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  2. They can both win medals and we can all feel justified in our opinions 😅
  3. Agreed, although the results of the same trials should also be a big boost to Angharad, as Lilly king only swam 0.1 quicker than her, and the 2nd American swam a PB 0.6 behind Evans, and the Australians are still miles behind.
  4. The results of the Aussie and US trials should give Freya confidence that she can mix it with them. Obviously Summer will be away and gone but neither Forrester nor Grimes looked that threatening. Obviously there is time for them to get back to their 2023 form but I'm more optimistic about Freya's chances than I was a month ago.
  5. After that there was Backley and Mick Hill...
  6. It’s hard to imagine having not one but two world class throwers in the same event as Sanderson vs Whitbread.
  7. The money is not there to support much funding. Don’t think people are prepared for just how much lower the whole funding for the next cycle could be. The whole idea of using lottery money to support elite athletes insetad of wider grassroots funding could be coming to an end.
  8. I don't think it's impossible they've picked Waugh as having more long term potential, and Sophie is appealling.
  9. I'm not sure either decision *should* be tough. But it can be hard to say no to an Olympic legend, Waugh has some pretty strong credentials, and based on what I've heard, the plan was to announce the team several days yes, could all be nothing, or they could still be weighing things up!
  10. I'm not sure either decision is particularly that tough given recent races tbh. Coldwell beat Waugh in effectively the eliminator, and Dickinson has proved to have the swim and bike needed to pull Yee towards the front pack (if needed), and beat Jonny convincingly in the run in their final race recently so I can only see it being those two.
  11. Disappointing to hear, I was starting to follow the archery in 2023 with news of the successes of Ella Gibson and Penny Healey were having. And then had to be educated about the different varieties of archery event, with there being no compound events at the Olympics in particular. Good news about the boys anyway, effective timing!
  12. I mean we've never really had much sustained field success. We've had just over 1 person per decade for my life time - Whitbread, Backley, Edwards, Idowu, Rutherford - in terms of sustained success. Of the 121 medals won at WCs, only 15 are field medals. Of the 210 Olympic medals, it is only 35.
  13. I owe Greg a big disservice there in not mentioning him. Brain is clearly tired. The girls in the LJ I skipped over for brevity but yes although arguably the talent for the 3 of them didn’t translate into frequent senior outdoor global success which is what I was referring to with JE and SB in particular.
  14. I think Greg Rutherford, Shara Proctor, Lorraine Ugen and Jasmin Sawyer did all right to be fair.
  15. As long as we have the "increased standards" swimming-style model, I don't think it matters much what else we do. That policy is absolutely crippling GBR participation at worlds and Olympics in field events. And without the visability of those athletes, it's tough to see where the potential stars of the future are going to come from.
  16. Certainly does feel like it needs something fresh at the junior / grassroots level. Lessons must be able to be learnt from the middle distance evolution in the UK that has made such a strength out of 800-1500m and beyond up to 10k. Perhaps we were spoilt by the era of Backley / Edwards / Idowu. Since then it’s been Sophie Hitchon in and HB in the PV who have made a dent at the highest level in the field events. All hopes on Molly in Paris!
  17. We really need a grassroots night of 10k m PBs style event for throws, jumps and multievents to create some momentuum and opportunity in these events
  18. Apparently the boys have suddenly hit a rich vein of form and may even be the slightly better bet. Sadly Penny 24 is not currently a patch on Penny 23, but she's young. Penny 28 might be spectacular.
  19. As an aside that sort of time bodes well for Yeargin being one of the 4 chosen in the relay final. Also she might well be a contender to run in the mixed relay (at least heat) if she doesn’t make the individual. I’m hoping we get a couple more field athletes there, it’s sad to see so little GB representation. The two boys in the hammer are banging on the door, and it would be great to see someone break through in the javelin again.
  20. I don't see Lally getting the distance unless she gets another competition in Ramona. Kenneth Ikeji in the hammer is in roughly the same situation as Norris - both about 30cm short. Bekah Walton in the javelin needs to find about 1.5m. She's been consistently improving over the last couple of years, so it's not outside the range of possible. We've got a couple of promising female TJers and LJers but I think the Q is likely to be beyond them this year. Nicole Yeargin (400m) ran 51.32 earlier today, so she's not too far away. Seamus Derbyshire (400m H) ran a flat PB today but would need a substantial hurdles PB to challenge that mark. Holly Bradshaw (PV), Eugene Amo-Dadzie (100m) are a couple of other older athletes looking for the standard.
  21. Any outside chance of Penny in the individual?
  22. Outside(-outside!) chance of a medal for the Women's team?
  23. It feels like British Triathlon are really dragging their feet with the team announcement. Still feel like a straight fight between Dickinson and Jonny B on the Men's side (behind Yee), and between Coldwell and Waugh (behind Potter/GTB) on the Women's side?
  24. With two weeks left in the selection window, who else do you think has a realistic shot of achieving the qualifying time/distance? Of those who haven't yet made it, I'm keeping a particularly close eye on: Alastair Chalmers (400mH) Jake Norris (Hammer) Hannah Nuttall (5000m) Jade Lally (Discus) Would definitely be good to get some more Field athletes into the team!
  25. Possibly. I still feel in my heart Freya will win bronze as very much in my mind she is still in the upward arc of her development. Really has developed into a very talented swimmer at the highest level. summer is on a different plane and Grimes may prove too tough but I think Freya will be right there behind those 2. Angharad we just need to see it on the biggest stage I guess in the other thing. At trials it seemed the pressure got the better of her going out a little bit too hard.
  26. I'm starting to tend more to Angharad rather than Freya, just because of the Nature of their events. Angharad is ranked 8th in the world since the start of 2023, but moved to 6th when considering who will be in Paris. Freya is 5th, 4th as Kaylee isn't swimming it, but she probably has a weaker trajectory, and is still 2s behind bronze. Forrester (3rd) was dealing was something at Aussie champs so her time there isn't really representative. (4.38). Overall, I just feel like the 100m breast is more inconsistent internationally than the 400m IM, where Summer is just miles away from the rest of the world.

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