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  1. @Olympian1010 We both know that a public opinion poll is meaningless to the IOC. If there is a profit to be made “the games will go on!”
  2. That's fine. You do. You. This is probably the biggest news coming out of the NFL today. And this is an NFL thread. So... yeah.
  3. More big news coming out of Washington, DC - and it's not about the name change. The Washington Post looks prepared to drop an absolute bomb exposing some pretty dark stuff coming out of DC.
  4. An article was released last week by Around The Rings ( which claimed that American Football was headed to the World Games. The article, as you can read above, was super unclear and didn't mention and IF. Well this morning things got a little more clear as the World Games tweeted out that American Flag Football would be welcomed as the fourth invitational sport. I guess delaying the games by a year, gave the BLOC some more time to prepare and replace Wheelchair Basketball whic
  5. Someone is trolling the Washington American Football Team. A man in Virginia has already trademarked a bunch of possible new names for that the team is looking to use as replacements. The Washington team can’t use those names without paying them owner a huge fee.
  6. Just to play devil's advocate. What about the "Notre Dame Fighting Irish"? "The Fighting Irish might be one of most racist names out there, it was given to the school by a local sports writers, who described the play of the Catholic school as scrappy. This was at a time in American History where being Irish was only a step above being black or asian. The origins of the nickname stem from a desire to differentiate Notre Dame for its Catholicism. It is a negative portrayal of Catholics and immigrants. It is a stereotype of the violent Irish. Most of the young men who attended the sc
  7. And that's how I started my week. Waking up and seeing a post of two guys spinning a soccer ball out of their ass cracks, lol.
  8. Lacrosse is growing rapidly in Central and South America right now. I have a friend who is a coach with the Colombian Women's National Team and they went to the World Championships two summers ago. They didn't get far, but I can see in ten years maybe 6 quality nations out of the Americas. The problem is competitiveness. It's basically a battle for bronze after Canada and the United States.
  9. Wow. More World Games news today! Just came across this on Twitter. Not sure if this is 11 man, 9 man flag, or something else. Also the article does not mention IFAF at all. Should be very interesting to see how this plays out.
  10. @Olympian1010 does the Olympic Channel still have US broadcast rights? From what I remember their TV coverage was piss poor in 2017 with only an hour recap show on the Olympic Channel every night. They did have live events in their website, though. Eurosport’s was wayyy better basically action 24/7.
  11. Wow. Great work @Olympian1010! I was going through some of the stuff just now and also comparing it to the 2017 programme. I was also really surprised about the elimination of Men's Boules. But I also get it. It's not the most exciting sport, and I doubt it can contain the interest of American crowds for long. I also really, like REALLY don't like the additions of these new trends sports - drone flying (also not a sport, and does not belong any where near a multi-sport event), parkour, and breaking. I agree with you that the IOC is putting pressure on the IWGA to "test" out these new trend spo
  12. The World Games released their "detailed" schedule for Birmingham 2022 this morning. Some changes to the programme from Wroclaw, but nothing too crazy. One change is the addition of Breaking to Dancesport. I guess they feel the need to add another "Olympic" event, like they did with softball. A few surprises. No Women's Floorball, which I thought I saw advertised on social media a few years ago, and no Men's Boules, which I thought was weird. Also, the only "invitational" sport that was published was Men's Lacrosse, which is going to be a six on six event. https://www.theworldgames
  13. Just watched “Athlete A” on Netflix, which is about USA Gymnastics cover up of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse cover up. All I have to say is “what in the actual fuck!” The fact that USA Gymnastics knew about this and is still a NGB is so wrong. The USOPC needs do some serious soul searching here. I hope they get investigated as well. No shot they are clean in this scandal. Bring the whole system down.
  14. Happy Olympic Day! Lots of Olympic, Professional, and International athletes have posted stuff on Instagram using the hashtag #OlympicDay kind of cool to follow their stories and what not.
  15. Avery was a scumbag. You can take 1936 out of play and he was still a bad dude. Guy hated everyone that wasn’t a white male. Not only that but he was never for the athletes. He fought to keep amateurism around until his dying breath. Just not a nice guy.
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