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    Olympian1010 reacted to Felipe in Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018   
    Less than 24 hours to start
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    Olympian1010 reacted to dcro in Football 2018 Discussion Thread   
    Morocco would be more exciting (also more problematic, but who cares)...
  3. Thanks
    Olympian1010 got a reaction from hckošice in [POLL] Who will win the FIFA 2018 World Cup ?   
    No, I think people just don’t see them winning, but more likely getting 2nd, 3rd, or 4th
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Pablita in [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread   
    Very happy for my second silver medal in a row and happier that I still first in the general standing (thanks to @Dunadan's absence)
    Great job @Wanderer (keep the pace with the results and the schedule it's quite demanding) and congrats to @dcro
    About the tennis contest I already told my opinion and I have been the only one to speak so I think that this should be the only tennis contest for this year.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to NearPup in Men's 3x3 Basketball FIBA World Cup 2018   
    Pretty sure it’s a rule that every team needs at least one American player.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Fly_like_a_don in How Many Medals do You Expect from Your Nation at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games?   
    It's a bit surprising that many countries like  or even  don't have a proper idea of their youth athletes. May be as things get more clear within a month with all qualifiers  we could expect Joshmaartini007 to predict a medal tally for the games
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    Olympian1010 reacted to rybak in Men's 3x3 Basketball FIBA World Cup 2018   
    Let's allow Australia and other Oceanian nations to take part in Asian qualifications  
    For me it should be like this:
    1. Host country - Japan
    2. Winner of WC 2019
    3. Runner-up of WC 2019
    4. Bronze medalists of WC 2019
    5. Winner of Asian/Oceanian QT
    6. Winner of American QT
    7. Winner of African QT
    8. Winner of European QT
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Dunadan in Mediterranean Games 2018   
    The Italian delegation by sport can be found here:
    There are 27 Olympic medallists: Basile and Giuffrida (judo), Galiazzo (archery), J. Rossi and Pellielo (shooting), Paltrinieri (swimming), Longo Borghini (cycling), Pizzo (fencing), Chamizo (wrestling), Battisti and Venier (rowing) and a lot of water polo players, both men and women, who were at Rio 2016.
    It looks like a very serious delegation.
    There's also a detailed calendar (in Italian) by date and sport:
    (I have no idea where to find a detailed calendar on the official site of the Games)
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    Olympian1010 reacted to rybak in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Things left to do for peace in the world:
    Agreement between Armenia-Azerbaijan
    Agreement between Russia-Ukraine
    Agreement between Georgia-Russia
    Agreement between Israel-Palestine
    Defeat ISIS in the Middle East
    End of local wars in Africa
    Overthrow communism in Cuba and Venezuela
    Uncensorship internet in China
    Did I miss something? What do you think, anything of this is possible?
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    Olympian1010 reacted to bestmen in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    oooh those conflict will never finish , i don't believe on peace
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    Olympian1010 reacted to dcro in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Well, Belgium has a province named Luxembourg, and yet they are not bitching about that to
  12. Haha
    Olympian1010 reacted to rybak in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Greece and Macedonia agreed with something, USA and North Korea agreed for somethings tonight as well, what is going wrong with this world?  We miss only an agreements between Armenia-Azerbaijan and Russia-Ukraine
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    Olympian1010 got a reaction from thepharoah in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Not if the vote goes my way
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    Olympian1010 reacted to thiago_simoes in Men's Handball PHF American Championship 2018   
    I'm amused with Greenland hosting the event.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Jack Gonçalves in Mediterranean Games 2018   
    Portuguese delegation is going to be announced tomorrow...
    But from what I know Silver medalist in London (k2 1000) and triple European Champion Fernando Pimenta (K1000) will be In canoe sprint.
    Also 12 times European medalist and Bronze in Rio Telma Monteiro is expected to be in Judo -57. 
    5th placed in Rio João Pereira is also in the list for Triatlon... 
    This are the big names known so far for the Portuguese delegation. Some more will probably be in the list.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to JoshMartini007 in Mediterranean Games 2018   
    It's always fun to see athletes switching over to compete in different sports, especially from smaller nations. Tuvalu had a former footballer competing in the javelin at the Commonwealth Games.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Agger in Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018   
    Well. They have just as many players based in Denmark as we have, so I'm on team Iceland as well (after Denmark and Sweden, of course  )
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Finnator123 in Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018   
    So.... 7-1 never forget?  
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    Olympian1010 reacted to Dolby in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    You can find different viewpoints of the same scene here:

  20. Haha
    Olympian1010 reacted to heywoodu in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Trump looks like he has been napping for 30 minutes while all important things were being talked about, and he just woke up because everyone was standing around him. Like, "huh? What? I wasn't sleeping!". 
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    Olympian1010 reacted to konig in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Picture for the history.

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    Olympian1010 reacted to dcro in [POLL] Who will win the FIFA 2018 World Cup ?   
    So many people believe in Iceland.
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    Olympian1010 reacted to heywoodu in Winter Olympic Games 2026 Bid Process   
    Considering the future is really a very, very long time...I'm not going as far as to say 'never'  
    Although I think a South American bid might come sooner than another Swiss one.
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    Olympian1010 got a reaction from Wanderer in [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread   
    Oh well I’m only 16th anyways. Thank You for hosting this awesome contest though, it kept me involved in the 2018 French Open
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    Olympian1010 got a reaction from thepharoah in Shooting ISSF World Cup 2018   
    Malta was held by a Muslim kingdom or Ottoman Empire for a time, if my understanding of Maltese history is correct. Haven’t read about it in a while though.
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