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    Road to TISC Open 2018 So as we count down the days towards the Grand Final of TISC Open 2018, as with tradition, it's time to kick-off the "Road to TISC" series. This year, the series will be take stock of the roots of the contest and explore the history of each nation in our wonderful contest. It is the intention to revamp the TISC History thread in the near future so that the history is much more accessible to anyone who wishes to go delve into the history or to spend an afternoon reminiscing. While we will continue working on that, let's take a brief look at the history of each of the 57 nations (not forgetting Antarctica of course!) who participated in our fun contests. So let's begin with looking at Bulgaria, followed later this evening by Azerbaijan and Croatia. BULGARIA AT THE TOTALLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST Continent - Europe Population: 7.05 million Capital: Sofia TISC Appearances 10 TISC Open Appearances 5 TISC Annual Appearances 5 National Records Best Finish (Overall) 13th Best Finish (Open) 13th Best Finish (Annual) 21st Bulgaria NR Points (Overall) 83 pts Bulgaria NR Points (Open) 83 pts Bulgaria NR Points (Annual) 69 pts Bulgaria NR Average (Overall) 2.59 PPJ Bulgaria NR Average (Open) 2.59 PPJ Bulgaria NR Average (Annual) 2.03 PPJ NR Points Streak (Overall) 3 NR Points Streak (Open) 2 NR Points Streak (Annual) 3 Bulgaria NR Medal Streak 1 TISC Record 0 0 0 List of Bulgarian Entries: #1 TISC Open 2013 Slavi Trifonov & Ku-Ku Band - Ne Me Moli 34th 11 pts #2 TISC Annual 2014 Angel and Moisey - Tazi Snimka Pazi 33rd 21 pts #3 TISC Open 2014 BTR - Spasenie 33rd 27 pts #4 TISC Annual 2015 Deep Zone Project ft. Atanas Kolev - Zig-Zag 30th 15 pts #5 TISC Open 2015 Desislava and Ruslan Maynov - Samo Edna 26th 55 pts #6 TISC Annual 2016 Dia - Veno Neveno 25th 50 pts #7 TISC Open 2016 Georgi Stanchev - Ti Uzhasno Zakasnia 13th 83 pts #8 TISC Annual 2017 Mey - Would You Be Mine 21st 69 pts #9 TISC Open 2017 Bulgaro - Dui Chaves 34th 14 pts #10 TISC Annual 2018 DARA - Nedei 32nd 42 pts Most Successful Bulgarian Entry
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    Wow qataris even bought totallympics users to give positive opinions
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    Great, now Mexico's participation will be at risk unless Seamus is willing to donate his pot of gold, so we can buy some anti riot gear and hire a security team of at least 500 people to survive in Arizona.
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    Of course, Ireland's worst ever entry is named "Bad Decisions".
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    CROATIA AT THE TOTALLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST Continent - Europe Population: 4.16 million Capital: Zagreb TISC Appearances 8 TISC Open Appearances 4 TISC Annual Appearances 4 National Records Best Finish (Overall) 11th Best Finish (Open) 11th Best Finish (Annual) 19th Croatia NR Points (Overall) 90 pts Croatia NR Points (Open) 90 pts Croatia NR Points (Annual) 77 pts Croatia NR Average (Overall) 2.65 PPJ Croatia NR Average (Open) 2.65 PPJ Croatia NR Average (Annual) 2.06 PPJ Jury Members in a contest 2 NR Points Streak (Overall) 4 NR Points Streak (Open) 4 NR Points Streak (Annual) 3 Croatia NR Medal Streak 1 TISC Record 0 0 0 List of Croatian Entries: #1 TISC Open 2013 Parni Valjak - Jesen u Meni 19th 55 pts #2 TISC Annual 2014 Pavel - Čuvaj me 35th 16 pts #3 TISC Open 2014 Did Not Participate - - #4 TISC Annual 2015 Did Not Participate - - #5 TISC Open 2015 Zvijezde - Nikol 16th 81 pts #6 TISC Annual 2016 NORD - Play Restart 29th 43 pts #7 TISC Open 2016 Novi Fosili - Košulja Plava 32nd 27 pts #8 TISC Annual 2017 Antonela Doko - Onaj Dan 20th 70 pts #9 TISC Open 2017 Neno Belan & Fiumens - Rijeka Snova 11th 90 pts #10 TISC Annual 2018 Zsa Zsa - Kada Budemo Sami 19th 77 pts Most Successful Croatian Entry
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    AZERBAIJAN AT THE TOTALLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST Continent - Europe Population: 9.94 million Capital: Baku TISC Appearances 9 TISC Open Appearances 4 TISC Annual Appearances 5 National Records Best Finish (Overall) 13th Best Finish (Open) 27th Best Finish (Annual) 13th Azerbaijan NR Points (Overall) 85 pts Azerbaijan NR Points (Open) 42 pts Azerbaijan NR Points (Annual) 85 pts Azerbaijan NR Av'rage (Overall) 2.83 PPJ Azerbaijan NR Average (Open) 1.31 PPJ Azerbaijan NR Av'rage (Annual) 2.83 PPJ NR Points Streak (Overall) 3 NR Points Streak (Open) 2 NR Points Streak (Annual) 3 Azerbaijan NR Medal Streak 2 TISC Record 0 0 0 List of Azerbaijani Entries: #1 TISC Open 2013 Sevda Ələkbərzadə - Əlvida 32nd 19 pts #2 TISC Annual 2014 Natavan Həbibi - Damlalar 28th 33 pts #3 TISC Open 2014 RAST - Gel Yanima 30th 33 pts #4 TISC Annual 2015 DiHaj ft. Isfar Sarabsky - I Break Again 13th 85 pts #5 TISC Open 2015 Aygun Kazimova - Qoy işığı söndürüm 40th 17 pts #6 TISC Annual 2016 DiHaj - Complain 21st 60 pts #7 TISC Open 2016 Yuxu - Xezerin sahilinde 27th 42 pts #8 TISC Annual 2017 Miri Yusif - #SənləBiz 35th 10 pts #9 TISC Open 2017 Did Not Participate - - #10 TISC Annual 2018 Vugarixx, Alim Qasimov - Yol 40th 10 pts Most Successful Azerbaijani Entry
