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Artistic Gymnastics UEG European Championships 2018


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Its gonna be interesting to see what the german women can do without Seitz, Scheder and Alt. The team will be Schäfer, Bui, Grießer, Höfele, Voss. I think if everything goes according to plan, then one out of Bui/Grießer/Höfele/Voss will get the last spot at the 2020 olympics besides Alt, Schäfer, Scheder and Seitz. Germany has no problems on uneven bars (Scheder, Alt, Seitz) and balance beam (Schäfer, Alt), but big problems everywhere else, so i think whoever will perform best in the next 2 years at vault/floor will have a good chance to qualify for Tokyo.

On the mens side the team will be Nguyen, Toba, Klessing, Dunkel, Bretschneider. Nice to see 2 younger athletes in the team, especially Klessing seems to have improved during the last 12 months, maybe he can surprise on the rings in Glasgow. Herder and Daußer missing out is a bit surprising, but i hope that they will train even harder now to make it back into the team.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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5 minuti fa, Fabinter ha scritto:

Isn't there any live streaming site for these morning and afternoon women qualification of the European Arstistic Gymnastics ? Thanks.

I'm not sure that we have a coverage for the qualification... Eurosport Player, Rai and BBC don't show it

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