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    Here’s our first official episode of TWU (Totallympics Weekly Update): https://anchor.fm/twu/episodes/TWU-2-Ending-Out-The-Year-With-Our-Best-Episode-Yet-e9t9tj @Vojthas and myself really enjoyed this one, so please give it a listen whenever you get the chance (on your way to work, in morning, before bed, when you’re bored, when there aren’t enough sports on, etc.) Again, we’d love any feedback you could give us. Also, any suggestions for what we should cover next week. Plus, any ideas for segments or episodes (or of you’d like to come on for an episode and talk with us about something). Lastly, @Vojthas, @Dragon, and I cannot thank you enough for supporting us this year. Admittedly, it’s been a rocky start. However, with your support we’ve been able to build up an awesome website, and a great audio service. I’d also give thanks to @OlympicIRL and @mrv86 for their early contributions to Totallympics Media (and your both welcome back anytime ). Some more thanks are in order to users like @heywoodu @dcro @ChandlerMne @ahjfcshfghb @intoronto @Wumo @zob79 @TomJa @bmo @ofan @Griff88 @JoshMartini007 (and anyone else who I just unfortunately forgot) who give us constant feedback, consist support, and our the main reason we’ve made it this far. Of course, the man himself, @Sindo was deserves a massive, massive thanks for helping us accomplish all of this; without his work, none of us would have meant, we would have never had our own website, and we’d never have had a place to belong. 2019, was a fantastic, maddening, awesome, thrilling, joyously crazy, and thrill ride of a year. For all of us at Totallympics Media: Thank You all for your support and passion. We hope you have a wonderful, blessed, and sport-filled 2020.
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    You know Khramtcov was 1pts down in Golden round in last 5 seconds in QF against another Korean, he tied the round and won that match only by superiority the narrowest possible margin. he was supposed to give Korea false hope only to deny them at last ! so to make a summary nobody qualified through the Grand Slam Ranking today. all 3 quotas went to the World Ranking . Women's 67kg ==>> Paige McPherson Men's 68kg ==>> Mirhashem Hosseini Men's 80kg ==>> Toni Kanaet
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    Seeing as no one has done a qualification update here in a while, I thought I might give it a try. Below are the NOC's that have qualified in each event with the athlete that achieved the OQT. If a NOC has more than two athletes that met the NOC, the top two with the fastest times are listed. I'll do the women tomorrow. Men's 50m Freestyle Caeleb Dressel Vladimir Morozov Bruno Fratus Kristian Gkolomeev Ben Proud Andrea Vergani Michael Andrew Pawel Juraszek Shinri Shioura Florent Manaudou Maxim Lobanovskij Leonardo Deplano Maxime Grousset Meiron Cheruti Cameron McEvoy Jesse Puts Oussama Sahnoune David Cumberlidge Ali Khalafalla Men's 100m Freestyle Caeleb Dressel Kyle Chalmers Ryan Held Vladislav Grinev Marcelo Chierighini Duncan Scott Vladimir Morozov Nandor Nemeth He Junyi Clement Mignon Alessandro Miressi Mehdy Metella Cameron McEvoy Pieter Timmers Breno Correia Ivano Vendrame Katsumi Nakamura Szebasztian Szabo Oussama Sahnoune Dylan Carter Katsuhiro Matsumoto Kyle Stolk Men's 200m Freestyle Danas Rapsys Clyde Lewis Duncan Scott Sun Yang Katsuhiro Matsumoto Martin Malyutin Ji Xinjie Mikhail Dovgalyuk Dominik Kozma Filippo Megli Andrew Seliskar Kyle Chalmers Fernando Scheffer Townley Haas James Guy Maarten Brzoskowski Poul Zellmann Kristof Milak Gabriele Detti Men's 400m Freestyle Sun Yang Mack Horton Gabriele Detti Danas Rapsys Jack McLoughlin Marco de Tullio Aleksandr Krasnykh Florian Wellbrock Ji Xinjie Zane Grothe Gabor Zombori Guilherme Costa Martin Malyutin Men's 800m Freestyle Gregorio Paltrinieri Henrik Christiansen David Aubry Mykhailo Romanchuk Jack McLoughlin