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  1. Here is some latest information to be shared. Smoke from wildfires can worsen COVID-19 risk, putting firefighters in even more danger Two forces of nature are colliding in the western United States, and wildland firefighters are caught in the middle. Emerging research suggests that the smoke firefighters breathe on the front lines of wildfires is putting them at greater risk from the new coronavirus, with potentially le
  2. Thanks for sharing this information. How is the latest situation in India? Is it getting better?
  3. Stark photos highlight plight of Indonesia's vulnerable doctors A doctor grieves after her husband, a doctor and chair of the West Papuan doctors' association in Indonesia, died of COVID-19 in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia in this picture obtained from social media on Aug 27, 2020. (Photo: IKATAN DOKTER INDONESIA/via REUTERS) JAKARTA: Photographs of a grieving wife bent over the coffin of her dead husband, an Indonesian m
  4. At least 100 doctors die of coronavirus in Indonesia Fatalities among doctors increase significantly over last 2 months, according to doctors union JAKARTA, Indonesia At least 100 Indonesian doctors have died of the novel coronavirus since the pandemic started in March, a doctors association said on Monday. "There have been 100 doctors who died while handling COVID-19. Likewise, the number of other health workers who have died also climbed,”
  5. I felt so sad seeing this. So pitiful indeed.
  6. Latest news and some shocking discoveries. Pharmaceutical manufacturing has long been a dirty business. The antibiotic-laced wastewater, and other pollutants it leaves behind, is just one of many reasons that so many American drug-manufacturing plants closed up over the last few decades and moved to places like Hyderabad, India, and China’s Zhejiang province, with their low labor costs and minimal regulations. But drug manufacturing in those remote outposts has been dirty in another way, as I lea
  7. The countries listed in this article shown the best global responses to Covid 19 pandemic.
  8. Wow this is indeed amazing. Looks like the Black Lives Matter movement is not over yet. (PORTLAND, Ore.) — The arrest during a Portland, Oregon protest of a Black woman who became a leading activist in the racial justice movement after she was assaulted by a white supremacist three years ago has galvanized local and national Black Lives Matter groups. Demonstrators took to the streets again Monday night and police broke up a protest outside a police precinct substation after they said prot
  9. Do not give up hope. I am sure US will win this battle one day.
  10. I am refering to a possible sign that you're winning in Plague.
  11. The full data of tests conducted. (Latest data as of 2nd July, 2020) Countries under safe category with mass testing done No. Country No of tests conducted No of tests per 1 million citizens Total population 1 Monaco 16,200 412,812 39,243 2
  12. Countries with high recovery rate. These countries have less than 100 active cases. No Country Active Cases 1 San Marino 0 2 Isle of Man 0 3 Faeroe Islands 0 4 Brunei 0 5 Barbados
  13. Countries with high recovery rate and have less than 200 cases. 1 Malaysia 195 2 Slovakia 175 3 Angola 168 4 Luxembourg 154 5 Latvia 154 6 Cyprus 151
  14. Coronavirus 'second wave': What lessons can we learn from Asia? Coronavirus might be here to stay, says the World Health Organization Asia was the first place to experience the coronavirus, impose lockdowns and then emerge from them. It was also the first to experience new groups of infections, with clusters from nightclubs in Seoul, the Russia-China border, and elsewhere. Although it is early for conclusions, can lessons be learned? 1. Wave, spike or cluster - it's unavoidable Terms such as second wave,
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