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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2022


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2 minutes ago, konig said:

At last we can relax a little, always Mexico a dificult rival...

Not difficult this time, they have no strategy at all. It seems that moron Martino told them to just hold the scoreless draw during halftime.


But even when a deserved victory for Argentina, they still need to better their attack. With all the power they have, this should have been like 4-5 to nil.

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10 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Two commentators? :yikes:


Huh, never heard that with football. Basically just with cycling that's common here I think.


And I'm also not a fan of the commentators you yell and scream just for the heck of it :p

That's how it works in the UK. A proper commentator does the main work with an ex-player making comments when needed

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