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Artistic Gymnastics UEG European Championships 2018


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5 horas atrás, Jur disse:

I remembered someone said that the spanish women results in the Mediterranean Games were fake and inflated due to the games being hold in Spain. Today our girls get even a higher score


I did. And today's score was also a lot more than what I expected. Either the rest of Europe is doing terrible (if you look at how bad Italy and Germany were, this is somewhat true) or the Spanish girls have improved a lot (and they had a fantastic and flawless competition today, it seems). Let's see how they perform at the World Championships. I'm paying attention now, for sure. And I hope they prove me wrong yet again (for the third time lol) if they finish among the 12 best teams at Worlds. 


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:FRA:RUS:BEL:GBR  :NED:HUN:ESP and :UKR qualified for the Women´s Team Final ( :ITA and :GER as Reserves)


Team :SVK finished 19th ahead of 7 other competing teams with 139.596. not bad :d


Also nice 19th place of Barbora Mokošová in Uneven Bars (13.166),

but terrible beam performance, only 60th (10.733) even behind her team mate Kalamárová (50th) don´t know if that even happened that she lost to another SVK athlete in the last few years.

27th in FX (12.533) not bad, also the youngs Radka Kalamárová and Chiara Bunce with quite solid result according to our standards :yes

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14 ore fa, Gianlu33 ha scritto:

Injury for Busato :cry:


it looks her knee has gone once again...

and basically all the girls got injured...I don't know what our coaches did to prepare this championship...:facepalm:

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