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  1. I think the term “nominated athletes” on that Wikipedia page is a bit misleading. Very few countries have nominated any athletes for Tokyo yet. My site here shows those that have been nominated (highlighted yellow) Along with the number of qualified athletes by event and nation at the bottom of the “Required Score...” tab
  2. yes we certainly have UK athletes who still count Berlin 2018 results in their ranking score. See rule 1.2.4.c
  3. Yes his 2018 European Champs 50K will still count towards world ranking points. He scored 1283 points for that performance so a good 20K should qualify. Currently 20 athletes have the 50K standard (based on 3 per nation), and quota for the event is 60.
  4. Good question. It didn't previously but tonight's update will. Thats a good example where I can check the code is working.
  5. Also by virtue of top 10 finish at a marathon majors
  6. If this is confirmed then Liam Adams' 6th at the Gold Coast Marathon becomes 5th and therefore means he's got the standard
  7. Keep an eye out for my RoadToTokyo site update later this week. I've slowly been working through the Gold Label, Marathon Majors and Doha World Champs results to pick up any athletes I missed that have the standard by top 5 or 10 position (as relevant) but didn't get the time. Note this includes all Boston top 10 finishers (who don't already have the time) as the course is not eligible for times to count. So far I've identified 14 men and 31 women.
  8. Yes relay qualification is a bit different so I ignored it from my site. This is what the IAAF website states for Tokyo 2020 relay qualification
  9. Sorry. I should add if you click on the little “sort” double arrow next to qual in the table header this will bring all the “green” athletes to the top
  10. Ah yes. In the event drop down there is an “All” option as last in the list. So check “show all”, select All for event and then filter by nationality. This will show all athletes with the standard for that nation. It doesn’t show those within the quota though as that’s a bit more complicated. Also because it’s a mix of events the qual column will be in seconds or metres as appropriate rather than showing a more readable time. Cheers john
  11. No problem. At the top of the ranking table you should see a text box above each column. These can be used to filter the data. with top 3 selected if you enter the nationality 3 letter code, eg GBR for Britain, this will show the top 3 athletes from the selected country and highlighted whether or not they have the standard (green) or are within the quota (blue). With show all ticked and again entering the nationality three letter code this will show all athletes in the world rankings from that country, with those with the qualifying standard highlighted in
  12. Thanks for sharing, that’s my site. All data is taken directly from the iaaf world rankings and top lists. I try to do an update every Wednesday evening in line with when the iaaf updates their world rankings. But let me know if you spot any errors or something that could be improved.
  13. Just letting you all know of an update to my Road To Tokyo tool. The data capture process now reads performances (IAAF Top List) as well as the IAAF World Rankings. The filtered rankings, e.g. top 3 per nation, are based on athletes with the standard first (ordered by performance), then athletes without the standard (ordered by IAAF world rankings points as before). Unfortunately it doesn't take account of the oddities like finishing in the top 10 at a Gold Level marathon where athletes are awarded the standard irrespective of time. If you select "See All" you'll see all the athletes who h
  14. Hi. Thanks for referencing my site. I hope you all find it useful. I just wanted to make you aware of an alternative url if this one ever has issues (same app, different site) where this tool plus a detailed IAAF rankings analysis tool exists. I might try to connect the two at some point so that the Road to Tokyo site also shows who has the standard. You can find the tools here ( Enjoy Johne
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