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  1. Yeah, I’m following her in her Instagram account ? I was thinking that she competed in the Asian Championships just to fulfill the requirement of 6 tournaments but it turned out the rules were changed by the IWF. To be honest, I was expecting more from her during the contest. I believe she will be a medallist, the question is of what color ??????
  2. I hope Continental quotas were limited to only 1 per NOC in each or maybe both genders just like in Judo
  3. I am hoping that China won’t choose W-55kg, our most likely lone representative Hidilyn expressed that this might be her last Olympic Games. It is really hard to beat China in Weightlifting their technique is really impressive. On the other hand, a win over China who is the standard in this sport, makes it hugely convincing.
  4. So it is still not official the suspension of Colombia, Romania, and Vietnam ?
  5. I thought some countries are suspended from competing in the tokyo olympics? I’m confused they’re still on that list
  6. Anyone with an updated list of suspended countries in weightlifting for the Tokyo Olympics and NOCs with limited quota? Is the one in wikipedia correct?
  7. How is the tournament format?
  8. Yes!!! Quota for ?????? with a dramatic finish hahaha ? Quite a disappointment for our more experienced female jins (Lopez and Alora) I was expecting them to get the quotas instead of Barbosa. No news about injuries, but the pandemic and repeated lockdowns in the country could have affected their performance. Their training bubble started only this year and lasted only for 3 months, there were no foreign sparring partners except for the local ones. Last tournament for our jins was the Manila SEA Games way back in December of 2019. Congrats to Kiani of Iran for getting a
  9. CAM Tubbs and PHI Lopez ? failed to make it to the next round losing to JOR and LBN respectively. The Women’s -57kg has been unpredictable so far
  10. Upset win by IRI Kiani over #1 seed Harnsujin of THA in Women’s -57kg
  11. Impressive showing as expected from the Taiwanese jins going 3 out of 3 possible quotas, looks like they’re the most prepared team in this tournament Uzbekistan and Jordan are 2 out of 2 so far, while Kazakhstan goes empty handed in day1 though I expect them to get two quotas tomorrow Tough possible matches for us Philippines tomorrow: M-58kg vs Jordan W-57kg vs Chinese Taipei W+67kg vs Uzbekistan Hoping for at least 1quota ??????
  12. I feel sorry whenever I hear athletes not able to compete because of the pandemic, surely everyone trained hard to qualify for the olympic games, i just don’t know if the organizers or the national federation should get the blame with this no entry list yet for the tournament?
  13. Is Japan already assured of quotas in M1x and W1x as host nation? If so, are they still eligible to choose two boats from LM2x and LW2x?
  14. Mongolia lost in Men’s -81kg to Vietnam Based on my count, India - 13 Australia, Mongolia - 12 Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan - 11 China - 10 South Korea - 9 Thailand - 8 C. Taipei, Iran, Tajikistan - 7 Jordan, Philippines - 6 Japan, New Zealand - 5 Vietnam - 4 Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq - 3 Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Samoa - 2 Afghanistan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Syria - 1
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