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    Ladies and Gentleman, this is my 5,000 post. I didn’t want this occasion to go by without marking it, so get ready for this monster of a post. First, I’d like to reflect about my time on Totallympics: Growing up I was always an “outsider” or “misunderstood”. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and I didn’t share may of the interests other people my age had. I loved to talk politics, international sports, and life. I wasn’t really surrounded by people with those interests. There was a time, in middle school, where I seriously began to at least contemplate suicide. Luckily around the time I finished middle school and began high school, I found people who believed in me, and who liked me for me. However, even with my increased social participation, there was always something missing. No one I know wants to talk much about the Olympics, or the Commonwealth Games, or the Pan Am Games, or really about anything I was interested in. That all changed one spring day in early 2018 when I was browsing the internet looking for information about the Tokyo 2020 qualification process. I came across a website called Totallympics. I read what I believed to be the comments section at the time (mostly because I didn’t know much about forums), and saw a user complaining about how hard it would be for a Brazilian biathlete to qualify for the Olympics. I was immediately hooked from then on. It took me a while to understand this crazy new community that I was now a part. However, there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not happy to be a Totallympics member. This forum completed me. It’s honestly helped me become a better person too through learning to interact with people who have vast differences in background. So, I’d like to thank all of you for being such great users, and for always (or at least most of the time) making me feel welcomed, and for giving me a place where I feel like I can be me. Second I’d like to share some memories with users: I’ll always remember being @heywoodu‘s new favorite user when I joined. I feel like that didn’t last long I used to hate @bestmen‘s complaints, comments, accusations, etc., but now I’ve grown to love them like a child loves a drunk uncle. They might be crazy, but it would feel the same if bestmen wasn’t around. Peter Sagan made my day as a little kid one time, so it’s always nice to have a fellow diehard supporter on the forum @hckosice. Plus, you’re one of the few users who just always seems to able to say the right thing to make everyone happy. You guys wouldn’t be my “online family” if we didn’t argue. I can always trust @heywoodu, @dcro, and @Monzanator to challenge my opinions and call me out when needed. I may often say things critical of you, but I still treasure your presence on this forum (even if you are wrong when I’m right ) I’d also like to give shoutouts to my fellow Americans who generally seem to understand where I come from, and always give me a nice sense of “home” @dezbee2008, @bmo, @Rdbc, @Maxim Fastovsky, @RobtheAggie I can also almost always count on @zob79 to throw out a dirty joke. He’s more of the dirty grandpa of the family. I never knew a lot of openly gay people growing up. Luckily I was taught tolerance from a young age. It blew my mind to see someone like @thiago_simoes be so open about it. The insights and opinions you’ve shared with me have been invaluable. I obviously like to give huge shoutouts to @Sindo, @vinipereira, and @hckosice for keeping this wonderful place running and for at least attempting to keep us all in line. Of course I’d also like to give a huge shoutout as well too my fellow Totallympics Media reporters @Vojthas and @mrv86. Lastly I’d like to give a wholehearted thanks to @Sindo, @Vojthas, @mrv86, @OlympicIRL, and @heywoodu for supporting me on my journey as a sports journalist. I’m sorry I couldn’t thank all the users who’ve made my time on here special, so here’s a special mention for you too @phelps, @ahjfcshfghb, @Federer91, @vlad, @Griff88, @MHSN, @Ustatsch, @Dolby, @Jan Linha, @ChandlerMne, @uk12points, @Grassmarket, @Gianlu33, @Wanderer, @wumo26, @Agger, @dareza, @intoronto, @NearPup, @JoshMartini007, @Laraja, @Belle, @Finnator123, @Function CR Lee, @Benolympique, @ofan, @AIFhg, @thepharoah, @amen09, @LDOG, @Jinzha, @opruh, and anyone else I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with that I can’t remember at the moment (sorry). Third, I’d like to talk about being a sports journalist: I feel in love with journalism during high school, and have has admired the likes of Inside The Games and Around