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[POLL] Posting results and medal tables

Posting results and medal tables  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. Should results be posted on Totallympics and if so, in which way? The same for medal tables

    • Results: Every single result of every single heat/race of every single event should be posted in the same way as before
    • Results: No results should be posted
    • Results: Only the medalists of events should be posted
    • Results: Medalists should be posted as before, all non-medalists should be posted in a "Spoiler" so they only appear when you click on the spoiler
    • Medals: No medal tables should be posted
    • Medals: Full medal tables should be posted as before, after each and every event
    • Medals: Full medal tables should be posted after every event, but only in a spoiler, so everyone can choose whether or not to see them
    • Medals: One full medal table after the last day of a Championship/Games/etc is good enough

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Just put the results in spoiler, who wants to check them will open spoiler, who doesn't want than he will not open the spoiler. It's easy actually, why arguing so much. And I don't get people saying "the old format was better". Even if it is (and it wasn't) it's over guys, this is what you have now.

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Could we make an area or secondary results forum to put the result PDFs in?

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