Florian Wellbrock Gabriele Detti Sun Yang Franko Grgic Sergii Frolov Guilherme Costa Ilia Sibirtsev Thomas Neill Anton Ipsen Jan Micka Ahmed Hafnaoui Jordan Wilmovsky Zane Grothe Damien Joly Wojciech Wojdak Daniel Jervis Ilia Druzhinin Alexander Norgaard Nguyen Huy Hoang Felix Aubock Vuk Celic Ruwen Straub Men's 1500m Freestyle Florian Wellbrock Mykhailo Romanchuk Gregorio Paltrinieri David Aubry Henrik Christiansen Franko Grgic Daniel Jervis Alexander Norgaard Jan Micka Robert Finke Domenico Acerenza Jack McLoughlin Sun Yang Sergii Frolov Guilherme Costa Damien Joly Zane Grothe Anton Ipsen Nguyen Huy Hoang Ruwen Straub Thomas Neill Ilia Druzhinin Gergely Gyurta Marin Mogic Akos Kalmar Men's 100m Backstroke Xu Jiayu Mitch Larkin Evgeny Rylov Ryan Murphy Shaine Casas Guilherme Guido Kliment Kolesnikov Ryosuke Irie Markus Thornmeyer Thomas Ceccon Robert Glinta Apostolos Christou William Yang Daniel Martin Simone Sabbioni Shane Ryan Luke Greenbank Quah Zheng Wen Yohann Ndoye-Brouard Yakov Toumarkin Mikita Tsmyh Men's 200m Backstroke Evgeny Rylov Ryan Murphy Mitch Larkin Xu Jiayu Austin Katz Ryosuke Irie Luke Greenbank Keita Sunama Kliment Kolesnikov Brodie Williams Radoslaw Kawecki Matteo Restivo Luca Mencarini Adam Telegdy Markus Thornmeyer Chris Reid Li Huangyuan Christian Diener Tristan Hollard Men's 100m Breaststroke Adam Peaty Ilya Shymanovich James Wilby Yan Zibei Arno Kamminga Nicolo Martinenghi Yasuhiro Koseki Andrew Wilson Anton Chupkov Dmitriy Balandin Fabio Scozzoli Kirill Prigoda Matthew Wilson Tobias Bjerg Cody Miller Joao Gomes Junior Caba Siladi Wang Lizhuo Berkay Ogretir Ippei Watanabe Michael Houlie Andrius Sidlauskas Darragh Greene Felipe Lima Jake Packard Men's 200m Breaststroke Anton Chupkov Matthew Wilson Ippei Watanabe Zac Stubblety-Cook James Wilby Marco Koch Will Licon Andrew Wilson Arno Kamminga Ross Murdoch Erik Persson Dmitriy Balandin Kirill Prigoda Qin Haiyang Kazuki Kohinata Eduardo Giorgetti Cho Sungjae Zhang Ruixuan Maximilian Pilger Mykyta Koptielov Darragh Greene Luca Pizzini Matti Mattsson Anton McKee Men's 100m Butterfly Caeleb Dressel Maxime Rooney Andrei Minakov Mehdy Metella Kristof Milak Chad le Clos Grant Irvine Szebasztian Szabo Naoki Mizunuma Luis Martinez David Morgan Marius Kusch Mikhail Vekovishchev James Guy Li Zhuhao Piero Codia Federico Burdisso Vinicius Lanza Joseph Schooling Takaya Yasue Quah Zheng Wen Josif Miladinov Tomer Frankel Santiago Grassi Men's 200m Butterfly Kristof Milak Tamas Kenderesi Luca Urlando Daiya Seto Chad le Clos Federico Burdisso Denis Kesyl Nao Horomura Zach Harting David Morgan Aleksandr Kudashev Leonardo de Deus Wang Kuan-Hung Grant Irvine David Thomasberger Michal Poprawa Antani Ivanov Louis Croenen Men's 200m Individual Medley Mitch Larkin Daiya Seto Jeremy Desplanches Duncan Scott Wang Shun Chase Kalisz Phillip Heintz Qin Haiyang Michael Andrew Laszlo Cseh Andrey Zhilkin Alexis Santos Andreas Vazaios Tom Dean Gabriel Lopes Juran Mizohata Hugo Gonzalez Thomas Fraser-Holmes Leonardo Coelho Santos Danas Rapsys Alberto Razzetti Finlay Knox Wang Hsing-Hao Ron Polonsky Peter Bernek Apostolos Papastamos Raphael Stacchiotti Men's 400m Individual Medley Daiya Seto Jay Litherland Max Litchfield Charlie Swanson David Verraszto Apostolos Papastamos Lewis Clareburt Yuki Ikari Peter Bernek Jeremy Desplanches Ilia Borodin Joan Lluis Pons Ramon Arjan Knipping Maksym Shemberev Phillip Heintz Thomas Fraser-Holmes Mitch Larkin Maxim Stupin Pier Andrea Matteazzi
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    It´s december 24th. The Generous day and the main day of Christmas in Slovakia. So I wish you Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. May you have amazing and peaceful christmas in the circle of your families and beloved ones also a special bonus for @Olympian1010 I know you love reading about foreign habits and traditions, I found for you this guy who is trying to make christmas in slovak way in the
