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  1. Her leg looked absolutely twisted. It reminded me too much of Lanzinger, hopefully it’s nowhere near as severe.
  2. Ah well, shame for those 0.02, but she looked too passive on the 2nd run today, like she has looked often in GS this season. Hopefully she continues the slalom trend though And shame for Alice, 4th today, but what a step up from the races in WC this season, hope that means she’s back to form! Lara looked hopeless in GS for last couple of years (and not just GS), so it’s great she’s getting things back on track considering what a talent she is.
  3. I rooted for Bassino in the final, but her losing in both SF and F if looking at both runs, but winning a gold medal because of weird rules? Pathetic. Hope it’s addressed by FIS, but knowing their history they’ll just ignore it and let people forget it.
  4. The quality in women’s speed disciplines is so freaking bad, I just skip these races nowadays.
  5. Terrible conditions there, really ruined the results of the race. I wonder how it will look tomorrow, I wonder who can win the slalom if the course falls apart tomorrow as well.
  6. Another entertaining slalom race! It just keeps delivering in the way only maybe men’s downhill can compare. Noel falling, but rescuing that 30th place (eventhough skiers after bib40 had horrid conditions so some talented skiers didn’t stand a chance) and climbing to 4th, similar to Kristoffersen a few weeks ago. Then Blacky going out for the 3rd time when leading the race after the first run. He’s never finished a run when in the lead. Kristoffersen falling and winning, the streaker. You saw Vinatzer coming in 3rd before he even started celebrating so his prolonged
  7. it seems so according to the computer at least and she’d be second without it.
  8. Wow Alice! I knew she was going to be good when she was killing everyone in continental cup at the age of 15, but no idea she’s going to be this good this fast! Incredible and her technique is so smooth. 60th win for Mika! And 4 globes this season, it’s hard to realize how good her season was in this moment, but hopefully she continues this form for a couple of years. I like how she’s learning from Maze not to go for too much, but I still feel she’s going to burnout faster than people expect.
  9. There are big rumors Neureuther will announce retirement today there goes my favorite skier
  10. After Hargin officially retired this week, Costazza and Fanara raced their final race today, both finished with DNF.
  11. Just read on his IG, it’s confirmed. He was a super combined specialist lol, but he just wasn’t competitive enough in either discipline last couple of years.
  12. Mermillod Blondin will retire after this run allegedly.
  13. bad fall for Reichelt too, although he went down the course himself.
  14. Schwarz will not start in slalom. Got injured during the last jump, will go for an MRI.
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