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  1. This is a good question. Somehow it is too costly to hold Olympics with totally no spectators.
  2. I understand your point of view. Well said. Somehow we will have to wait for IOC to come up with a wise decision.
  3. Excerpt from the article Sources at the International Olympic Committee have also told the Guardian that they are still planning for a “full Games” in July, despite the spiralling number of Covid-19 cases in Japan and across the globe. They also dismissed a Times report that said that government officials had resigned themselves to cancelling the Olympics and were instead hoping a wave of sympathy would help Tokyo secure th
  4. 70% of Japanese want Tokyo Games to be canceled or delayed Over 70% of people in Japan think that this summer’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics should be canceled or postponed again, a think tank survey showed Saturday. The survey by the Japan Press Research Institute showed that 37.9% of respondents said the Tokyo Games should be canceled while 34% said the events should be postponed again. The proportion of respondents who said the events should take place a
  5. IOC's Thomas Bach accepts Tokyo Olympics would have to be cancelled if not held in 2021
  6. Will Tokyo Olympics be cancelled? Or will it be held? Covid cases are so high on daily basis. Athletes health will also be in danger as covid can spread very fast too.
  7. The danger is always there. Once an athletes have been tested as positive covid they must not be allowed to continue playing in tournaments. At the same time players from the same country and team in the tournament are all also very dangerous despite tested negative because this virus have an incubation period of 14 days. They may not be showing the symptoms now but in within 14 days they could be positive covid. By allowing players from the team with positive covid players is just like asking for more trouble because virus could spread on to other players from other countries. So it is very d
  8. No one knows how safe it is to still have sports events on going during the time of pandemic. As we all know cases are rising on daily basis and yet tournamets are all still on going. Referring to this news we have players who are positive covid yet still allowed to play on in tournaments. Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Badminton Association of Thailand (BAT) can confirm three of the four players who tested positive for CO
  9. There is an ongoing rumor that very likely Tokyo Olympics will not be held in year 2021. Japan is no longer interested to hold the Olympics in year 2021 due to pandemic. However Olympics 2024 will be held in Paris as planned and Olympics 2026 will be held in Los Angeles as planned. Therefore Japan will make its bid to host the Olympics in year 2032.
  10. Melania Trump’s ex-aide pens scathing op-ed in wake of Capitol siege An ex-aide of Melania Trump — and once a good friend — has penned a scathing op-ed about the first lady, accusing her of just standing by while the president destroyed America. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote her piece for the Daily Beast, prompted by the rioting at the Capitol. Five people were killed, including a Trump supporter who was fatally shot and a Capitol Police officer who died of h
  11. The disappearance of Jack Ma is a widely discussed topic these few days. Question is where is Jack Ma? Where has he gone to? Where is he hiding now?
  12. Who is Jack Ma? Where the Alibaba co-founder came from and disappeared to Jack Ma, a member of China's Communist Party who famously started out as an English teacher, hasn't been seen in two months. Jack Ma mystery continues with report he’s just laying low Chinese billionaire hasn’t been seen in over two months China cracks down on billionaire Jack Ma’s Ant Group Ant Group’s $37 billion IPO suspended, shocking investors For years, nobody flew higher in China than Jack Ma, the pixie-faced founder of the $500 billion powerhouse e-c
  13. So we need to make a very wise decision by ourselves. To take the vaccine or not it is all up to us.
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