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  1. Especially because it is automatically converted. You only need to understand and remember some basic commands, for example to use flags
  2. A normal price in Italy (so, before emergency) for a single FFP3 mask was nearly 5 euro. They were typically sold on multiple packs, so you could pay more or less 50 euros for 10 masks. FFP2 were paid half, while surgery ones are really cheap, (10s of cents for a single mask)
  3. Because luckily not everyone living in South Italy is stupid, plus limitations were immediately started to be respected in a lot of places through the whole country, so in South we had time to get prepared. Plus, and I am speaking for my region, the treatment with tocilizumab helped in making a faster exchange on intensive care patients. This is particularly important because each day you can retard saturation of intensive care, is a week less of lasting of the spreading
  4. the key word is eurobond*, no for "fuck you" and yes for "finally" *shared deficit, I don't know how it is defined outside Italy
  5. Mainly three factors should be considered: 1) especially in Lombardy, a lot of people kept on reuniting and considering the jobs marked as essentials, in practice nearly half of the people living there kept a "normal life" -> go to job, stay in close contact etc; 2) it seems like, especially in Lombardy which is responsible for 2/3 of daily cases, that there's something wrong in the hospitals, I mean: it seems like that it is spreading through the hospitals, as it started in practice; 3) as I wrote before on the forum, on 9th March restrictions started to happen and in that day (and the next weekend) a lot of people travelled from the North to the South of Italy. Considering a median value of incubation time of 14 days, plus 3-4 days for relatively severe symptoms to appear, you reach more or less 26th March and I already wrote that the end of this week will make a very important point. Consider, in addition, that a lot of people making this travel were not exactly really smart, so some of them kept on going for shopping, pharmacies and it was estimated that 15% of people moving could have potentially had at least 1 symptom.
  6. I'm very puzzled about the number of recovered patients, I hope in 2 or 3 days there will be an increase of numbers in absolute terms. Otherwise, I really cannot understand how long this infection may last
  7. yes, press conference confirmed this, together with nearly 500 recovered and a total increase of slightly less than 6000 new cases, in low decrease in comparison to yesterday. 2/3 of deaths located in Lombardy alone, with a reported number of +120 patients in intensive care in the whole country, rising in almost all Italy with exception of Campania, Trentino, Sudtirol Sardinia and Marche (this one being significantly important, considering that it has a high ratio of cases to population)
  8. I mean: you could focus on writing “historical reviews”, for example day by day or sport by sport, just to keep trained
  9. I remember you are a reporter/journalist. What is a journalist without an historic archive and the chance of make advantage of it?
  10. antimalarial drugs have a lot of side effects, some of them fatal, and should be taken only in case of malaria, obviously. Or, at least, under medical control. If any of you believes that any antimalarial drug may be beneficial to his/her own health, please drink tonic water and stay away from pills.
  11. Well, I almost make a rho for a P
  12. Upper Paper: "The shop will open as soon as possible when emergency will be over. Stay strong, God loves us!" Lower Paper: "Imagine if he couldn't stand us" * *edulcorate transduction
  13. Today slightly more than 1000 recovered, but still nearly 700 deaths, with 5200 new cases. However, these data are better than those of yesterday. I was also giving a look at the number of patients recovered in intensive care, it seems that apart from Lombardy we can still take care of it, although with very very much fatigue. In addition to this, I gave a special look to data in Campania, my region: -58 person in intensive care, although today 18 new deaths were registered. As the Cotugno and Pascale hospitals in Naples were the first in Italy to test the tocilizumab drug, this MAY, (let me underline that it MAY), indicate that this drug can attenuate symptoms and give more time to the body to fight the virus.
  14. The numbers are important especially as far they concern patients being recovered in hospitals, because if they start diminish, than the virus spread is losing strength. Two good points, however, do not make a trend. Once we reach 5 points, we could start thinking that we are on the right way. If by the end of the week numbers will not dramatically increase in South Italy, (meaning that we will have numbers as in the last weekend but evenly spread on the whole country instead that focused in Lombardia), in that case things will be on the right track
  15. At the moment, I think that massive testing in Italy is almost useless, especially in Lombardia. It could make more sense in places where spreading is relatively limited, but since lockdown is already on that is the best “cure”. I would focus on screening workers that cannot stay home from job, but still the problem is that we have a low testing capability compared to that we need.
  16. It may be, or may be not: it is not uncommon to see people taking flu or influenza more than once in a month or two. Hopefully immunity will be kept, but that is not 100% sure. However, it seems like that the drug being used to treat symptoms (lungs inflammation) is working: today, 4 other patients have gotten better and it is expected that tomorrow they will leave intensive care.
  17. A total lockdown like in Wuhan is impossible here in Europe, not just because for different political views, opportunities, culture (call it as you like it), but especially because Europe is small, geographically speaking. You can't close half a country and expect the other half to support it, especially in Italy where the richest part was hit by the virus. In China, Hubei was closed, but it was equivalent to a small part of a whole country. This is something that somebody, at least here in Italy, doesn't want to understand.
  18. I have another explanation: lack of common sense.
  19. The problem is not the kit, it can be easily produced. The problem is time and instruments for the test, I believe they use RT-PCR, which requires a lot. The kits for taking samples are cheap and easily produced. I just hope we have enough reactants for PCR, those are really expensive
  20. We are in The period of incubation of people Who moved from North to South. More or less, 25th March could be the most important day in 2020, by then, or at least from then, we should start going better
  21. because Lombardy has 1/3 of cases and half of the death that currently have happened in Italy
  22. The most important question is the following: are we sure that one who survived this disease is immunized and can’t get ill again? because it is usual getting influenza two-three times per year, flu even more. It is not to be excluded this to happen
  23. I think they are a little bit expensive at the moment plus, I have to buy Peanuts series first
  24. Oh, how could I forgot! I will also watch Murder, she wrote on tv!
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