt capacity. Lalpathlabs one of the first private labs which got allowance from ICMR to perform tests at that time said that they have a capacity of 1500 per day. We cuurently have about 180 labs of which about 50 are private. But the main problem for private labs is lack of test kits, as this is the news till 3-4 days back.
     More manufacturers were given the nod but the 2 were actually Indian companies so it's in the news. And ICMR directly allows some other manufacturers which have some other countries accreditation like FDA.  ICMR is clearly prioritizing locally manufactured kits as kits are not coming from other countries as the wait list is too long. Around 3 weeks back when ICMR said that they only have 150K tests and ordering about 1 million more test kits from different countries, 3-4 days back news is that only the order from South Korea is delivered and they are still waiting for the rest to be delivered. Last week many orders went out from ICMR which amounts to about 2.2million kits and all are made in India. And among the 2.2M about 500K were asked to be delivered in 5 days of the finalization of the order. The 2 Indian companies which got the nod are Mylabs and kilpest. Mylabs currently have a capacity of producing 150,000 kits per week and they have signed  up 2 partners yesterday with which they say they are increasing the production to 2 million per week soon. 
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    depleter got a reaction from heywoodu in [OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic   
    They will be open. The district and local bodies are advised to facilitate home delivery as much as posible.
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    depleter got a reaction from phelps in Boxing IOC Asian & Oceanian Olympic Games Qualifier 2020   
    Thailand vs India...India won there.
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    depleter got a reaction from Dunadan in Commonwealth Games 2022   
    Well, you guys discussed so many things and completely ignored one point the IOA cheif said

    Now this can be considered a serious question. You have a country which is largest, population wise (Funnily even if you add all the other common wealth nations population it doesn't even add up to India's population.) and is not represented any where.
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    depleter got a reaction from nitinsanker in India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020   
    Because he fell over 2 times due to an other athlete. AFI contested it and he is allowed to contest in finals. The rules does say if an athlete is seriously affected by obstruction the referee may allow him into the next round.
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    depleter reacted to Dolby in Athletics IAAF World Championships 2019   
    Can’t believe we are in the finals of Mixed relay. 
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    depleter reacted to MHSN in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019   
    They should really ban India from Shooting World Cups. they are stealing all the medals. that's not fair
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    depleter reacted to Winterless in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019   
    If you really look at the qualification timetable you'll know the European shooters are pampered. Look at how many chances Europeans (exclusively) get to qualify for Tokyo: European Games, European championships, European Olymipics qualifying tournaments... Talking about ISSF inequality.
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    depleter reacted to Winterless in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019   
    Congratulations to all Indian athletes! Usually the Chinese top the world cup stage medal tables, but so nice to see these young Indian talents making the competitions more fierce than ever! I mean, 4 medals for India in Rio already, how about that!
    Personally I shoot trap. Would be lovely to see more Indian athletes in shotgun finals, Judging from these rifle/pistol world cups, the day is very near.
    Keep up the good work India!
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    depleter got a reaction from Dolby in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019   
    Funnily still lower than his own JWR from last year's JWC.
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    depleter reacted to Dolby in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019   
    Gold and WR for Apurvi Chandela 
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    depleter reacted to thiago_simoes in Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018   
    Yes! Finally they have a gold medal! Now I'm rooting for India! 
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    depleter got a reaction from nitinsanker in Archery at the Asian Games 2018   
    To add the top ranked individuals for mixed event.
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    depleter got a reaction from NearPup in Asian Games 2018   
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    depleter got a reaction from Gianlu33 in Asian Games 2018   
    I thought India got another one. It's Indonesia not India.
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