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  2. How many events are left till the 4th June, I know there's 2 world cups and a world championships but I'm unsure on whether the European Cups count towards the rankings.
  3. Yeah Hutt's points count towards the ranking - it's Shriever, Emily Hutt and Sienna Harvey - but realistically at the moment it is just Shriever and Hutt who are active on the circuit and scoring points. By my calculations we've fallen further behind Colombia this weekend because both Pajon and Bolle Carrillo had decent results whereas neither Shriever or Hutt were really on their game.
  4. Does Hunt's U23 results count towards the rankings as well? If so we should be ahead of Colombia in the Women's for two spots.
  5. I am just more reluctant to make medal predictions until I know who it on the team. On the upside, the performance of the GB guys this weekend should put them ahead of both and and in a position to get 2 individual riders.
  6. Not due to lack of speed. Led at the first bend from a very wide draw and lost control on the outside when leading. boom or bust type from what I’m seeing which is a great characteristic from someone who wants to sneak a shock medal. seems we are both in opposite camps. We shall see. Weird round 4 with Kye getting the win after so many crashed out.
  7. One swallow does not make a summer... from 2nd yesterday to 23 today
  8. After a second place finish in Brisbane, I’m doubling down on this being an outside medal chance for GBR. Great riding from Ross in changeable weather conditions 😃
  9. Guy Learmouth calling out British Athletics for refusing to let him take part at the World Athletics.
  10. So as things stand, I would assume that Emile Cairess and Phill Sesemann should be in a position to have their selection confirmed after this week's selection meeting. A 3rd spot isn't out of the question if things can come together in London. Unfortunately I can't find a provisional entry list but perhaps best hope will be Mahamed Mahamed (2:08.40 Valencia '23) as I am assuming that Jonathan Mellor wont be doing another spring marathon after Seville. On the women's side, I think there are 8 athletes with the standard - Charlotte Purdue, Calli Thackery, Rose Harvey, Clara Evans, Lily Partridge, Samantha Harrison, Natasha Wilson and Georgina Schwiening. Assuming they are injury free, Purdue and Thackery will likely get the nod for early selection given they are about 3 minutes faster than the rest of the qualifiers. Not sure if Jess Piasecki is looking to run the London marathon but she was another 2:22.25 in 2022 so is possibly another athlete who could challenge for a spot is she has recovered from injury.
  11. Yes is it, but from what was said on commentary for the Seville Marathon those who already have the time beforehand are safe. This only applies to the men though as more than 3 women have got the qualification time.
  12. In theory, UK Athletics should have held their first selection meeting for marathon team yesterday. I am assuming that no athlete was selected in Round 1 by virtue of the fact that they did not finish in the top 8 at last year's World Championships but would have expected they would have made selection of 1-2 athletes under round 2 criteria.
  13. 4:37.14 and gold for Colbert!! We finish on 4 golds, five silvers, and nine bronzes Good championships, but the big one is in a few months
  14. Wasn't around yesterday, but here's the results Hopkin was third in her heat in 24.70, and third in Semifinal 2 in 24.52, and through Proud got a bronze in 21.53 3-3-9 Colbert 8th 2:11.22 Today, the final day! 0639 Swimming Men's 400m Medley Heat 2 - Max Litchfeld 0706 Swimming Women's 400m Medley Heat 3 - Freya Constance Colbert 1646 Swimming Women's 50m Freestyle Final - Anna Hopkin 1701 Swimming Men's 400m Medley Final - Max Litchfield 1719 Swimming Women's 400m Medley Final - Freya Constance Colbert Litchfield through second 4:12.54 Colbert through winning her heat in 4:42.33
  15. I don’t see GB being favourites for gold in any of the relays aside from the men’s 4x200m free… the women’s team I think will perform well with finals appearances but without the medals to show for it as the top end is another level in most events. I think Amelie might qualify for both the 800 and 1500. Her season is all on those two races at trials; she races every session at junior meets over long distances and it’ll be interesting to see what she can with more rest and a taper.
  16. Having three big hitters going for the women's 100 back is a major help here, and if Peaty is even competitive (i.e there or thereabouts for a medal) then its plausibly game on. There are some good young sprint breaststrokers coming through (eg Bilbao), but my gut says Peaty will be OK, in that case almost everything turns on 100 fly, and specifically the form of Guy and Peters - Guy looked at the Euro short course (frankly a better barometer, in my view, than this odd Worlds of where GB hope to be) to have found some of his 2015 Mojo - if that's the case, he may step back from the medley relays, at least partially, to protect his newfound 200 free form. I think this event was almost the GB banker last time - this time, I think the banker is the mens 4 x 2 free, and the men's medley may actually be stronger than the mixed. I still think if Peaty is even 95% there (I'd reckon he's about 80% atm but he knows he's gonna get a wildcard if required) then medals in both relays is likely and gold in either/or is possible.
  17. 4x100m Mixed Medley Relay Like the Men's Medley Relay, it all depends on if Peaty is reaching sub-low 58 seconds. He'll need to claw back a lot from Cox/Harris on the backstroke leg. And if we put Guy and Hopkin and on the Fly and Free respectively, there's a good chance we could snatch gold and retain our title.
  18. 4x100m Free Relay The girls will be looking to reach the final in Paris and challenge for a medal. 4x200m Free Relay After a brilliant result in Doha, the girls will be looking to challenge for a bronze in Paris. And with Anderson to come back into the squad we've got a brilliant chance to do so. 4x100m Medley Relay This is dodgy one. Our lack of Fly leg and Mollie Renshaw means that ours girls are 2 seconds off the standard time. It'll be tight to see if they'll achieve it, and they might just fall short. However a big focus of this Olympics was to qualify every relay, so I can see the selectors being a bit lenient if we only just miss out - especially if Hanlon qualifies in the 100m Breast and Maciness gets the 100m or 200m Fly.
  19. 200m Medley Katie Shanahan and Abbie Wood will both represent us here, with both looking to make the final and possibly challenge for a medal. 400m Medley Colbert and Shanahan will represent us here, with both looking to make the final.
  20. 100m Fly It's unlikely that we'll qualify anyone in this but Keanna Maciness and Laura Stephens aren't a million miles away. Even getting close to the standard here would be a big boost for the Medley Relay. 200m Fly Laura Stephens and Emily Large will represent us in this event, with Stephens challenging Bach and Pudar for bronze and Large looking to make the final.
  21. 100m Breast Kara Hanlon might be able to achieve the standard, but even if she doesn't the selectors may let her compete if she achieved the OQT and if the relay qualifies to give her a feel for things. Angharad Evans and Imogen Clark are outsiders to achieve the time. 200m Breast This all depends on if Abbie Wood wants to swim this or the 200m Free alongside to 200m IM. If she can get back to her 2021 form then she got a better chance at qualifying through this than she has the Free. She also has a good chance of reaching the final if she can replicate 2021. If she opts against racing this then there's no one else who is capable of reaching the standard.

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