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Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2019

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1 hour ago, dcro said:

Anyway, unusued apparatus quotas will be reallocated towards individual all-around. That probably means at least 9 more AA quotas, since I don't think we can expect any non-team nations in women's floor, beam or uneven bars finals?

Even so, Chusovitina would have to be the 29th best non-qualified gymnast in the all-around respecting the 1 per country rule, and at the end of the first day she already sits in 18th. It's nearly impossible that only 12 gymnasts will be better than her in the second day. I expect more.

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Great Britain and Italy were somewhat disappointing today. They did enough to qualify a full team, but Italy's beam rotation and Great Britain's floor rotation were extremely uncomfortable to watch. It's a pity that they managed to outscore Germany with terrible routines like that.

Chusovitina is currently 19th in the all-around and I've lost all hope she could qualify. It's impossible now.

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11 hours ago, thiago_simoes said:

Gymnasts who should be a safe bet to qualify based on the all-around rankings:

:AUS Georgia Godwin (if Australia fails to qualify as a team)
:UKR Diana Varinska
:KOR Lee Yun-seo
:JAM Danusia Francis

:PRK Kim Su Jong
:CZE Aneta Holasova
:CUB Marcia Vidiaux

:ROU Maria Holbura

Close, but still at risk of not qualifying:
:AUT Elisa Haemmerle
:BLR Anastasiya Alistratava

:EGY Mandy Mohamed
:SVK Barbora Mokosova

Long shots:
:POR Filipa Martins
:RSA Caitlin Rooskrantz

:SWE Jonna Adlerteg
:POL Gabriela Janik
:CHI Simona Castro
:UZB Oksana Chusovitina :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

EDIT: I originally counted Austria twice instead of Portugal.


This's for Olympic qualification or AA final ?

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omg after that 9.000 she goes to floor making an impresive 13.800 that could easily make apparatus final. What a mental recovery from Roxana Popa!


That could make her get a olympic quota, right? I'm nervous

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Olympic qualification hopefuls until now:

Event finals:
:KOR Yeo Seo-jeong
:ESP Roxana Popa


I would say that from Australia to Belarus, qualification is almost certain. From Malaysia to Croatia they have big chances. From South Africa to Norway, they might earn one of the final positions once the competition is over. From Uzbekistan to Sri Lanka, almost impossible to hold up.

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Extremely unlucky results for Germany once again. With just 0.8 points more the team would have made the final and i am sure that would have been better for the competition as a whole.

With Scheder and Alt they easily would have qualified for the final. I expected Italy, GB and Canada to be much stronger. Hopefully at least Seitz can win a medal on uneven bars, it would be sad for Germany to end their home world championships without a medal.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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