The Rings. I made a name for myself around here as a replay archiver, but I always wanted to do more. I was lucky enough to meet @Vojthas who shared my passion for journalism and sport. He has taught me so much and is even currently at an event reporting for Totallympics Media (our first ever accreditation I might add). We were lucky enough to add @mrv86 to the team as well. This summer alone we made a podcast, and a fully functioning website for our organization. The later was only made possible @Sindo who I owe a huge thanks. I’d also like to thank all of you for your support, and ask that you continue to check in on Totallympics Media. Fourth, I’d like to celebrate my 5,000 post by looking at some of my personal highlights. I have a community reputation of: 1,355 (and I never thought I’d ever reach, let alone pass 1,000) In reactions I’ve received: 358 Luaghs 163 Trophies 70 Cries 53 Wows 16 Loves “Facts”: I’ve “won” 27 days. I have 129 pages worth of reactions and comments. I have 148 attachments. I am (or will be) a Totallympics Gold Medalist and 2 time reputation Gold Medalist. Trivia: My user icon has been a flower for at least year. I am a Senior Reporter at Totallympics Media. I am from the United States. My real name is Matt. The first sport I played was Baseball. I competed as a distance runner for 9 years. I’ve worked as a volunteer at major international sports events like the 2017 Weightlifting World Championships. I currently practice the sports of Roller Speed Skating and Sport Climbing. I have been to Canada, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and Mexico (and soon to be Japan and Austria). Lastly, I’d like to say: Cheers to 5,000 posts and here’s to 5,000 more . Thank You All!
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    Grand Final Moments "NAFTA. NAFTA everywhere." "Olympian1010's Family reacts to all songs from TISC 2020." "Czechoslovak Trophy Hooray ! " "But always expect plenty from the fennec." "I fear there’s no more points for the US." "Trying to get laid is not proper social distancing buddy." "He's a teenage kid." "Covid-19 left the chat." "Is Agger rigging the contest?" "Is there a record for most silver medals without a single gold?" "You had more 12s in this forum than you can count." "That moment when Spain 12 is stolen by Germany with a Spanish song." "I'm @intoronto." "Greece wants to join NAFTA, it seems." "Technically Iran always awards medal to Israel by letting team walk free to the next round." "How dare you!"
  3. 18 points
    Unfortunately I got infected through my roommate who came back from Austria about 1,5 week ago after the town he visited got quarantined due to a Corona outbreak. He and all of his friends he went on the trip with all got sick after returning to the Netherlands. Fortunately, my roommate has already recovered in full and I'm slowly recovering as well, and luckily we both only had mild symptoms. However, I've been locked inside with my roommate for more than a full week now and I'm already slowly going crazy. We can't even go outside to buy groceries or medication and have to rely on friends and family to drop that off at the door. Although I'm very thankful for everyone's support, I can't wait to go outside again in a few days when I'm fully recovered, even if it's only a 5-minute walk to the nearest supermarket.
  4. 17 points
    FYI - The Olympedia database is now available to the public. With an explanation here
  5. 17 points
    The theme of the official logo is Symphony of Nature, or rather, Symphony of the Sea. There are several elements to it. Most prominent are the sea and sand in the background. They represent the Croatian coastline. With an estimated length of 6000 km and counting more than 1000 islands, the Croatian coastline is known for its rugged nature. The boat floating on the top represents harmony. Finally, we have the music sheets written on waves together with several notes thrown around. They indeed represent the Symphony of the Sea. How does the Symphony of the Sea sound like? Well, one way to find out is by going to Zadar. More specifically to its Sea Organ. The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument which creates the sound by the sea waves crashing into empty pipes located underneath the large marble steps. In its essence, the Sea Organ allows the nature to take over a role of conductor. The sea tends to become melancholic on a rainy day. The logo is courtesy of @vinipereira. Join us for the Opening Ceremony in two days. Grand Final will be held Saturday, while the Closing Ceremony (incl. Medal Presentations) will close out the weekend.
