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  1. Dude it's just political caricature. We have tons of Pooh in the shopping malls. Throw as many plushes as they like. Everybody has a good laugh.
  2. Second this mate. Most ordinary Chinese fully understand that Trudeau has a reputation to uphold and any sane gov't official should not meddle with the judicial system. But the whole brouhaha was not about law and order to begin with. If the Canadian gov't would not admit they detain Meng because of political reasons to support the closest ally (US), then fine. No need to be so indignant when retaliation ensues.
  3. This is fencing. Anything can happen unless you are OH Sanguk.
  4. I almost threw up when I watched on FIE that Georgia butchered us.
  5. Thank the DRAGONS we got the sabre team quota.... Thank you Italy, we would be totally f***ed if the Hungarian team made to the final and replaced the Koreans (who would have the Asian team quota).
  6. Congratulations Poland. We were beaten fair and square.
  7. Actually we did qualify 2 boats in the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta (W2- and W4x). Check it out.
  8. We are the CHAMPION!!!!! Chinese men has NEVER had ANY gold in the rowing world championshlps. Now we had TWOOOO!!! Needless to mention the gold from women's quadruple sculls!!!
  9. Yeah it makes sense. I guess the reasoning behind this qualification process is trying to include as many nations as possible, which is good for the sport.
  10. I think you are right... I just had all the European quotas added together and it's not that many considering how many countries is on that continent. Sorry that I badmouthed.
  11. This girl seems to have a mysterious relation with the 8th place... Best of luck for her in the final!
  12. If you really look at the qualification timetable you'll know the European shooters are pampered. Look at how many chances Europeans (exclusively) get to qualify for Tokyo: European Games, European championships, European Olymipics qualifying tournaments... Talking about ISSF inequality.
  13. Pistols and rifles are WAY more popular than shotguns here in China, We have great female trap and skeet shooters but our lads are yet to shine in the international bunkers. I shoot trap and based on what I saw, indoor shooting ranges are swarmed with kids and parents in the weekends but they won't let their kids near the shotguns. Will take years to change.
  14. Let's battle it out in the Olympics. I expect the contest in the shooting range in Tokyo between China and India would be EPIC.
  15. You know what is truly amazing? China has won every single quota (even including mixed team) in the pistol/rifle categories, becoming the first nation ever achieving this feat.
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