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  1. What the professor has mentioned in the month of June that the Tokyo Olympics could help spread Covid 19 has finally come true. What he said is correct and right now the virus is spreading nonstop even though the Olympics has not started and will only start on 23rd July 2021. The professor has warned about the risks of having Tokyo Olympics during pandemic in June. Whatever he said is really happening now.
  2. Japanese scientists warn that Tokyo Olympics could help spread COVID-19 A group of Japanese scientists, including some of the nation’s most senior advisers on the COVID-19 pandemic, is warning that allowing spectators at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will help the virus spread domestically and internationally. Their recommendation to bar or at least limit spectators, not yet formally published but described to ScienceInsider in general terms, rep
  3. Tokyo Olympics: South African cases raise fear of Covid-19 cluster at athletes villages Organisers on Sunday reported 10 new cases connected to the Olympics including media, contractors and other personnel Infection rates are climbing among the general population of the capital, topping 1,000 new cases for four consecutive days Tokyo Olympics organisers on Sunday reported that two South African footballers and a video analyst had tested positi
  4. Like it or not Tokyo Olympics have become the place whereby covid cases have been spreading very fast by now although the Olympics have not started. Tokyo Olympics will only start on 23rd July 2021 with the Opening Ceremony. However the unfortunate part is that there are some officials, athletes and coaches who have been detected as positive covid. However IOC refused to reveal the names and the status of the athletes, coaches and officials due to privacy reason. So the question is simple. Should Olympics be held during pandemic time? Is it a wise thing to do? Yes it i
  5. Threat of Covid-19 spreading grows at Tokyo Olympics with three infections at athletes village. What happened to 85 per cent vaccination rate pledge? More than a dozen Olympic-related positive tests have been recorded in Tokyo since visitors started arriving for the 2020 Games, including a first case at the Athletes Village It started with a Ugandan coach testing positive for coronavirus on arrival in Tokyo on June 20. Three days later, an athlete in the sam
  6. Well totally agreed by the suggestions given that there is not much point to discuss about the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics now. Anyway there is still no confirmation from IOC yet. Just need to wait till July and then the truth will be revealed by then.
  7. Demonstrators protest against the Olympics in Tokyo on May 17.
  8. (CNN)With a little over two months until the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the possibility of a cancellation looms large over the Games. As Japan battles a fourth wave of coronavirus infections and a state of emergency in Tokyo and other prefectures remains in place until the end of the month, there is mounting pressure from health experts, business leaders and the Japanese public to call off the Games. Last week, the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Associatio
  9. Tokyo doctors call for cancellation of Olympic Games due to COVID-19 A top medical organisation has thrown its weight behind calls to cancel the Tokyo Olympics saying hospitals are already overwhelmed as the country battles a spike in coronavirus infections less than three months from the start of the Games. The Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association representing about 6,000 primary care doctors said hospitals in the Games host city "have their hands full
  10. Alright we have so many sports events cancelled due to the covid or virus. Now everything seems to be hanging in the air with nothing said. Even IOC themselves also dare not confirm this. Will the Tokyo Olympics be cancelled? I think by now the answer is already too obvious. There is no way out of it. Cases are soaring very high in all the various different countries around the whole world. I guess IOC may be left with no other options but to cancel Tokyo Olympics. Question here is simple. Athletes life is more important or participating in Tokyo Olympics is more
  11. This is getting so serious for sure.
  12. Why the World Should Worry About India The world’s largest vaccine producer is struggling to overcome its latest COVID-19 surge—and that’s everyone’s problem. India considered itself to be “in the endgame” of the pandemic just a few weeks ago. Now it is the global epicenter. The country recently surpassed the devastating milestone of more than 345,000 new COVID-19 cases in a single day, the biggest total recorded globally since the pandemic began.
  13. This is a good question. Somehow it is too costly to hold Olympics with totally no spectators.
  14. I understand your point of view. Well said. Somehow we will have to wait for IOC to come up with a wise decision.
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