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  1. Bolivia is actually getting pretty close to that gold, now
  2. Colombia won the game. It'll come down to doubles. I think y'all jinxed Bolivia lol
  3. Roller skating and archery coming through with 5 golds so far. Two golds away from our official goal.
  4. Yeah, that'd be the obvious choice. But Quintero has been gushing about being a fan of Gaviria to the press that I thought it'd be cool. But I'd take any pair.
  5. I really hope he can make it with Fernando Gaviria to Tokyo in the Madison.
  6. I enjoyed Keirin the most. But only because it happened a few minutes after my city's football club lost at home because of a 92nd minute penalty against a traditional rival. It healed me, lol.
  7. I got the call from the LOC today. I'm a volunteer. I'll be working with the doping testers.
  8. Actually, Cuba is in them, so they are considered more prestigious than the South American
  9. Funny enough, I expect you guys to win it.
  10. I didn't. I was saying what I think of Neymar and his team. Follow your own advice.
  11. I feel the same way about yours. Same reason I don't watch telenovelas. All the crying.
  12. Good first day. Shitty election results tho lol The official goal of Colombia is second place but reducing the difference to 16 golds. Personally, I'll take any diference below Santiago's 57.
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