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  1. All I meant is that rarely a cheater is exposed during major International competitions in these sports (especially Olympics). Usually weightlifting, cycling and athletics are the leaders by miles. Now that I saw the figures from WADA, I have been surprised by the high percentage of dopers in boxing and wrestling. Sorry if I mislead somebody. Apparently equestrian is the absolute "champion" percentage-wise (
  2. Could you please explain to me what is the state of the Bulgarian anti-doping system? The national anti-doping centre is certified using the same requirements as any other one in EU: Let's also check the medals Bulgaria won at Tokyo: Gold in rhythmic gymnastics - an entirely skill based sport Gold in karate - a sport where technique is the primary way to win Gold in boxing - a sport where judges decide your faith regardless of your strength and stamina plus it was in one of the middle weight categories Silver in pistol shooting - steady hand and good mental strength required Two bronzes in female freestyle wrestling - again a technique based sport In which of the sports above did you last heard of any notable names worldwide as dopers?
  3. Ranking round highlights are on the Eurosport Player. No sound whatsoever
  4. Romania with a convincing win in the ladies double sculls. They must be the gold favourites, no doubt.
  5. I know the feeling. Well, at least he can return now and make a win even sweeter. It will be very demanding though.
  6. I hope Damir Martin goes all the way to gold this time. So unlucky with the finish in Rio. Same story, I hope, as with the Bulgarian rower Neykova who lost in Athens by virtue of centimetres but came back to Beijing and won the gold.
  7. Well done Namibia. Straight into the quarters.
  8. So close for Zimbabwe, but Kazakhstan takes the third spot. Yakovlev is already a three times Olympian and he finally cracked the heats
  9. Always nice to have Chuck Norris's approval to start the games :D
  10. I just hope the game won't end for the Germans as bad as it did for the French against Mexico
  11. France looked like an amateur team here. Considering how many young talents they have in both domestic and other European leagues, then FIFA and IOC really have to consider some changes for the Olympics to come, on how to avoid such games from happening. Maybe beach or indoor football? Some pressure on big clubs to let at least U23 players participate? Don't know but they cut quotas in swimming and athletics while at the same time a sport where the World Champion loses 4:1 with it's D-tier team is taking huge number of the spots of more deserving athletes in other events.
  12. So many missed opportunities for Mexico At least they showed that Japan are not as scary as they seemed after their convincing win over Australia.
  13. Mexico doing great so far. They are giving Japan some tough time.
  14. Watched a nice documentary about Abbot's live in Japan where she plays on club level now-days. Big fan of her since then.
  15. For Bulgaria Realistic: 2 Optimistic: 4 Pessimistic: 0 Biggest chance of a medal comes from women's wrestling. We also have slight chances in boxing, rhythmic gymnastic, pistol shooting, judo, weightlifting and karate. Overall, this is one of the weakest and smallest teams we have sent to the Olympics for ages.
  16. 1. Polina Trifonova in table tennis 2. Men's volleyball team after a 2:3 defeat by Brazil at home during the Olympic qualifier. They were leading 2:0 and allowed a complete comeback by the Brazilians No taekwondo professional with two of our men being the first outside the qualifiers Tsvetana Pironkova in tennis, despite playing at level well above her current ranking Mitko Tsenov and Georgi Tsonov in athletics, both fractionally outside the list of qualifiers
  17. I feared this would happen with Grigor. He did not participate in the Davis Cup during the qualification period, so I think he is ineligible. On top of that, he signed for the Los Cabos tournament a few weeks ago, so I saw it coming. Could there be some conflict with the Bulgarian Tennis federation, maybe? He does not appear at Sofia Open, he does not play Davis Cup and now he is out of the Olympics. No matter how good he is at the game, his attitude is not appropriate for a person, saying how much he loves competing for his nation, every second interview.
  18. She is such a nice but also a bit quirky character. I hope she can bring another medal home. The competitors are a lot though, so fingers crossed
  19. Team Bulgaria 42 Athletes ----------------------------------------------- ATHLETICS MEN'S High Jump: Tihomir Ivanov WOMEN'S 100m: Inna Eftimova 200m: Ivet Lalova-Collio, Inna Eftimova High Jump: Mirela Demireva Triple Jump: Gabriela Petrova ----------------------------------------------- BADMINTON WOMEN'S Singles: Linda Zechiri Doubles: Gabriela Stoeva/Stefani Stoeva ----------------------------------------------- BOXING MEN'S -52kg: Daniel Asenov WOMEN'S -51kg: Stoyka Krusteva -57kg: Stanimira Petrova ----------------------------------------------- CANOEING SPRINT 5 (5+0) WOMEN'S C1-200m: Staniliya Stamenova ----------------------------------------------- ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS MEN'S WAG: David Huddleston ----------------------------------------------- RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS WOMEN'S Individual: Boryana Kaleyn, Katrin Taseva Group: Simona Dyankova, Stefani Kiryakova, Madlen Radukanova, Laura Traats, Erika Zafirova ----------------------------------------------- JUDO MEN'S -60kg: Yanislav Gerchev -81kg: Ivaylo Ivanov WOMEN'S -57kg: Ivelina Ilieva ----------------------------------------------- KARATE WOMEN'S -55kg: Ivet Goranova ----------------------------------------------- SHOOTING WOMEN'S 10m pistol: Maria Grozdeva, Antoaneta Kostadinova 25m pistol: Maria Grozdeva, Antoaneta Kostadinova Trap: Selin Ali ----------------------------------------------- SWIMMING MEN'S 200m backstroke: Kaloyan Levterov 100m butterfly: Antany Ivanov 200m butterfly: Antany Ivanov, Yosif Miladinov 200m breaststroke: Lyubomir Epitropov WOMEN'S 200m medley: Diana Petkova ----------------------------------------------- TABLE TENNIS WOMEN'S Singles: Polina Trifonova ----------------------------------------------- WEIGHTLITING MEN'S -73kg: Bozhidar Andreev -109kg: Hristo Hristov ----------------------------------------------- WRESTLING FREESTYLE MEN'S -57kg: Georgi Vangelov WOMEN'S -50kg: Miglena Selishka -57kg: Evelina Nikolova -62kg: Taybe Yusein -68kg: Mimi Hristova ----------------------------------------------- WRESTLING GRECO-ROMAN MEN'S -77kg: Aik Mnatsakanian -97kg: Kiril Milov Source: Bulgarian Olympic Committee webpage:новини/1778-42-състезатели-в-14-вида-спорт-утвърди-бок-за-токио-2020
  20. She's completely out of shape this year. I expected a win for Palsyte
  21. I think it's all over now for Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Slovenia has cemented their third spot. Congrats to Hungary, Denmark and Slovenia for the promotion.
  22. Respect to Klocova, 3rd place out of retirement. No Lalova in the 200m Ii hope she is feeling well and we see her at the Olympics
  23. oh... a no mark in women's hammer for Bulgaria, a national record for Denmark @Agger, and disaster for Hrasnova @hckošice. Denmark closing on Hungary!
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