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Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2021


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Horrible beam final. There hasn't been a single beam final that was remotely interesting and where the truly best gymnasts made it to the podium at once in the last 7 years. Ugh.

The scoring in the floor final was a mess too. Melnikova once again was overscored, and Murakami had her inquiry accepted when in reality it shouldn't have been. At least Murakami, who is hands down the best floor worker in this competition, got the gold medal here. But was it fair? I don't really think so.

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Just now, heywoodu said:

Uchimura sticks his potentially last ever competitive landing after a great routine:hyper: 


God, do I love the horizontal bar.



He had lots of major mistakes on handstands. He doesn't deserve a medal here, but since this competition is in Japan and the FIG president is Japanese...

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