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    I refuse. White chocolate doesn't count #DarkPower #FuckWhite Gubai
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    Then @heywoodu and I can race with them so our team is complete
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    It's very far from being a work of art like what @AIFHg made But I cooked something for a class tomorrow (we're doing a Christmas snack and each of us had to choose a recipe from a country) and I made a chocolate salami, and I didn't fail! For someone who is bad at cooking this is a miracle
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    As a little inspiration for @Olympian1010 and @Vojthas, here is an article about New Year resolutions of a small-time sports journalist who started from scratch. Her website was initially solely focused on the Belgian junior circuit. And after about ten years of climbing ranks, she started covering the Olympic Games like this (and this). Today her website is by far the most interesting place for dressage enthusiasts, and the key to success seems to be choosing quality over quantity.
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    Here tradition for Christmas mass is that they prepare a big table where at the end of the celebration they serve everyone hot chocolate with pandoro, panettone, Christmas biscuits, etc. Sadly I was forced many times to eat all that for free only to keep up appearances
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    The top 10 voted curiosities of the 2019 sports year ? In the 10th minute of the Australian A-League football match between Central Coast Mariners and Perth Glory (1: 4), the goal post was broken after a nice header from Tomislav Mrcela. The player ended up in the net and broke the construction. The stadium employees were forced to bring another post from the training center, and it took a while to remove the wheels from the replacement construction, which was used exclusively for training. The FA Cup 3rd round match between Blackpool and Arsenal (0: 3) had a bizarre foreplay. A home team fan chose an unconventional protest against the Blackpool owners as he sat down on the roof of the team bus that the “Gunners” players were supposed to leave for the match. He refused to get down in 40 minutes, so coach Unai Emery had to take a replacement bus to Bloomfield Road. Eventually the police got him out of the vehicle. --- The Russian footballer Pavel Mamaev scored seven goals in one match, the most in his career. however, he certainly did not expect to do it on prison soil. The 30-year-old midfielder was arrested in November 2018 and in April 2019 he got 17 months in Jail. Pavel achieved his goals careers pb during a a special Valentine's match six to six. Pavel Mamaev played one half in each of both team, which was made up of local prisoners. Pavel Mamaev altogether with his national team teammate Alexander Kokorin, who was also behind bars, provoked a battle and attacked government officials in Moscow under the influence of alcohol in October 2018 --- Before the 2nd leg match of the Europa League Quarterfinal between Eintracht Frankfurt and Benfica Lisbon, two fans of the Portuguese team became viral. They decided to take a car trip to Germany to support their club, but arrived in the wrong Frankfurt. After a 16-hour journey, the pair found themselves on the other side of Germany in Frankfurt / Oder near the Polish border. One of them even introduced to the world a selfie, after arriving at the “destination”, poszing a victorious photo in front of a sign indicating the entrance to the (wrong) city. Croatian football coach Branko Ivankovic had to bring with him a suitcase to take the paycheck. The Iranian league champion Persepolis Tehran planned to pay him the remaining $ 679 thousand dollars in cash. The Iranians could not pay their coach by bank transfer because of sanctions. It is however not known whether Branko Ivankovic