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  1. I see new Qualifying Document uploaded. I think this clarifies that European NOC's can only qualify at the 2024 World Aquatic Games, even if France chooses not to participate, so the European Qualifier is redundant.
  2. Trying to work out which of the FIG World Cup events listed on their site for 2023 qualify toward Criteria 2 for Trampoline. The document says there will be 5 events spread across 2023/24, and I can find 2 listed in 2024 on the FIG Calendar. There are 3 in 2023 that call themselves "FIG World Cup 2023", for Varna, Santarem and Coimbra, but there are another 2 also with a similar label: World Cup 2023 AGF Trophy - Baku FIG TRA World CUP - Palm Beach Do these count as well, or instead of? Cannot find any other source to give me clarity and I would appreciate any pointers from anyone who knows more.
  3. Updated Qualifying Document uploaded to IOC site to confirm 17 October 2023 is end of the qualifying period (previously "XX October")
  4. Impressive result - the only country to have qualified both teams, so now just concentrate on preparation for Paris.
  5. Do all three 2022/23/24 World Championships count toward the Olympic Ranking or is it just the 2023 event? (I am reading the head of section D1. of the Qualification document.) I am a bit confused by the wording when it uses the word "includes", which implies there might be others to count as well.
  6. And IBA not happy about it!
  7. In Rhythmic Gymnastics, does anyone know what happens if a gymnast is selected by their NOC for both the Group and Individual events? I cannot see any reference to this in the document.
  8. Seen the Qualification document, which highlights the OQS, which has been well trailed. Does anyone know whether this has any pre-qualification, like Breaking? Not seen any detail on the UCI site or anywhere else.
  9. What is happening with the Grand Slam event in this sport? It seems WT tied everything to the China/Wuxi link up, but now China is cancelling any international sport for the rest of the year, this seems to be in limbo. I cannot find any web sites that provide up to date information other than 2022 Final cancelled, and wondered whether anyone else has seen any formal updates on what is happening going forward? It is meant to be a qualifying event in 2023.
  10. Really close result, with the last round moving GB into the Bronze after bad results for FRA and IRE. Half way through the competition today it was touch and go whether we were even going to make the qualification, so great result in the end.
  11. But there will only be 3 paddlers in this event. B.2.1 allows for a K1 athlete to double up in C1, and vice versa, if no-one else qualifies for the other event. But this same paragraph specifically refers to only these two events. There is no equivalent clause for Extreme, at least that I can see.
  12. Extreme Canoe Slalom - why do we not end up with only 3 paddlers in each event??? I am sure that competitors selected for e.g. WC1/WK1 can also race in WX1, but where does it actually say that?
  13. Has anyone looked through the system yet and worked out the likely participants for UOQT1, based on those who did not make Rio 2016 or Tokyo 2020 5v5? I make 25 nations excluded, so the participants will come from pretty deep into the 3x3 Ranking List, I reckon.
  14. Final confirmation is up for the Freestyle
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