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    Also here are some details of how the draw will take place (it sounds complicated but Parts 1-4 will all take place in advance of the main draw). The main purpose of the draw will be to complete the following: 1. Nations will be assigned a position in the voting order between 1-35. 2. Positions 1-35 will be pre-assigned to 35 different base cities which will host the 35 delegations. 3. The nations will be divided up into 7 teams of 5 for the TISC team challenge. Each team will be based in one of seven regions spread across the United States and each team member will be based within a different city in that region. 4. These team positions will be spread evenly throughout the voting order (voting positions 1-7 will contain one team member from each team and so on. 5. The 7 different regions hosting the teams are as follows: The Northeast (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Burlington, and Atlantic City) Eastern Midwest (Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee) Western Midwest (Minneapolis, Omaha, Des Moines, Wichita, Kansas City) Atlantic (Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, Richmond, Baltimore) South (Little Rock, New Orleans, Dallas, Oklahoma, Nashville) Mountain (Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City) Pacific (Anchorage, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland) Note: The bold cities indicate the main team base for each team, and the nation based there will play the role of captain for their team. This idea will be expanded on later but it will essentially be used as one element of separating teams that are tied for position and has a role in a minor bonus available to each team. Plus, there is a certain amount of bragging rights to be had with being able to say you are the captain of the team So, how will this process take place? Part 1: USA is randomly assigned a position in the voting order (position 1-35). USA as host will be based in the host city of Orlando in the Atlantic Region. Part 2: Once USA is assigned to their voting position, we will know exactly the voting positions that the other 4 members of the Atlantic team will be voting (of course we don't know who those other 4 nations are at this point). Part 3: We then draw the order of the other remaining 6 Team Regions. After this, we will have a table showing us exactly where each team will be spread in the voting order. It will look something like this, for example: Jury Voting Order 18 NATION - Western Midwest 1 NATION - Atlantic 19 NATION - South 2 NATION - Northeast 20 NATION - Mountain 3 NATION - Eastern Midwest 21 NATION - Pacific 4 NATION - Western Midwest 22 UNITED STATES - Atlantic 5 NATION - South 23 NATION - Northeast 6 NATION - Mountain 24 NATION - Eastern Midwest 7 NATION - Pacific 25 NATION - Western Midwest 8 NATION - Atlantic 26 NATION - South 9 NATION - Northeast 27 NATION - Mountain 10 NATION - Eastern Midwest 28 NATION - Pacific 11 NATION - Western Midwest 29 NATION - Atlantic 12 NATION - South 30 NATION - Northeast 13 NATION - Mountain 31 NATION - Eastern Midwest 14 NATION - Pacific 32 NATION - Western Midwest 15 NATION - Atlantic 33 NATION - South 16 NATION - Northeast 34 NATION - Mountain 17 NATION - Eastern Midwest 35 NATION - Pacific Part 4: We will then reveal where each of the city bases will be assigned to each voting position. This will be pre-assigned so that the draw doesn't take an eternity to complete. So after this reveal, the table should look something like this for example, with (c) denoting team captains: Jury Voting Order 18 NATION - Des Moines 1 NATION - Atlanta 19 NATION - Nashville 2 NATION - Burlington 20 NATION - Las Vegas 3 NATION - Indianapolis 21 NATION - Portland 4 NATION - Minneapolis (c) 22 UNITED STATES - Atlantic (c) 5 NATION - Little Rock 23 NATION - Atlantic City 6 NATION - Phoenix 24 NATION - Chicago (c) 7 NATION - San Francisco 25 NATION - Wichita 8 NATION - Washington 26 NATION - Oklahoma 9 NATION - Boston 27 NATION - Albuquerque 10 NATION - Detroit 28 NATION - Seattle 11 NATION - Omaha 29 NATION - Richmond 12 NATION - New Orleans 30 NATION - Philadelphia 13 NATION - Denver (c) 31 NATION - Cleveland 14 NATION - Anchorage 32 NATION - Kansas City 15 NATION - Baltimore 33 NATION - Dallas (c) 16 NATION - New York (c) 34 NATION - Salt Lake City 17 NATION - Milwaukee 35 NATION - Los Angeles (c) Part 5: We will begin assigning the other 34 nations to their voting positions. There are no limitations in terms of how quickly team spaces will be filled. One team can have all it's team members assigned before another team has any assigned to them. It will be completely random. At this point we will also learn who the team captains will be for each team and the city each nation will be based in. As stated already, we will conduct part 1-4 in advance of the main draw so that everything can be ready to go for the main event,