really left Tehran with a suitcase full of money. --- Midfielder of Algerian football team Haris Belkebla was excluded from the Algerian 2019 African Cup of Nations team after revealing his ass in the video. the Twenty-five-year-old showed his ass and posted the video on a social platform while his teammate Alexandre Oukidja played a video game. American basketball player D. J. Cooper has been caught in a very curious way of anti-doping rules violations. A former AS Monaco player provided a urine sample that revealed an unexpected fact. The test showed that Cooper is pregnant. However, this was not an anomaly, the 28-year-old quarterback swapped the sample of his girlfriend. He was punished by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) for two years --- The Television footage from the Vuelta and Espana 2019 came to the attention of the local police. During a live broadcast from stage eight, they uncovered a marijuana plantation. From the helicopter you could see the plants on the roof of one of the houses. The video was spreading rapidly over the internet and the Spanish police found about 40 marijuana plants on the roof. The start of the EURO 2020 qualification match between France and Albania had to be delayed by a few minutes after the organizers played the wrong anthem for the guests. The Albanians after realizing it´s the anthem of Andorra did not want to continue the matchs. However, Another faux pas came after the announcer at the stadium apologized for the mistake to all the “Armenian fans”. As soon as he realized it, he corrected himself. Then the right anthem was heard and the match actually could begin. Russian hockey team Izhly Izhevsk invented a curious reward for his best match player. The club is based in the city, famous for producing the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, and this weapon was actually the reward for the local hockey player with the honor of the best player of the match. However, the team has only one piece available. The goalkeeper Saveľ Kononov was the first to receive this unusual prize.
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    Just passing on an idea/message I saw online. The Holidays can be a lonely time for people for a multitude of reasons. In the “Season of Giving” it’s important not to leave anyone behind. I’ve seen a few people posting hotlines and whatnot, and I decided I could chip in a bit. So, if anyone around here is a bit lonely this Christmas, or feeling down about life, I’ll be hanging around the forum tomorrow and Wednesday. People should know by now that I take other people’s mental and physical health very seriously. I’m always down to have conversation with someone, or talk sports, cultures, geography, or anything else really. So if talking sports of whatever else will help you get trough a lonely or depressing holiday season, just ask for me. I respond to messages anywhere (on the forum, on Twitter, through email, etc.). A friend is around if you need one Just wanted to add that I’m not trying to be over-bearing, or insinuate that their are people in that position on the forum. I just though I better post my usual, I’m always here if you need someone message, since the holidays can be rough for some people. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas, Orthodox Christmas (y’all celebrate it on a different day of something right?)
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    Two days of action, including a Saturday, and all we see is curling and figure skating. This is ridiculous.
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    Put a lot of soul and effort into this one, so please read it if you get the chance: https://games24.totallympics.com/?p=1175
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    I am aware of that Although this isn't even something to be happy or not about, since it was already a 99% sure outcome. Just like the opposite one in the Senate.
