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  1. Mongolia lost in Men’s -81kg to Vietnam Based on my count, India - 13 Australia, Mongolia - 12 Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan - 11 China - 10 South Korea - 9 Thailand - 8 C. Taipei, Iran, Tajikistan - 7 Jordan, Philippines - 6 Japan, New Zealand - 5 Vietnam - 4 Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq - 3 Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Samoa - 2 Afghanistan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Syria - 1
  2. I’ve read in some of our local newspapers that there won’t be a box-off for 5th and 6th place. Instead, they will award 5th place to the one who lost to the gold medallist in the QF and 6th place to loser of eventual silver medallist. Kindly correct me if im wrong ?
  3. I hope we can still get another Gold for the Philippines. If we reach 5 gold medals in this year’s Asian games, this would be our best finish since 1966. Right now we still have 3 boxers in the medal rounds, 2 more in women’s judo. There’s triathlon still but it’s a long shot getting a medal there though anything is still possible
  4. The withdrawal was due to an injury according to an article that came out today
  5. Received news today that PHI Kodo Nakano will replace Iran in the Men's 81kg category
  6. Philippines vs New Zealand just started. 2-0 for NZL
  7. Philippines - 1 Bronze meda either in weightlifting or boxingl
  8. FRance 79 Philippines 72 under 8 mins in the 4th
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