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    Some very personal thoughts for someone's first time as host: As first time host I did not really know what to expect. I had only previously been a spectator to one TISC and participated in one other, so my TISC-experience was quite small. Fortunately for me, I have had Agger as co-host who has participated many times in TISC and hosted one previously. I knew they were a lot preparation done before a TISC even opens. The most demanding thing during the preparation process was to come up with ideas and an a concept for this TISC. I'm not a person filled with many creative ideas, so this process felt at time frustrating. For me, I felt I had to live up to many different expectations from the users here on the forum. But due to not being overly creative, I often ended up being frustrated with myself. I began to question if I was a good enough host. It even develop into thinking if I was good enough as a person. TiSC and my studies took so much of my time that I did not have time to just sit down and relax. I was really stressed and I couldn't sleep much. This could not go on for much more time. One day, I sat down and said to myself, "Stop blaming yourself and try to live up to everybody's exceptions. Don't think you have to create something new, use ideas you like and adjust them to your liking". After this, I was much more at peace with myself. I started to believe in my own ideas and I didn't care if I used an idea someone had used before. It was okay. When the Grand Final ended yesterday evening/night, I cried, It had been such an emotional rollercoaster for me. All what I have written above seems to tell that I should have said stop during the process before it came to me questioning myself, and yes I should have probably done that, but I didn't. Instead I have been through a personal process where I have learned to accept my own limits. I never thought hosting a song contest on a sports forum would learn me something about my own personal life. I don't think my story is at all a good representaton of hosting an edition of TISC. Don't be scared to host. it's fun when your product is finally done, but it can feel frustrating during the process. TISC is, after all, about trying to create a stronger community here on Totallympics. I will give a special thank you to @Agger, @OlympicIRL and @vinipereira. Thanks to @Agger for the help preparing for TISC as co-host. Credits to his work on the presentation of the different cities and towns. Thanks to @OlympicIRL for his help with different ideas, especially his idea for a point format for the TISC Team Challenge. Thanks to @vinipereira for his help with the design of the logo. It would not have been possible without you. And lastly, thanks to all who have been so kind to have shown their interest and passion for TISC once again
  7. 15 points
    INDONESIA 12 ARGENTINA 11 DENMARK 10 IRELAND 9 BRAZIL 8 MALTA 7 NETHERLANDS 6 MOLDOVA 5 NEW ZEALAND 4 NORWAY 3 SLOVENIA 2 CROATIA 1 Gratulácia víťazom To bolo hlasovanie slovenskej poroty, ďakujeme za pozornosť, a dobrú noc. Congrats to the winners ! These were the votes of Slovakia. Thank you all. and Good Night
  8. 15 points
  9. 14 points
    And finally... Thanks everyone for joining the party over the last couple of days. It was so fun watching how the script would unfold in front of you. Congratulations to @intoronto for taking the historic first ever non-European win , and of course to @Vic Liu and @Benolympique @Bohemia for making the podium. I give special thanks to @OlympicIRL for continued support and to @vinipereira for bearing with me in the logo-making process. Special thanks also goes to @IoNuTzZ and @catgamer for giving us our only medals. Of course, I am also thanking you for all those lovely messages you have left, both here in the thread or in PM. Congrats to nations who made the Team podium as well, in particular my team mates @Wumo @Belle @Griff88 See you tomorrow for the Closing Ceremony.
  10. 14 points
    technically Iran always awards medal to Israel by letting team walk free to the next round.