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    Is he in Uruguay to convince @NaBUru38 to vote? Now that's what I call dedication
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    I had a conversation with Tuniscof,, it's okey for me
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    My first day in the YOG 2018, SOOOOO MANY PEOPLEEEE, for that reason i can only presence the weigthifling femalle 63 kg competition:
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    For a second I thought this was Usain Bolt's wiki page. :p
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    Totallympics International Song Contest - Live Draw USA 2018 . And so that concludes today's draw for the Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018. I want to thank all the volunteers who kindly helped out with the picks and to all of you who contributed to making it a fun event. I leave you with the table outlining the voting positions of each of the 35 national juries and their designated teams and bases. Good luck to all your nations for the Grand Final in Orlando, scheduled for Saturday, 10th November. Until then Totallympics Open International Song Contest - USA 2018 ALGERIA ARGENTINA AUSTRIA BRAZIL BULGARIA CANADA CHILE COLOMBIA CROATIA DENMARK EGYPT FINLAND FRANCE GREAT BRITAIN GREECE INDIA INDONESIA IRELAND ITALY LITHUANIA MALTA MEXICO NETHERLANDS NEW ZEALAND POLAND PORTUGAL ROMANIA RUSSIA SERBIA SLOVAKIA SLOVENIA SPAIN TUNISIA TURKEY UNITED STATES Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018 National Jury Voting Order Jury Voting Order 18 ARGENTINA - Des Moines 1 COLOMBIA - Atlanta 19 CHILE - Nashville 2 GREAT BRITAIN - Burlington 20 SPAIN - Las Vegas 3 TUNISIA - Indianapolis 21 ROMANIA - Portland 4 CROATIA - Minneapolis (c) 22 FRANCE - Washington D.C. 5 MALTA - Little Rock 23 INDONESIA - Atlantic City 6 MEXICO - Phoenix 24 DENMARK- Chicago (c) 7 SERBIA - San Francisco 25 POLAND - Wichita 8 UNITED STATES - Orlando (c) 26 ITALY - Oklahoma 9 NEW ZEALAND - Boston 27 SLOVENIA - Albuquerque 10 IRELAND - Detroit 28 PORTUGAL - Seattle 11 INDIA - Omaha 29 SLOVAKIA - Richmond 12 FINLAND - New Orleans 30 NETHERLANDS - Philadelphia 13 EGYPT - Denver (c) 31 TURKEY - Cleveland 14 GREECE - Anchorage 32 ALGERIA - Kansas City 15 BULGARIA - Baltimore 33 CANADA - Dallas (c) 16 LITHUANIA - New York (c) 34 BRAZIL - Salt Lake City 17 AUSTRIA - Milwaukee 35 RUSSIA - Los Angeles (c)
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    That is not one of the icons on the grid, please re-select.
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    who bet that SVK will get Anchorage ? that´s because we already bought new swimsuits
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    I was wondering @dezbee2008 . When you colour in the countries that voted in green, does it mean that we're getting the green card?
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    Getting closer for the best period of sport calendar, winter sports world cups
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    On the left - Boss of a Police department in Bulgaria On the right - American Sheriff
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    Hmm, that reminds me, when me and Séamus were on our TISC fact-finding trip to Florida this summer, we found @heywoodu's time traveling machine. He already knows the winner
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    I see that everyone forgot about one big music country, so, I will take it Sweden
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    When Hagrid said to the shop owner To get an owl for Harry He wanted one with finest feathers But got the one that’s hairy He did not see this small mistake Such as the lights were dim The owl’s name was 28 Hagrid gave him a trim
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    Stop wasting time here and go back to the playlist
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    Russia has been awarded the 2020 European Weightlifting Championships. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1071228/russia-awarded-2020-european-weightlifting-championships-on-day-one-year-ban-from-sport-ended
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