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  1. I like Kriechmayr, but this whole thing of FIS breaking their rule for him (mostly because he’s Austrian) is just so stupid. The fact that they even showed his “fake” training run and Austrians laughing about it shows that FIS doesn’t care about being clearly biased.
  2. Dubovska with a top7 bib is surreal to see 💀 she has one top7 result in her World Cup career (6th in Levi)
  3. Tessa Worley now breaks from the pack of established GS skiers with 14 GS WC wins. 1. Vreni Schneider - 20 2. Annemarie Moser-Proll - 16 3. Tessa Worley - 15 4. Viktoria Rebensburg, Tina Maze, Mikaela Shiffrin, Lise-Marie Morerod, Anita Wachter - 14 9. Sonja Nef, Deborah Compagnioni - 13
  4. Ah and this Clement moment is why slalom frustrates me! So close to yet another win
  5. This is why slalom is the best discipline, where else will you find a Spaniard, 2 Bulgarians, a Japanese and a Belgian infront of the best Austrian in an alpine skiing race. Great to see more countries but also what a disaster for Austria today.
  6. Man, Vinatzer just blew it so hard. Good to see Jakobsen finally get it together in both runs for a podium. Glad for Noel, hopefully finally takes the globe this year.
  7. Also Eva Samkova broke both her ankles today and is out of Beijing. What a shame she’s been on top of the sport for so long now so her missing a chance for the third consecutive medal sucks.
  8. The fact is IOC’s reputation has been damaged, acting as CCTV’s puppet because they told everyone Peng is okay, so there wasn’t any need for those fake interviews/statements they usually make people do. this article perfectly summarized what IOC has gotten a indirect culprit in.
  9. 80% of GS skiers won’t be in Lake Louise and the few that will could just skip one of the three trainings… I mean, sure not the easiest schedule wise, but sucks for all those GS girls that came all the way to the US for one race and saw it cancelled.
  10. Good podium, but surprised that Duerr’s podiums in Levi turn out not to be an anomaly. The top7 for slalom seem so convincing with taking the high places that I wonder which skier will manage to do a Gallhuber in Beijing and get a medal. Not sure why they can’t do the GS in Killington tomorrow, they should’ve just postponed it on Saturday, but they clearly wanted to smash their head through the wall in those disastrous conditions.
  11. Beijing 2022 twitter account is now hiding replies containing Peng Shuai and blocking people that mention them about it. Yikes. You’d expect the official Olympics social media manager to be a bit more professional.
  12. But it seems pretty obvious that what they’re doing is taking away her access to the outside world and telling her that she has no support, so she makes a public apology that she lied and denying her access for her colleagues to contact her. This isn’t just a simple social media hiatus like some have implied, it’s a violation of human rights.
  13. I don’t think the outrage comes from the allegations. She does mention rape, which Western media put as the centerpiece, but mostly people are concerned how quickly all mention of it has been scrubbed from Weibo and she hasn’t been heard of since nor has anybody of her colleagues been able to reach her. Clearly by the email that surfaced yesterday she’s not in control of her social media or devices right now, which is even more worrying.
  14. Her leg looked absolutely twisted. It reminded me too much of Lanzinger, hopefully it’s nowhere near as severe.
  15. Ah well, shame for those 0.02, but she looked too passive on the 2nd run today, like she has looked often in GS this season. Hopefully she continues the slalom trend though And shame for Alice, 4th today, but what a step up from the races in WC this season, hope that means she’s back to form! Lara looked hopeless in GS for last couple of years (and not just GS), so it’s great she’s getting things back on track considering what a talent she is.
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