  11. 14 points
    Hi everyone, This is a sad day for TISC. We have rules in place and some rules you never ever want to enforce and hope that you won't need and hope they are just there for guidance. Sadly today I will be enforcing rule 7(f). I had been in contact with @Sindo in recent days as I felt things were taking a turn for the worst. When bestmen refused to acknowledge Israel's entry, I had to add that to the first post myself and I told Sindo that my red line is if bestmen removes Israel from the list once more or goes on another rant then he would have to be stripped of hosting duties. On top of that, I have no choice but to disqualify him from TISC entirely. To deny another user the right to participate is a totally unacceptable move and it means that we cannot consider him to be a fair judge of other users and songs. As for the future of this contest, TISC Annual 2020 will go ahead, no doubt about that. I won't make any decisions yet about how soon or hosting, I need some time to think it over as do we all. Apologies to everyone.
  12. 14 points
    By the way, major applause for @Wumo. Might have made a mistake that kind of spoiled the total final result, but overall I think he did a great job and deserved a round of applause
  13. 13 points
  14. 12 points
    Medal Presentation Medals will be presented by Neno Belan, one-time TISC participant and the highest placed Croatian artist to date. CANADA Artist: Shawn Mendes Song: If I Can't Have You Jury Members: @intoronto CHINA Artist: Zhao Fangjing Song: Grain in Ear Jury Members: @Vic Liu FRANCE Artist: Clara Luciani Song: Ma Soeur Jury Members: @Benolympique @Bohemia Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the national anthem of Canada. Mesdames et messieurs, veuillez vous lever pour l'hymne national du Canada. (if the video doesn't work...)
  15. 12 points
    IRAN Hello fellow Totallympians, this is Iran calling! Here are the votes of the Iranian National Jury: ISRAEL 10 SERBIA 9 BULGARIA 8 GREECE 7 MEXICO 6 ITALY 5 GERMANY 4 FRANCE 3 POLAND 2 INDIA 1
  16. 12 points
    I have a confession to make. I somehow forgot to make voting templates for the votes of the Danish Jury You will get a very simplified presentation of the votes.
  17. 12 points
    Soon...there will be no escape... TISC #13 Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2019 Coming this September... Are you ready?
  18. 11 points
    Ok, so just a few words now that the votes have been counted and we have found our new champion. Big congratulations to Canada for a historic victory. First win for Canada, first non-European win, and to do so in a final vote showdown is extra exciting @intoronto Congratulations to China on a wonderful silver medal, a first-ever medal for Asia @Vic Liu And well done also to France, bouncing back to claim another podium finish for the first time in a while. Another bronze to add to the collection. I am sure it's a very sweet feeling for French jurors @Bohemia and @Benolympique A huge round of applause and word of thanks for our wonderful host @dcro. The hosting has been impeccable and it was a high quality edition from start to finish in every aspect, right until the very last vote cast. Take your well earned breather now And finally thank you to all who voted for the Irish song. It was uplifting to see that other connected with the song and a special word of thanks to @kungshamra71 and @dcro once again for awarding the 12 points. It was an honour . And thank you of course to @Werloc and @heywoodu for the 10 points and to every country who gave "Labour of Love" some love. And most of all, thank you all for making this a wonderful day and keeping the contest a unique and enjoyable experience. I am really grateful you all spend your time helping to make this contest strong. I can't wait to do it all over again in the Netherlands for TISC Open 2020!!
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    BULGARIA 12 CHINA 11 GERMANY 10 POLAND 9 AUSTRALIA 8 INDONESIA 7 ISRAEL 6 SPAIN 5 IRAN 4 MALTA 3 ITALY 2 NETHERLANDS 1 Ha! That was a surprise right? We hope you all spent a great day during this exciting edition!
  21. 11 points
    But always expect plenty from the fennec.