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    6 different: -milk chocolate ganache with vanilla; -milk chocolate ganache and a nut; -white chocolate ganache with cinnamon; -dark chocolate ganache with coffee; -milk chocolate ganache with Strega liquor (typical of my region); -triple chocolate without filling (dark - milk - white)
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    Yeah but then you actually need 5 in case of injury
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    I see, for a single mixed relay. but, you know for a normal relay you´ll need 4
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    1st day medalists: Women's 67kg: 1. Matea Jelic 2. Doris Pole 3. Guo Yunfei Men's 68kg: 1. Lee Dae-Hoon 2. Zhao Shuai 3. Lin Wenye Men's 80kg: 1. Maksim Khramtcov 2. Hwan Nam-Goong 3. Nikita Rafalovich
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    Johannes Thingnes Boe said, after today's training in Le Grand Bornand, that he thinks he will skip all 3 World Cup stages in January. https://www.sportschau.de/wintersport/biathlon/biathlon-weltcup-frankreich-vorerst-letzter-weltcupstart-johannes-thingnes-boe-100.html (In German)
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    haha cool just to clarify, when you´ll order one, look at the ending of the word Biathlete. so in this case Biatlonista / Biatlonistka Biatlonista is for boys Biatlonistka is for girls
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    I think you mean Saurabh Chaudhary
  26. 1 point
    Organization of the Year: World Taekwondo
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    well, they are different...really different... actually, purists (like me) don't consider milk nor white chocolate as true chocolate, but just another product with some chocolate in it...
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    because milk-chocolate is also a type of chocolate...it's not just milk and 2 more kinds of chocolate...
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    Olympic qualification standings after Day 3... Men's 470 12 20 37 56 Women's 470 18 30 34 It's already pretty much a done deal. Only a slight chance for Thai men.
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    A newspaper which supports the current regime (and is also supported with their money) added to a few issues a stickers of LGBT-free zones for people to stick on their properties (shops, cafés etc.). That's how it started. Then some local authorities (mostly Eastern, so called Poland B, less developed, less intelligent, strong support of the ruling regime) introduced anti-LGBT declarations officially. I see that a voivode (representative of government in the region) awarded those authorities for that. And that's what the EU is protesting against. Just another day in a conservative, merciful country, where people want Jesus to be crowned the King of Poland.
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    I’ll post the finals results for you (in proper thread of course)
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    Ah, the generation debate is back. Dividing people into separate groups because they were born a few years earlier or later. Gotta love it.
  33. 1 point
    I'm like twice as old as you and "my generation" in high school NEVER talked politics. We were more busy with cigs, drinks & chicks My sister majored in psychology and runs her own private practice now and guess what, she's gone all left-wing ever since her uni days. You're not inventing the wheel here, buddy. Even in such a racist country as Poland (by your own account) psychologists are left-wing maniacs And despite all of all, I'm OUT on the "water isn't wet" debate. Maybe it's worth the squeeze in the psychology world and everyone with a degree can think I'm just a complete moron, but it's a total waste of my time. Again, this is 21st century, people don't communicate anymore, they're only trying to sell their own vision and will never accept that they're wrong and someone else might actually be right. That's what I think of "your generation". You saying "water isn't actually wet" only confirms it. I'm OUT.
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    If you don't know the difference, you should go back to school From one of Sanders' dream countries (and no, I'm not selected by the government to write such things )
  35. 1 point
    Olimpia awards (picked by sport journalists from ) Luis Scola was voted as sportperson of the year.
  36. 1 point
    What a historic moment. Even though he will likely be acquitted in the senate, finally this serial criminal and despicable man is facing the consequences of a lifetime of breaking the law and putting himself before others. I only hope that Americans will be smart enough to remove this monster from office in November. No matter how you try and spin it, Trump's legacy will forever be tarnished as he becomes one of just 3 presidents to ever be impeached. A very fitting legacy.
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    Nah, better focus on a single mixed team 😅
  38. 1 point
    I hate European championships contests (other than football), so I would rather not have either but ok, handball....
