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If you could create new Olympic Events...

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I was wondering: let's assume you can create new events for current olympic sports, (and for existing sports in general), how will they look like? 

For example, if I was in UIPM, I would develop laser-run so it may look like biathlon, somehow, with events like the individual, the sprint and the couple mixed relay.

Another thing I thought, a kind of Endurance/Elimination event in archery: archers shooting their arrow to the target and, instead of counting the score, the distance from the center is calculated and summed up arrow after arrow, then once an athlete goes over 1 meter (for example), he/she is eliminated.


Any other strange idea?

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I don’t know about you guys, but I think Olympic pistol dueling would be pretty great :p. I’d love to see horseback archery (like in Brave).

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200M race or would it be swim... in zero gravity

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Posted (edited)

I'd rather take Fencing back to the Middle Age...duels with big swords...and, of course, up to the last man standing...:yikes::roflmao:


and I'd also like the Sharks Pursuit Surfing and the Crocodile Pursuit Canoeing...:yikes::yikes::yikes::rofl:


finally, I want the Food Eating Contests (with various categories: Hot Dogs, Pasta, Rice, T-Bone Steaks, Chicken Thighs and 2 very different kinds of Fish at least) to be an Olympic sport...and in this case I'm not joking at all...:whistle:

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Posted (edited)

So, taking this thread somewhat seriously:

  • Alpine Skiing: a team speed event. Something a bit like the luge relay, where once a team member reaches the finish line their teamare gets released from the start gate.
  • Biathlon: make the current sprint purely a qualification race for the pursuit and a super sprint. Keep pursuit the same, and have the top 30 in the sprint race in a shorten mass start with four shooting legs.
  • Bobsleigh: a team event (one monobob, one two-man, one two-woman, one four-man)
  • Cross Country Skiing: an uphill event. Just literally climbing the alpine skiing downhill course.
  • Luge: women’s doubles (obligatory because it doesn’t exist yet)
  • Freestyle Skiing: a team dual moguls event. Eight teams of 3 (with a sub), knockout format, each match consists of 3 dual moguls run (one per athlete).
  • Freestyle Skiing: a rail jam type event.
  • Freestyle Skiing: a men’s and a women’s team ski cross event (none of that mixed snowboardcross bs)
  • Skeleton: team event (two man, two woman)
  • Snowbording: a Super-G
  • Snowboarding: a rail jam event

Now, the semi-serious IOC approved mixed events:

  • Mixed Cross Country relay
  • Mixed Cross Country team sprint
  • Mixed Nordic Combined relay
  • Mixed Nordic Combined team sprint
  • Mixed Freestyle Skiing Moguls (same bullshit format as the mixed aerials team event)
  • For both freestyle skiing and snowboarding: Mixed big air team event, mixed half-pipe team event and mixed slopestyle team event (2 men and 2 women get 2 runs each, best run from each athlete count, 8 teams start, 5 make it to the finals, unlimited subs between qualifications and the finals, so you get to give eight gold medals if you use all your subs :d ). I just made up *six* mixed team events that are better than the mixed aerials team event in one go. Call me, Bach.
  • The above mixed team events for the rail jam, too.
  • A mixed team relay in *long track* speed skating, because at this point why not?
  • You know what else you can do in a mixed format? A mixed team sprint and a mixed team pursuit in speed skating.
  • Mixed 3x3 ice hockey.
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I think it would be interesting to see a flat-slope (piste) trick event in freestyle Skiing or snowboarding

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