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  1. Couldn't you tether internet from your phone to your laptop/PC? I am OK to have the contest postponed too.
  2. I try to explode them by matching the colours in twos. Red with red, white with white etc
  3. Happy new year Olympic fans! May the new year bring you lots of joy, love, success and plenty of health. Cheers
  4. Hirscher They can just hand him the trophy now... what a champ!!!
  5. I expected him to progress this season a lot but that much...
  6. I think Kilian Albrecht scored a few more himself.
  7. And 5th place This is the best Bulgaria has ever done in the contest. Glad to be exactly with this song at this moment. This is what made me choose this song in honour of all the disadvantaged people in my country who are protesting every day on the streets for the past one month:
  8. Congrats Denmark! @Agger and @wumo26! Wonderful song that deserved to win.
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