  22. 11 points
    The Scoreboard JURIES VOTED: 0/38 UNITED STATES 0 NEW ZEALAND 0 SPAIN 0 PORTUGAL 0 MOLDOVA 0 URUGUAY 0 AUSTRALIA 0 MEXICO 0 LITHUANIA 0 BRAZIL 0 INDIA 0 SWEDEN 0 INDONESIA 0 POLAND 0 SERBIA 0 ITALY 0 KAZAKHSTAN 0 CHINA 0 ISRAEL 0 SLOVENIA 0 TUNISIA 0 GREECE 0 GERMANY 0 BULGARIA 0 UKRAINE 0 IRAN 0 CANADA 0 IRELAND 0 NORWAY 0 CROATIA 0 DENMARK 0 MALTA 0 HUNGARY 0 NETHERLANDS 0 ROMANIA 0 FRANCE 0 ARGENTINA 0 SLOVAKIA 0 Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the Opening ceremony of the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2020. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I wish everyone involved good luck. Thank you and good night.
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    Guess who made it to the Zlatni Rat? If the whole coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we take too much for granted. And indeed, between all these 14 wonderful TISC editions, it can be quite easy to forget how much we owe to one person and one forum that make it all possible. They are @Sindo and Totallympics. Chariots of Fire is a familiar tune which always brings out the best Olympic vibes. We dedicate this rendition to Totallympics - the Home of Olympic Sports.
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    Parade of Nations (1/3) First batch of nations is welcomed by folk dancers from Slavonia. Their performance consists of two parts. First up is a traditional party song celebrating rakija. It's basically tailor made for @Wumo. Second part features a traditional kolo (eng. circle) dance. IRSKA / IRELAND Jury Members: @OlympicIRL Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 1st (2014O, 2015A, 2016O, 2017O, 2019A) Points Record: 333 (2014 Open) ARGENTINA / ARGENTINA Jury Members: @konig Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 5th (2017 Open) Points Record: 140 (2017 Open) AUSTRALIJA / AUSTRALIA Jury Members: @KingOfTheRhinos Total Participations: 5 Best Result: 2nd (2019 Open) Points Record: 172 (2019 Open) BRAZIL / BRAZIL Jury Members: @titicow @vinipereira Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 2nd (2017 Annual) Points Record: 142 (2017 Annual) BUGARSKA / BULGARIA Jury Members: @Federer91 Total Participations: 13 Best Result: 5th (2018 Open) Points Record: 109 (2018 Open) DANSKA / DENMARK Jury Members: @Wumo Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 1st (2018 Open) Points Record: 202 (2018 Open) FRANCUSKA / FRANCE Jury Members: @Benolympique @Bohemia Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 3rd (2014 Open, 2015 Annual) Points Record: 194 (2014 Open) GRČKA / GREECE Jury Members: @Janakis Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 12th (2014 Open) Points Record: 98 (2014 Open) INDIJA / INDIA Jury Members: @Ashton @Fly_like_a_don Total Participations: 13 Best Result: 14th (2017 Open) Points Record: 84 (2017 Open) INDONEZIJA / INDONESIA Jury Members: @Griff88 Total Participations: 9 Best Result: 6th (2016 Annual) Points Record: 114 (2016 Annual) IRAN / IRAN Jury Members: @MHSN Total Participations: 4 Best Result: 4th (2017 Annual) Points Record: 135 (2017 Annual) ITALIJA / ITALY Jury Members: @Gianlu33 @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker Total Participations: 14 Best Result: 1st (2018 Annual) Points Record: 206 (2013 Open) IZRAEL / ISRAEL Jury Members: @Dnl Total Participations: 1 Best Result: - (debut) Points Record: - (debut)
  25. 11 points
    ... Ireland 2013 Mexico 2014 ... ... Serbia 2014 Denmark 2015 ... ... Ireland 2015 Slovakia 2016 ... ... Lithuania 2016 Great Britain 2017 ... ... Tunisia 2017 Brazil 2018 ... ... United States 2018 Mexico 2019 ... ... Denmark 2019 . . . Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Opening ceremony of the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2020!
