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Karate Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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1 hour ago, MHSN said:

The registration deadline for the last chance qualifier was today, so I assume no more names will be added to this list


something like 70 athletes for men's kumite events and something like 60 for women's events. both Kata events have less than 50.


this tournament will have a unique format. top 4 will face each other once again in a round robin to determine the 3 qualified athletes. so going to the final doesn't guarantee you an Olympic quota.

let's see if I got it. There will be brackets? and how will they by seeded? by ranking?


Then the semifinalists will make a round robin?

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WKF is extremely quick in updating the ranking   I made some calculations, this is the list of athletes with realistic chance (even small chance) to qualify directly to the Olympics. I remov

and for women   Women's Kata Sandra Sanchez - 10582.5 Q Viviana Bottaro - 6585 Q Grace Lau - 5790 Sakura Kokumai - 5197.5 Dilara Eltemur - 3667.5    

WKF updated the Olympic ranking. we have lots of changes because of the continental championships. someone corrects me if I'm wrong but it seems right now only except Oceania we have continental Champ

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9 minutes ago, Laraja said:

let's see if I got it. There will be brackets? and how will they by seeded? by ranking?


Then the semifinalists will make a round robin?

it will be like any other Karate event, direct elimination with repechage and top 4 in the ranking will be seeded (to not face each other early)


but there will be no final and all 4 medalists (finalists + repechage winners) will compete again in a round robin competition. (and those who faced earlier have to fight again)

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Wow Panetsidou must've lost weight to compete in this category! Good for her because it would've been a shame if she didn't get a chance to make it to Tokyo as obviously Chatziliadou would've been preferred over her.

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I believe WKF will announce the Continental quotas tomorrow but I double checked everything, I think these guys are going to qualify but this is not official until WKF confirms it



Kata: :MAR Adnane El Hakimi

67: :LAT Kalvis Kalnins

75: :AUS Yahiro Tsuneari & :EGY Abdalla Abdelaziz

+75: :USA Brian Irr & :KAZ Daniyar Yuldashev



Kata: :NZL Alexandrea Anacan & :DOM Maria Dimitrova

55: :EGY Radwa Sayed & :AUT Bettina Plank

61: :PER Alexandra Grande & :IRI Rozita Alipour

+61: None



so we have 4 spots available for Tripartite invitation. but athletes have to be inside top 50 in the World Ranking.


Eligible for women's +61kg:  (2 quotas available)

:MNE Marina Rakovic


Eligible for men's kata:

:KUW Sayed Mohammed Al-Mosawi


Eligible for men's 67kg:

:MKD Emil Pavlov

:MNE Nenad Dulovic

:KUW Abdullah Shaaban

:ALB Orges Arifi



per rules if they can't allocate wild cards



the quota will be reallocated to the highest ranked athlete in the applicable category from an NOC not already represented as per Olympic Standing of 24 May 2021.

I assume that means they will award those quotas to NOCs without a single quota in Karate. because it doesn't say "not already represented in that category"


since there are 2 wild cards available in women's +61kg and only one athlete is eligible to take that. I think that means one will be reallocated at least.

the following athletes are best ranked in those categories from NOCs with zero quotas in Karate


Women's +61kg:

:GRE Eleni Chatziliadou

:SVK Miroslava Kopunova

* Chatziliadou should qualify anyway. Kopunova goes only if Montenegro doesn't get that Wild Card.


Men's kata:

:KUW Sayed Mohammed Al-Mosawi

* This Kuwaiti guy is the next best athlete (from an NOCs already represented) and he is also the only athlete here eligible for the Wild Card. I beleive one way or another he will take that spot.


Men's 67kg:

:CHI Camilo Velozo

* highly unlikely because 4 athletes are eligible for the Wild Card

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1 hour ago, intoronto said:

That is good news for our Greek friend @Makedonas. Hopefully WKF will confirm it tomorrow.

Thank you. I'm very glad to hear that! I saw a Greek sports site talking about her possibly getting a wildcard but thought maybe it was an error on their part.


She was so unlucky with injuries during the past two years (she was almost certain to qualify by ranking before getting injured), and her boyfriend is our best boxer who was one win away from qualifying for Tokyo, then covid hit and he had to wait 15 months for the qualifying tournament to resume, and by then he was in hospital getting surgery and had to withdraw. So it would be really nice if one of them can make it!

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25 minutes ago, Makedonas said:


Looks like she hasn't heard anything from WKF

no surprise, they have to allocate the Wild Cards first. WKF still didn't even announce the Continental quotas yet, I was expecting that today though.


the deadline is 16 June. so two more days left. but keep in mind reallocated quotas are never a sure thing. I'm not even 100% sure about the Continental quotas I posted earlier. let alone reallocated Tripartite Committee quotas.


but I read the rules so many times and explained everything in details, I still think she will get the quota.


that part was interesting in his instagram, I like to see her reaction when/if she hears the news. after reading that post I really hope she does.



Call me crazy I still believe that God can’t leave it like this after all this I have been through.


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