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    Happy Valentines Day to my little Dutch boy @heywoodu, my American friends @RobtheAggie @dezbee2008 @Rdbc @PandaCat, horse lover @dcro, TISC arch-enemies @wumo26 @Agger, my drunk uncle @bestmen, my taco dealer @mrv86, favorite Slovenian @hckosice, my Lithuanian pal @Werloc, impassioned arguers @Monzanator @OlympicsFan, TISC historian @OlympicIRL, gymnastics nerd @thiago_simoes, prediction maniacs @Wanderer @Pablita, Renaissance Man @phelps @Gianlu33, northern Mexican @intoronto, Argentines @LDOG and @konig, and forum daddies @Sindo @vinipereira
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    A promising start: 2019 TAISC Logo Revealed January 10, 2019.- With a promising number of 18 national juries and 24 jury members already registered to rake part in the 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, this edition has reached another important date, as today marks the beginning for national selections. Yesterday organizers already sent a new call for nations and jury members to manifest their intention to compete, receiving so a positive response and great expectations to see the first song to be chosen to represent its country. This will continue until Sunday, March 3, which is the last day to complete the first phase of the competition. To celebrate this achievement, as well as to encourage further interest from potential contestants, hosts decided to reveal the logo for this year’s contest. In collaboration with prestigious “Pereira Designs Inc.”, the image in questions aims to connect Mexican identity and traditions with both, music and Olympic sports. As explained by the CEO of the organizing Committee the image represents a Mexican “sarape”, one of the countries most recognized garments due to its colorful patterns, which also serves as a music sheet shaped after the borders of the home nation. Furthermore, the colors chosen are meant to represent the Olympic movement and the typography is a homage to the biggest sports event to be host in its soil, the 1968 Summer Olympics, which set a bar in graphic identity for future hosts. *A Mexican sarape Furthermore, organizers asserted they intend to make this edition unique, revealing that they will engage participants and spectators with digital content that will showcase Mexico’s identity and culture, hoping this will provide a positive image about a culture many think they know. Further news to be revealed later today. *Special thanks to @vinipereira for making my concept for the logo a possibility
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    Hi everyone, After 2 or 3 years reading this forum anonymously I finally decided to sign up. As many of you I'm a huge fan of the olympics and sports in general, supporting greek and french athletes. See you here!
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    Ready for more? Meet TAISC’s newest member of our family. January 10, 2019.- After a unique media format has been announced by the hosts, 2019 TAISC is ready to introduce new additions to the contest lineup. So far, previous hosts have showcased their countries, each one of them giving its personal touch to expose their culture and traditions to others. This time organizers aim to further promote the participation of users by creating a series of daily posts, displaying basic info about the host country, its people, geography and culture, not forgetting the musical aspect. As part of their plan, today they disclosed that a new member has entered TISC family. “After winning the bid process, we were in contact with our dear friend Seamus, who requested a little friend to help them promote TISC and of course, create a party atmosphere” the organizing committee told the reporters. “Looking into Mexico’s diverse folklore and legends, we found a little character that will surely get along with our Irish friend and of course will enrich this edition with its own uniqueness to the contest. Without further introductions, ladies & gentlemen we present our mascot: the Mexican axolotl” The “axolotl” is an endemic inhabitant of the Texcoco Lake system in central Mexico and has featured prominently in art and folk legends since Pre-Hispanic times. Moreover, it has recently been adopted as a symbol of Mexico’s efforts for biodiversity. However, this year’s mascot is still lacking a name, which will be chosen by Totallympics users from among 3 options, which should be disclosed during the week, in a process that will last until Thursday March 7th, the last day for the local jury to submit their votes and the start point for the other juries to send theirs.
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    No one can beat her now. Ukaleq Astri Slettemark writes sport history in Greenland. What a day for Greenland! Piluarit (congrats), Greenland and Ukaleq! I'm so happy for her.
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    I'm the only one who thinks this is kind of stupid? Olympic sports should have some sort of a long term plan, no just one appearence and that's all. 2028 Olympics being in LA is going to push for baseball and surf so they are going to have them at 2020, cut in 2024 and reinstate in 2028, instead of having some kinf og programme or arrangement between the different host citys and the IOC, for the sport stability to be in all and had an stable games.....
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    To the kind attention of fellow members: 2019 Annual TISC Organizers would like to take a moment to thank each user that has signed up so far, and also to renew our most sincere invitation for the rest of you to join this edition, in particular: @bestmen @LDOG @Gigs @Il_qar @titicow & @Felipe @intoronto @Pabloffo @Damian & @carivan @dcro @thepharoah @Herki @Finnator123 @catgamer @uk12points @Janakis @Dolby @MHSN @Ruslan @Glen @Ionoutz24 @rybak @kungshamra71 @africaboy @FC Mezhgorye @dareza @hckosice @justony @Enrique @Belle @Nathy @tuniscof @Memo @NaBUru38 @Argenis Gonzalez And of course, every other user & country who wish to join TISC family. Tomorrow we'll reveal a couple of surprises so stay tuned.
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    What a race from our girls Oja and Tomingas did a really good job, especially Tuuli who I have never seen skiing so well before. Talihärm was better last year, easily the best of our girls, now she needs to catch up, but she still did her job. Gaim is sadly not even close to the rest of the team, even without the penalty loops I don't think we had finished higher than maybe 8th. This was Estonia's women's relay's first top 10 since 1993! 26 years! (8 out of 9 teams with 12 minutes loss lol) This clearly is the actual best ever really.