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    76 users have participated in least one contest, 21 users have participated in least 14/21 contests and 7 users have participated in all 21 contests this year. The 7 users are, africaboy, Vojthas, Henry_Leon, ady48, Monzanator, bestmen, Pablita A total of 32 nations took part in Totallympics Prediction Contests this year with 20 nations winning at least one medal. 33 different users won the 63 medals which were on stake. After this short breakdown of the numbers for 2019 Totallympics Prediction Contests, let's now switch our attention to the individual and team winners of this year. Complete Final Standings and Medal Tables are available here 2019 Totallympics Prediction Contests Overall Individual Points Top 3 chrischi08 8628 africaboy 7555 Henry_Leon 6978 Highest Point Average (Participated in at least 14/21 contests) Top 3 chrischi08 507,5 hckosice 399,9 africaboy 359,8 Highest Point Average (No minimum participation rule) Top 3 Werloc 900,0 Dunadan 731,7 SalamAkhi 677,5 2019 Totallympics Prediction Contests Overall Individual Medal Table Top 3 Place User Gold Silver Bronze Total chrischi08 5 1 1 7 Dunadan 3 2 0 5 hckosice 2 1 1 4 Total Medals Won Individual Top 3 chrischi08 7 Dunadan 5 George_D 5 2019 Totallympics Prediction Contests Overall Team/Nation Points (Based on the top 3 highest scoring users from every nation) Top 3 Romania (africaboy, ady48, vlad) 18591 (7555, 6921, 4115) Italy (Henry_Leon, Pablita, Dunadan) 16705 (6978, 5337, 4390) Poland (Monzanator, Speedy, Vojthas) 16271 (6053, 5466, 4752) Best Team/Nation (Only 2 members) Top 3 Tunisia (amen09, tuniscof) 9491 (6378, 3113) Denmark (Wumo, Agger) 6214 (3740, 2474) Egypt (thepharoah, sami-eg) 3381 (1770, 1611) Best Team/Nation (Only 1 member) Top 3 Slovakia (hckosice) 6799 Algeria (bestmen) 5458 Netherlands (heywoodu) 4706 2019 Totallympics Prediction Contests Overall Team/Nation Medal Table Top 3 Place User Gold Silver Bronze Total Germany (chrischi08 7, OlympicsFan 1) 5 1 2 8 Italy (Dunadan 5, Henry_Leon 2, SteveParker 1, Gianlu33 1) 3 4 2 9 Romania (africaboy 3, ady48 3, vlad 1) 2 3 2 7 Total Medals Won Team/Nation Top 3 Place User Gold Silver Bronze Total Italy (Dunadan 5, Henry_Leon 2, SteveParker 1, Gianlu33 1) 3 4 2 9 Germany (chrischi08 7, OlympicsFan 1) 5 1 2 8 Romania (africaboy 3, ady48 3, vlad 1) 2 3 2 7 These were the winners/medallists of this year. We in the Prediction Group hope you all have enjoyed this season and now look forward to a new exciting season in 2020. Don't forget to vote for the prediction contest in January: Users who are mentioned in this post: @africaboy, @Vojthas, @Henry_Leon, @ady48, @Monzanator, @bestmen, @Pablita, @Dunadan, @SteveParker, @Gianlu33 @chrischi08, @OlympicsFan, @vlad, @hckosice, @heywoodu, @amen09, @tuniscof, @Agger, @thepharoah, @sami-eg. @Speedy, @George_D @Werloc, @SalamAkhi
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    The point difference between the Top2 nations, Canada and China, per countries: CAN +12 or +11 (4) - CAN +10 or +9 (1) - CAN +8 or +7 (4) - CAN +6 or +5 (1) - CAN +4 or +3 (4) - CAN +2 or +1 (3) - 0 (9) - CHN +1 or +2 (1) - CHN +5 or +6 (2) - CHN +7 or +8 (2) - CHN +9 or +10 (4) - CHN +11 or +12 (3) - 17 countries preferred Canada, 12 countries preferred China.
