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Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

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Reginoooo!!!!   I was not expecting a medal from him! Amazing result!! I'm about to cry!!!!

silver for parrot      

I was so sad that I can't continue my breakfast  

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38 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

Yes, if Canada would have won all events here, they probably would have won the medal table.

In the end canadians will be very happy with their results here, i doubt that anyone in Canada will be sad about this 3rd place. If Germany and/or Norway would have won some of their expected golds, this never would have gotten that close. Canada won enough surprising golds to make it almost close though and that should be really appreciated.

You have to understand that for the average Canadian, the winter Olympics is a hockey tournament first, a curling tournament second and a bunch of other stuff attached to it third. So on paper these where good Olympics but I doubt that's what the average Canadian is going to take away.


Also worth remembering that if you remove the events added since Sochi we have less golds than in Sochi, and that if you remove the events added since Vancouver we have only 7 gold medals. So in a very real sense our performance is getting worse and being propped up by the events that are being added.

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vor 7 Minuten schrieb intoronto:

All of Canada's golds were not surprising (maybe Leman's)


Not like Naeslund was the huge favorite here. The french girl in ice dance almost losing her dress certainly wasnt the reason for canada winning the gold there?

Toutant winning gold today also wasnt surprising, as well as Ted-Jan Bloemen winning 10 000 m gold? Bloeman of course was a top 3 favorite, but given his results at major championships i dont think that it was expected that he would keep his cool this time. For me Kripps winning gold was also surprising. I know that he won the world cup, so i get that most people will say that this gold was expected ... but i dont agree.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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Good result for everyone who predicted that Czech Republic would win at least 1 gold in snowboarding. I would have preferred a different outcome, but Ledecka is just too far ahead. Only logical result, although she already had a gold and could have let someone else have this one ...

From a german perspective and a "it would only be in favor of the excitment in this event, because her dominance is just too big" viewpoint i would like to see her fully concentrating on some other sport in 2022.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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3 minutes ago, intoronto said:

Serwa is the defending silver medalist and one of those athletes who could fight for gold. In ski cross the list of faves is longer due to the unpredictability of the event.

I know, I watch the tour regularly. While Leman hasn’t been perfect this season, he was 2nd last season and 3rd two seasons ago, so this season he was obviously focusing on the Olympics where he was 4th last time. Men had an open field where 10 of them winning a medal like Chapuis, VON, Flisar, Del Bosco, Fiva etc., while women mostly had Naeslund, Smith, I guess Thompson considering her great qualifying run. Serwa was seen as a medal possibility, but not really a winner. And that silver from Sochi was quite surprising too, not like it’s a big proof she’s a gold medal favorite lol.

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