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  1. Rug is echt tragisch bij de mannen ja, Driebergen is toch al gestopt sinds Londen? Kan me herinneren dat we daar dan wel eens Knipping in hebben gezet maar dat is natuurlijk niet wat je na wil streven. Wel prettig dat Steenbergen eindelijk echt die stap heeft kunnen zetten.
  2. Ik zou dit team al niet bijzonder veel kansen toedichten als er geen gezeur was.
  3. Volgens mij zijn daar eindelijk afspraken over gemaakt door de verschillende Britse bonden. GB deed in 2020 (2021) ook al mee nadat Engeland zich had geplaatst. Volgens mij met louter Engelse speelsters, ik had het idee dat dat onderdeel is van de gemaakte afspraken.
  4. Kwalificatie is nog niet eens zeker en moet nog afgedwongen worden in een belangrijke wedstrijd tegen IJsland komende maand. Anders zijn er nog playoffs nodig, volgens mij. Overigens is Frankrijk uiteraard al gekwalificeerd voor Parijs, maar daardoor zijn er wel maar 2 plekken beschikbaar. Ik acht daardoor de kans klein dat Nederland meedoet in Parijs, maar ik hoop het nog wel. Als Engeland/Spanje/Duitsland moeilijk loot en Nederland niet zo moeilijk loot kan het wel.
  5. Here to hope De Waard can medal. Giele or Steenbergen would be nice too.
  6. I find this problem larger at the worlds than at multi-sport games, where you can divide attention to other sports anyway.
  7. The big problem was the fact that the first hour of coverage was only online, meaning a lot of the second hour which was on TV was also used to show replays of finals in the first hour. Classic case of the EO thinking their 18.30 program is too important to ditch for the champs. Our public broadcasting service is kind of a mess.
  8. Last weekend was pretty interesting, especially the sunday had some great stuff. It was shocking to see the Dutch 4x4 squads perform so poorly in the heats: A bit of bad luck for the women, no excuses for the men though. The 100 relays were pretty interesting and with results I did not at all expect. Sad to see Warner go out of the Decathlon, although I think he would have solidly beaten Mayer anyway. Big turnarounds on the second day. Mayer turned up, Kaul delivered somewhat but could not find his amazing Javelin of Doha once more to give us another surprise and Owens kinda fell away after a great first day, even compared to his PB series. Lepage had a great second day, salvaging something for Canada. And then the WR on the hurdles and pole vault alongside great 5000 and 800 races and a fun LJ-competition. The winning distance wasn't amazing, but still all right for current standards and the competition behind was pretty close. Sad to see just missing out of medaling at the 5000. 4x400 finals were not really interesting and kind of an anticlimactic finish. At least the battle between Belgium and Jamaica was ok-ish, but USA had a humongous lead twice.
  9. Germany only looked really stable against Spain. They don’t give away many opportunities. These final two games could well be two borefests. England had major problems with Austria themselves. Austria was probably the best team this tournament past the semifinalists and Spain. Still a huge skill gap, offensively they were mediocre at best indeed.
  10. I would definitely enjoy seeing Bronze winning it, she is one of the best players and always shines in these kind of tournaments too. As for Germany or France, I don't have that particular feeling. However, English football fans, I never liked the attitude of some of them. I can see how the 'coming home' stuff comes off as annoying.
  11. England and Germany should take the final spots comfortably, but an upset always looms large. France can't seem to convert which will probably break them up against the very solid Germans, while I just don't think Sweden is good enough to stand a chance against England this year.
  12. Happy to see Sports Climbing rescheduled for a spread of the most interesting finals. Only too bad it also is included on the final saturday, which is always already too crowded. It is especially annoying they crammed in Weightlifting the last weekend. I'd rather have weightlifting earlier that week..
  13. This is over. Spain are tired. Sometimes goals like the 1-1 would be ruled a foul, but I'm fine with these type of goals not being ruled a foul. Oh well, the more important tournament is next year, hopefully everybody is fit to play then.
  14. She was not playing well anyway. Might be a blessing in disguise. Although as long as Miedema is not in, there is not even a glimmer of hope against France.
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