  28. 10 points
  29. 10 points
    SPAIN 12 HUNGARY 11 INDIA 10 NORWAY 9 MEXICO 8 LITHUANIA 7 ITALY 6 INDONESIA 5 ROMANIA 4 CROATIA 3 NETHERLANDS 2 POLAND 1 These were the votes of Bulgaria. Thank you all, it was a blast!!
  30. 10 points
    The anglo army came out with guns blazing with their statements and Dick Pound. It's obvious the game will be postponed, we don't need them to tell us that it's all about their political sport agenda. Same as in Russia doping case. It's especially funny from UK given they didn't give two shits about the virus like a week ago.
  31. 10 points
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but as I heard some of you might know me from my Twitter account @2020athletes. I think you know this has been suspended, officially due to violating impersonation rules (it seemed a bit too official & one can use emblems when the account is not too popular. With my last few tweets I reached some tens of thousands of impressions which triggered the alarm). My mistake, but there's nothing I can do about it now. In any case, my name is Matej (you can call me Matt) & I come from Slovenia. I might not be the most active member here but I will try to get into discussion when I have the time
  32. 10 points
    Here’s our first official episode of TWU (Totallympics Weekly Update): @Vojthas and myself really enjoyed this one, so please give it a listen whenever you get the chance (on your way to work, in morning, before bed, when you’re bored, when there aren’t enough sports on, etc.) Again, we’d love any feedback you could give us. Also, any suggestions for what we should cover next week. Plus, any ideas for segments or episodes (or of you’d like to come on for an episode and talk with us about something). Lastly, @Vojthas, @Dragon, and I cannot thank you enough for supporting us this year. Admittedly, it’s been a rocky start. However, with your support we’ve been able to build up an awesome website, and a great audio service. I’d also give thanks to @OlympicIRL and @mrv86 for their early contributions to Totallympics Media (and your both welcome back anytime ). Some more thanks are in order to users like @heywoodu @dcro @ChandlerMne @ahjfcshfghb @intoronto @Wumo @zob79 @TomJa @bmo @ofan @Griff88 @JoshMartini007 (and anyone else who I just unfortunately forgot) who give us constant feedback, consist support, and our the main reason we’ve made it this far. Of course, the man himself, @Sindo was deserves a massive, massive thanks for helping us accomplish all of this; without his work, none of us would have meant, we would have never had our own website, and we’d never have had a place to belong. 2019, was a fantastic, maddening, awesome, thrilling, joyously crazy, and thrill ride of a year. For all of us at Totallympics Media: Thank You all for your support and passion. We hope you have a wonderful, blessed, and sport-filled 2020.
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    I hate being a gay man with these sprint slow-mo repeats of the races.... I lost my focus all the time
  34. 10 points
    Some pics I took while hillwalking at home.... Flynn was enjoying himself, exploring every inch of woodland. And he spotted a nice place to cool down.... Ok, Flynn I think you have had enough bath time. Time to go home...
  35. 9 points
    The Goodbye We are back in Dubrovnik, the place where it all started just two nights ago... But now the time has come for friends to say goodbye... It's so long from Croatia... Thank you for being a part of it.
