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  1. She's completely out of shape this year. I expected a win for Palsyte
  2. I think it's all over now for Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Slovenia has cemented their third spot. Congrats to Hungary, Denmark and Slovenia for the promotion.
  3. Respect to Klocova, 3rd place out of retirement. No Lalova in the 200m Ii hope she is feeling well and we see her at the Olympics
  4. oh... a no mark in women's hammer for Bulgaria, a national record for Denmark @Agger, and disaster for Hrasnova @hckošice. Denmark closing on Hungary!
  5. TRAUSTASON still on his opening jump at 4,00m on the results page while the bar is already at 4,40 on the live stream...
  6. I wish I could... it seems to be a pan-European issue as same happened with the other divisions too. Needless to say, that's what you get when you trust a digital partner for European championshiips with head office in Bulgaria
  7. Denmark dominant in the men's sprint relay. Very smooth and beautiful to watch transitions.
  8. Hungary running away with it after 11 events. Slovenia, Slovakia and Denmark for the other 2 spots.
  9. 800m cut right in the middle of the action in order to show a triple jump attempt And the usual Slovenia-Slovakia mix-up
  10. And Barr just transferred to Slovenian team, while Copello competes for Denmark
  11. Everyone, check in ranking tab. There are the live scores. Edit: Even worse, these seem to not reflect reality on the stadium.
  12. Everyone, check in ranking tab. There are the live scores.
  13. I wish I could. Stara Zagora is about 6 hours drive from where I live
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