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  1. Does anyone know what the changes proposed were? And why have they not already been considered and accepted/rejected by IOC, given that there are continental champs happening right now?
  2. I am confused. shows following Ranking: Same site shows following Qualification: Why has Germany qualified, when Russia is the first NOC from Europe outside Top 4? Why has Korea not Qualified? I know this sayd provisional as at 3/3/2020, but there have not been any more competitions since then, and this is the official FIE site. Would appreciate a pointer as to where the official final rankings are, if not on this site. Thanks
  3. That's all folks! See you next year.
  4. Phelps, thanks for the link. This was what I was looking for to get confirmation one way or another - not looking to disagree. I still don't understand why they put the statement in for reallocation of Host slots in the formal qualification document if they did not intend to use it. Section F: "The unused quota place of the Host Country will be reallocated to the athlete from the next highest ranked eligible NOC (highest ranked male or female athlete) as per the Individual ranking results of the qualifying round of the 2019 World Championships".
  5. I think that USA Men get the unused Host Country quota for this sport? "The unused quota place of the Host Country will be reallocated to the athlete from the next highest ranked eligible NOC (highest ranked male or female athlete) as per the Individual ranking results of the qualifying round of the 2019 World Championships". After discounting 9th places for both genders, as they had already qualified, I make it that USA Men came in 10th, whilst Georgia Women came in 11th. Happy to be corrected, as this is one of the more complicated ones.
  6. Answered my own question as it is a limit of two per NOC that take part in the Qualifier - There does not appear to be a different limit for those countries that have already obtained one place, eg Slovenia.
  7. Is there a limit to the number of athletes per NOC that can go to the OQT? I cannot see anything in the Qualification System that sets a limit other than the top 20 from the Combined World Cup ranking (excl those already qualified at the Worlds). I presume that countries that already have a maximum of two athletes qualified would not send anyone to the OQT (i.e. Japan), but could others, like Slovenia, send more than one even though they already have one place secured?
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments, which makes it clear now, at least as far as GBR is concerned. I agree this is unlikely but not impossible. I was mainly curious as it does potentially have a ripple effect on those that missed out on quotas because of Seonaid’s qualification.
  9. Question about Double Scorers. Seonaid MacIntosh has had performances good enough to get quota spots for GBR in Air Rifle and 3 Position 50m Rifle events. Because she gained the latter space first, she cannot gain another quota in the Air Rifle as well, which I get. If she is selected then she can compete in both events as she has the MQS. However what happens if she is injured? The quota goes to the NOC so does that mean Team GB can pick which event their competitor does, or does it have to be the first event quota obtained?
  10. Fair enough mrv86, thanks for that. That makes sense, although it would be better if they made that explicit in the wording.
  11. I cannot make out what the position is for the winner of the Continental competition, if she/he has already gained a place in the World Champs - does the NOC get another place (subject to not already having two), even though it is the same diver, or does it go to the next NOC/diver not yet qualified? And why is it so difficult?
  12. Two excerpts from the Qualification document. First: "Section B3. Type of Allocation of Quota Places: The quota place is allocated to the NOC." Second: "Section F. Reallocation of Quota Places If an athlete who has obtained a quota place in accordance with FINA Rule BL has not been entered to the Olympic Games, the quota place shall be reallocated to the next highest placed NOC from the respective event, at the FINA Diving World Cup 2020, no
  13. How do you qualify 5 or 6 from a Boxing Qualification Tournament? I can see 4 or 8 is straightforward (all semi- or quarter-finalists), but does that mean there are a series of fight offs between people who have already been beaten up?
  14. Also, what happens to the European Continental quota place for the Duet competition if Ukraine get a Team slot at the World Aquatics, followed by, say, Spain and Italy getting two of the remaining Team slots at the Qualification Tournament. Does this go to GBR as the next unqualified pair from the European competition, or the next available Duet slot at the OQT?
  15. Does anyone know where to get confirmation of when and where the Olympic Qualification Tournament takes place? I have seen one place say Bogota: 22-26 January 2020. However, this link shows Tokyo: 30 April to 3 May 2020. Anyone have a definitive?
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