  36. 9 points
  37. 9 points
    Here are my personal votes by the way: 12 points : China 11 points : Indonesia 10 points : Malta 9 points : Israel 8 points : Bulgaria 7 points : Poland 6 points : Netherlands 5 points : Sweden 4 points : Norway 3 points : Ireland 2 points : Spain 1 point : Slovenia + Portugal, Lithuania
  38. 9 points
    By the way, I am 100% sure that the Canadian entry is the first song in TISC history which literally mentions the name of its juror. Shawn Mendes literally says: "I'm @intoronto"
  39. 9 points
    Behind the Checkers: Dubrovnik Is there a better place to start our journey than the iconic city of Dubrovnik? Situated on the Adriatic Coast in the southernmost part of the country, Dubrovnik is a true gem of the Adriatic. Thanks to its maritime trade and skilled diplomacy, Dubrovnik reached high level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries. While its influence eventually started to fade, largely thanks to disasterous earthquake of 1667, Dubrovnik to this day remains to be one of the cultural hotspots of Croatia. Dubrovnik is particularly known for its rich literature tradition. Many Croatian authors came out of Dubrovnik. Some of the most notable ones are Šiško Menčetić, Marin Držić and Ivan Gundulić. Dubrovnik's most recognizible feature is its old town, which has been listed as UNESCO heritage site since 1979. While in the old town, you should definitely pay a visit to the main street - Stradun. Historical city walls and fortresses are not to be missed either. Pictured below is the Minčeta Fortress. Towering over Dubrovnik, you can find the hill of Srđ (415 m). It is just a cable car-ride away from the old town! Dubrovnik has been used as a set location for several films and TV series, including Star Wars.
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    We will soon have sneeze and cough thread.
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    They are not numbers. They are people with family and lovers and so many vivid stories sharing with the world. It reminds me of the stories I read about Wuhan people. They are only numbers on news but so many desperate moments patients and medics have to face. My best wishes for Italy and brave Italian people.
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    Grand Final Venues As you may already know, the Grand Final Weekend will be held in Rijeka. Let's take a look at the venues we will be visiting. Opening Ceremony will be held in the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc. Grand Final will be held in the Zamet Hall. Closing Ceremony and Medal Presentations will be held at the Trsat Castle.
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    How about moving Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands etc. to America. Russia and Turkey can compete in the Asian qualification and we leave the European qualifier to Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Vatican City. Would be roughly the same.
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    __________________vote 1___________________
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    2019 TOISC Logo The logo for TOISC 2019 can finally be revealed! The Host Jury will be honest and say it has not been easy to come to this final product, due to the lack of any creative sense from the members of the Host Jury with regards to designing a logo. The Host Jury has had many struggles throughout the process due to many unconstructed ideas. With all of this said, it's only suitable to thank the amazing @vinipereira and his magical skills when it comes to logo designs. It would have never been possible to create a logo without your help. A big thank you, @vinipereira, from the bottom of the members of the Host Jury's hearts. The colour scheme of the logo is inspired by the colours in the Totallympics' logo and the host country, Denmark. The font should have symbolized the historic focus the host jury has had in this TISC, but it symbolizes something more of a Disney aesthetics. The D in particular has been a talking point, as it screams Disney. However, in an afterthought, it is quite fitting to have something which is more Disney inspired, as one of Denmark's most renowned authors Hans Christian Andersen's work, "The Little Mermaid", is a classic disney tale. The two singing birds illustrate the many different musical styles, genres and cultures TISC embody, as all songs in each single edition of TISC create their own unique "note" for that specific edition of TISC.
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    Even if you were +10kg, I would love you the same 😘 By the way, hello everyone! Thanks to @heywoodu, who convinced me to join the forum, here I am 😜 I am new on this. So, not used at all with how it works. 🙈 But, I will learn and, as an athlete, I hope I can help with some informations at least about the brazilian national winter teams (mostly about our (sometimes) crazy criterias on road to the Olympics) 😉
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    Ladies, Gentlemen, timetravlers, and bestmen; I present to you the following new and exciting project:
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    Greetings all! My name is John and I live in San Francisco but was born in Canada and am still a Canadian citizen. Happy to be here. I am producing an Olympian documentary series featuring short stories about Olympians with inspiring and compelling stories. I am about to enter post-production on my first two stories and have a website with all the info. The documentary series is titled "Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold" and here is the link; I hope to be spending more time here and contributing what I can. Cheers!
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    Good, I hope for surfing in Tahiti, skateboarding in Guadeloupe, breakdancing in French we can forget that they're part of the Olympics.
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