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Men's Rugby Sevens WR World Series 2017 - 2018


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1 minute ago, De_Gambassi said:


Rugby (union) is a relative minor sport in Australia.

Well, be that as it may, I thought that considering they're usually at least in the quarter finals of the World Cup (in the standard version instead of sevens) they'd at least have more than 0 World Series wins in the last 5-6 years :p 

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Australia is good, but not the best. You are correct that just with the sheer number of World Series events that they should have won more often. Since their last win the following weaker nations have won.







Samoa has won a couple of times, but they were as good as Australia a few years ago (now not so much)

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Juste maintenant , LDOG a déclaré:

2012? Pff that's nothing compared to us, almost 20 years in this shit and still no victory.


Yeah, I guess Argentina is the prime exemple of fifteen and seven results not necesseraly correlate with each others. Ireland too, who did not even enter a team at the last seven world cup.

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