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  1. Will there be a presentation from France in the closing ceremonies?
  2. It has been a memorable Olympic Games for our country winning our first ever Olympic Gold Medal and earning the most number of medals with 4 (1G - 2S - 1B). Tokyo will always be a special place for our athletes for it is in Tokyo where we won our first silver medal in 1964 and our first gold medal this year ❤️ I just hope we can sustain this in the next 3years going into 2024, have more potential medallists and improve further our performance in Paris. Thank you @Quasitand @Vektor! I really enjoyed reading ur posts in this thread. Thank You Tokyo! ??❤️
  3. Silver for in Women’s Boxing Middleweight so secures 4th place in Medal Tally and officially at first
  4. Silver for in Men’s Boxing Lightweight, but is ahead in W Volleyball over , 2-0
  5. Congrats to Yafai, so it’s a silver medal for us ??
  6. Paalam boxing for our first ever Olympic Gold Medal against Yafai So far, we have 3 ?and 4 ?in the Olympic Games ??????
  7. Duplantis clears 5.92m, now in the lead, all misses from his 3 remaining competitors on their 1st attempt
  8. I was hoping not to wait that long for our 2nd gold medal well I guess I have to wait a few more days Nesthy is just our 2nd female athlete to win an Olympic medal since we started competing in 1924
  9. My heart breaks for Yulo ??? i think he lacked the mental toughness and felt highly pressured to win, he wasn’t the Yulo we saw in the Stuttgart World Championships as a gymnast who has nothing lose and one who was having fun Looking at the good side of things, he is still young and has a lot to gain, surely he’ll be back in Paris 2024.
  10. Wow in the true spirit of sportsmanship, and decide to share the Gold Medal in Men’s High Jump! Congrats to the both of them! Well deserved!
  11. Our third medal of the games! Eumir Marcial makes it to the medal round of the men’s middleweight division ??????
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