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    I made a cake today (tomorrow is an important holiday) but it's nowhere decorated as AIFHg cookies
  41. 1 point
    Ouch, 4 misses in the last shooting for Brazil's number one athlete on cross-country skis, too bad. Still, 12/15 in the first three shootings is respectable and enough to be proud of, onwards and upwards to Friday
  42. 1 point
    this is -like it already happened in Rio- the most stupid and tv audience unfriendly schedule they could build... I mean, there are a lot of matches at the same time, they use 2 different stadiums...and they always put an accent on the cost saving... why didn't they just build a single venue (possibly indoor, maybe even a temporary structure, as I don't think in Japan they need a big permanent hockey stadium, given the very limited popularity of the sport, so to allow games to be played all day long in safe environmental conditions) ans have the usual 6 games a day schedule as almost every other team sport with 12 participants? and if they say they need to end the tournament on the last friday, without going deep into the final couple of days of the Games, well, they could have easily scheduled the 1st game day for both the men and the women on wednesday and thursday before the opening ceremony, just like soccer (and this time even softball), keeping a perfect 16-gameday tournament ending on the scheduled 3rd last day of the Games... easier done than said... but no, they have to mess it up to the (already very few) hardcore fans they have... to me, these are already the worst Games ever (among all those I had the chance to follow personally, since L.A. 1984) and those I have the lowest hype ever for... and I fear things are only getting worse and worse every edition of the Olympics, as I feel they're just doing as much as they can to destroy my "favourite toy" more and more every single day...
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    Jelić pobijedila Pole u finalu. Kanaet izgubio u prvom kolu ali su mu se poklopili rezultati, tako da ima kvotu za OI. Da bar možemo zamijeniti Kanaeta za Pole, cure su stvarno bile sjajne.
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    Schedule complete http://fih.ch/media/13342092/fih_tokyo2020_giftofhockey-1.pdf
  45. 1 point
    Marte Olsbu Roeiseland will not compete in Le Grand Bornand, WC 3. She will instead focus on some more training towards the WCH. https://www.nrk.no/sport/ @africaboy, @toulousain, @heywoodu, @brunamoura, @Dunadan, @Federer91, @Vojthas, @Monzanator @hckosice, @IoNuTzZ, @Henry_Leon, @Agger, @RobtheAggie, @Kirkpatrick, @Olympian1010, @Ufilov
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    Sometimes the team's owner is an older woman who may fall in love with younger criminals bad boys
  47. 1 point
    I am relieved to find my memory hasn't left me https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1023655/south-africa-s-gauteng-province-set-to-make-2024-olympic-bid-if-ioc-change-rules Although it didn't really get far and was still far from being an official bid.
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    New update on olympic racing of Skateboarding after Oi Stu Open in Rio de Janeiro. It's unbelievable the incapacity of WS to provide a decent World Ranking. Another time they changed the points earned for some skaters in past events. For example, Yuzuki Mizote got 268 points in the first competition(They released the first WR with this pontuation). Now, in the new update from WS, she has 269 points(She hasn't participated in any other event since then). Ok, it's only one point, but this could not happen from an official federation. Who knows if this miserable point may be the difference between get in or get out of the olympics? For some reason, WS is not counting the points earned on European Street Championships, even it being an Olympic qualifying event. Another mistake is the duplicity of skateboarders. They are not careful with the athlete names. Another example, Ariadne Souza and Ariandne Silveira are listed on WR, but they are the same person (I've already alerted them about the mistake with the Skateboarder Greg Ruhoff, and It seems they've repaired this.) Here it's my new update of the qualified skateboarders so far, based on the last released from WS.(That's counting the points from ESC, because of that, the ranking may have a few mistakes in Street Competition) Skate Park and Street - Oi Stu Open.xlsx
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    Yes, but Netherlands played with their A-team (only De Kruijff didn't play), many other teams played with their B or C-choice. After the disappointing results this summer (EC and OGQ) it would surprise me when Netherlands grabs the last Olympic ticket. My prediction: Turkey.

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