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  1. With the start of IBSF Skeleton World Championships this weekend, I thought now would be an appropriate time to tell you about my little venture into the sport of skeleton. Enjoy! Growing up I was solely focused on one thing, to make the NFL. That was it. That was the goal, and I dedicated ten years of every waking moment working towards it. Like most aspiring to make "the league" the dream eventually dies. For me it was at the 2015 NFL Specialist Combine, when after a decent performance my phone didn't ring. However, I was not ready to give up the sport I grew up playing and so
  2. This morning, the Birmingham Organizing Committee announced the first four of potentially twenty-five venues for next year's World Games. With this announcement, we are beginning to see how the clusters will play out and which sports will be grouped together as we approach the long-awaited schedule release which is expected at some point this summer. The first venue to be announced last summer was the opening of the brand-new Protective Stadium, which is expected to complete construction this summer. The 47,000 seat stadium will be the site of the opening and closing ceremonies. A
  3. In a year that has not given sports fans much to be optimistic about, the International World Games Association decided that there was no better time to determine the greatest World Games athlete of all-time than right now. The IWGA wanted to conduct the vote at the beginning of 2021 to mark the 40th anniversary of the creation of the World Games in 1981. On January 8th the IWGA launched the fan centered competition by posting profiles of 24 athletes nominated by their international federation. The list was cut cut down to athletes in the top 10 of voting on January 20th, and 1.2
  4. In October, United States President Donald Trump signed the "Empowering Olympic, Paralympic, and Amatuer Athletes Act" into law. This law grants the United States Congress the power to remove members of the United States Olympic Paralympic Committee (USOPC), along with giving Congress the power to decertify national governing bodies if they fail to follow SafeSport guidelines. Part of this law requires Congress to form a committee made up of at least eight current or former Olympic or Paralympic athletes. The Associated Press reported that former Olympians Norman Bellingham (Canoe
  5. The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) announced today that the Spanish city of Palma will serve as host for the 2021 version of the IFAF Flag Football World Championships from October 6-10. This comes several months after the 2020 IFAF Flag Football World Championships, which were supposed to be held in Denmark, were cancelled because of COVID-19. This is not a surprising move by IFAF since the Spanish Federation of American Football (FEFA) expressed immense interest in picking up the hosting duties since the cancellation of last year’s World Championships. Perh
  6. The International World Games Association's (IWGA) Annual General Meeting looked a lot different this year than in years past. Instead of meeting in the Olympic capital of Lausanne, the IWGA met virtually on Friday November 6th to discuss a variety of topics concerning the future of the IWGA, and their International Federations (IFs). The biggest change was seen in the athlete quota cap being raised from 4,200 to 5,000 athletes. This is no doubt a move by the IWGA to include more sports and events into their programme. Earlier this summer, the IWGA suffered some blowback from athle
  7. On Tuesday, Zeljko Karajica of SEH Sports & Entertainment Holding and Patrick Esume, probably the most well known and connected European in American Football, announced that they will launch the first fully professional American Football League since NFL Europe packed up and left the continent in 2007. In June of 2021, the European League of Football, or ELF, will launch with eight teams. Six will be located in Germany with teams calling the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hannover and Ingolstadt, home. The seventh team will feature the Wroclaw Panthers from P
  8. @Olympian1010 We both know that a public opinion poll is meaningless to the IOC. If there is a profit to be made “the games will go on!”
  9. That's fine. You do. You. This is probably the biggest news coming out of the NFL today. And this is an NFL thread. So... yeah.
  10. More big news coming out of Washington, DC - and it's not about the name change. The Washington Post looks prepared to drop an absolute bomb exposing some pretty dark stuff coming out of DC.
  11. An article was released last week by Around The Rings ( which claimed that American Football was headed to the World Games. The article, as you can read above, was super unclear and didn't mention and IF. Well this morning things got a little more clear as the World Games tweeted out that American Flag Football would be welcomed as the fourth invitational sport. I guess delaying the games by a year, gave the BLOC some more time to prepare and replace Wheelchair Basketball whic
  12. Someone is trolling the Washington American Football Team. A man in Virginia has already trademarked a bunch of possible new names for that the team is looking to use as replacements. The Washington team can’t use those names without paying them owner a huge fee.
  13. Just to play devil's advocate. What about the "Notre Dame Fighting Irish"? "The Fighting Irish might be one of most racist names out there, it was given to the school by a local sports writers, who described the play of the Catholic school as scrappy. This was at a time in American History where being Irish was only a step above being black or asian. The origins of the nickname stem from a desire to differentiate Notre Dame for its Catholicism. It is a negative portrayal of Catholics and immigrants. It is a stereotype of the violent Irish. Most of the young men who attended the sc
  14. And that's how I started my week. Waking up and seeing a post of two guys spinning a soccer ball out of their ass cracks, lol.
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