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Athletics WA Under 20 World Championships 2022


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26 minutes ago, OlympicIRL said:

7.76m for Reece Ademola in the men's long jump qualifying.... a new Irish junior record and should be enough to make it to the final. Maybe we can have a field event athlete in Paris 2024 :)


And he made it through as 4th best qualifier :thumbup:



Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 18.58.31.png

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These 110m hurdles heats are bizarre to watch. Every heat is won by a guy hitting anywhere between 3 to 8 hurdles on the way to victory. They're just powering through the hurdles instead of jumping over them and beating the rest of the field on raw speed alone.

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Paulina Stuglytė 2cm away from qualifying to the discus throw final.


I think we can wrap it all up and call it a day, 13th place is the best that Lithuania gets in these championships now :p 

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On 7/31/2022 at 2:59 PM, Werloc said:

I think we're going to have heaps of trouble with race walk, because a lot of our walkers retired and many are at the retirement age, we should still manage for Paris, but I don't know what's going to happen to the men's team after that, because no talented young men at all recently, only women are showing promise in all age categories. 

Same with us, we only have promising female walkers. I think part of it has to do with the sport being seen as a "women's sport" in Greece also...


We did have a promising young man, but he got cancer a few years ago so obviously he has other issues in his life and is not competing these days...

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Mixed Day 1 for Greece:

Dragomirova was disappointing in the women's shot put, but hopefully she can do better in the heptathlon. Andreadi also disappointing in the women's shot put.


Stamatonikolos into men's long jump final with PB :yes


Kallimogianni disappointing in the women's 3000 steeplechase. Generally she has been very disappointing in 2022. She's 17 and still has her PB from last year which is not good, it shows she is not developing/improving as she should be.


Filippidou 2nd in the women's discus with a SB, she might have a chance at a medal here :fingers:


Roumtsios into the 110 hurdles semis with a big PB :yes


Triantafyllou barely made the women's pole vault final and Retsa just missed out. Another reason why Florou-Dimitriadou should've gone, she is much more consistent (in addition to having the bigger SB)...


Kassou with an impressive 8th place finish in the women's 3000, 3rd place of the Europeans :clap:


Mavrodontis very disappointing in the men's shot put.




Day 2 will be interesting. I expect Chasos to qualify for the men's high jump final, and both of our guys (Korakidis and Polychroniou) to qualify for the men's hammer throw final. Also hoping for a new U20NR from Emmanouilidou in the women's 100 (her PB of 11.44 is so close to Thanou's U20NR of 11.43). It would be nice to see at least one of Roumtsios/Stamatonikolos get another PB after they both did so today.


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:SVK send 13 athletes





Jakub Nemec   200m

Lukáš Ševčík   110m Hurdles

Karel Šula   Shot Put

Franklin Henry, Roman Haraslin, Samuel Michalko, Tomáš Grajcarík, Denis Bartek    4x400m Relay



Michaela Molnárová    100m Hurdles

Andrea Švecová    400m Hurdles

Renáta Vodnyanszká    Long Jump

Terézia Kurucová    10km Race Walk

Karin Devaldová    10km Race Walk



and one of them is already in the Final, so goal of the team already achieved :d


Karel Šula advanced last night to the final in Shot Put.

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