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    Well, everyone that knows me on the forum probably knows that I love stats and I love going back in time, so this time I was considering who is still active in the world cup from the previous winners that haven't won a race in a while and how long it's been since their success. I think that is fairly interesting, so let's start with the women: Anna Frolina - - 2008/09 - Antholz - Pursuit (1) Magdalena Gwizdon - - 2012/13 - Sochi - Sprint (2) Selina Gasparin - - 2013/14 - Hochfilzen - Sprint (2) Synnoeve Solemdal - - 2013/14 - Hochfilzen - Pursuit (2) Anais Bescond - - 2013/14 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Katharina Innerhofer - - 2013/14 - Pokljuka - Sprint (1) Veronika Vitkova - - 2014/15 - Oberhof - Sprint (1) Valj Semerenko - - 2014/15 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (2) Franziska Hildebrand - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Sprint (2) Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht - - 2015/16 - Antholz - Pursuit (2) Olena Pidrushina - - 2015/16 - Canmore - Sprint (2) Anais Chevalier - - 2016/17 - Nove Mesto - Pursuit (1) Nadine Horchler - - 2016/17 - Antholz - Mass Start (1) Denise Herrmann - - 2017/18 - Ostersund - Pursuit (2) Justine Braisaz - - 2017/18 - Annecy - Mass Start (1) Tiril Eckhoff - - 2017/18 - Antholz - Sprint (5) Vanessa Hinz - - 2017/18 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (1) Well, you can mostly see a pattern that the athletes won only once or twice in their career, a lot of the wins came from Antholz and not a single (last recorded) win came from the individual. As for the men: Michal Slesingr - - 2007/08 - Oslo - Mass Start (1) Dominik Landertinger - - 2009/10 - Khantiy-Mansiysk - Mass Start (2) Fredrik Lindstrom - - 2011/12 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Evgeniy Garanichev - - 2011/12 - Oslo - Sprint (1) Dmitry Malyshko - - 2012/13 - Oberhof - Pursuit (2) Ondrej Moravec - - 2012/13 - Oslo - Mass Start (1) Lukas Hofer - - 2013/14 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Jakov Fak - - 2014/15 - Khantiy-Mansiysk - Mass Start (8) Simon Eder - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Pursuit (3) Erik Lesser - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Mass Start (2) Dominik Windisch - - 2015/16 - Canmore - Mass Start (1) Anton Babikov - - 2016/17 - Ostersund - Pursuit (1) Benedikt Doll - - 2016/17 - Hochfilzen - Sprint (1) Simon Schempp - - 2016/17 - Hochfilzen - Mass Start (12) Arnd Peiffer - - 2016/17 - Kontiolahti - Pursuit (8) Tarjei Boe - - 2017/18 - Ostersund - Sprint (9) Julian Eberhardt - - 2017/18 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (4) Henrik L'abee-Lund - - 2017/18 - Oslo - Sprint (1) Fairly evident that German hopes and dreams are destroyed by Johannes and Martin. Quite a few multi-winners like Tarjei, Arnd, Julian, Jakov, Simon with a year or more since last win. Some surprises for me: Bescond, Vitkova, Doll only on a single win. Lastly, it's been a very long time since Landertinger last had a win.
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    Some photos from the women's pursuit in Arber, just because. At the individual and sprint I was near the shooting range, a bit too far away for photos, during the pursuit I was at the course. Waiting for Jill Colebourn, who we - in an attempt to emulate German coaches who yell in their athletes' ears from two meters - succesfully yelled towards her goal of not getting lapped. Dying Jill. Cheering for Chinese Yu Qing (50, gave us a nice Chinese present during the week after befriending my girlfriend at the IBU Cup in Duszniki) and Jill, both fighting with Ana Maka of Poland. On the right is Norwegian former biathlete Tobias Torgersen, until around two years ago the coach of the Brazilians (and the Swedish IBU Cup team), then coach of Poland's women's World Cup team and now working for China. Victoria Slivko of Russia on her way to the sprint-pursuit double. Janina Hettich (7), Nadine Horchler (4) and Ragnhild Femsteinevik (7) fighting behind Slivko. Eventually only Horchler would manage to hold on and get a podium. Kirari Tanaka of Japan can finally go right - towards the finish - instead of left - towards the shooting range and yet another lap.
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    After applying for about 60 different jobs during the last 9 months, I finally have my first interview tomorrow. Haven't had one for 7½ years
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    lol we are going to end up with like 5 entries per event at this rate. More sports in the same quota = less athletes competing per event. Stupid idea. If you are going to add sports, increase the quota. If you do not want to do that, don't add anything.
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    I’ve enjoyed my first year on Totallympics! You guys have always made my day better. I hope 2019 is the great year of international sports it should be. Here’s to 2019, here’s to you Happy New Year! From the last Totallympics Timezone
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    Gold and WR for Apurvi Chandela
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    no, not at all... they should undestand that those kids are definitely NOT interested in watching anything on TV, they hate any sort of "rule" and "burocracy" (which any sport competition is basically about...you just can't have a competition without them)... they've never been, thay are not and they're never gonna be the "Olympic audience"... the IOC must not search for a new kind of audience, they should only enforce and make happier and more loyal those who already are their long time fanbase (which is the most antithetical people you could imagine if compared to the target of stupid things like "gender equality" and above all "urban & youth")... it's exactly the same mistake the American baseball is doing with their core audience...they're trying to destroy the game as it's always been to look for people who was never into it and never will be...and the only result they're getting it's that they're losing fans among their usual fanbase and they're not finding what they're looking for among the possible new markets... in long terms, that's just the route to self-destruction...
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    It would have been much better if they added more quotas to existing sports.
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    So in other words, congratulations Indonesia
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    Final Standing available here hckosice juliosilva Wanderer Wow, @hckosice really wants us to learn the difference between Slovakian and Slovenian flags Amazing predictions throughout, congratulation on second consecutive medal and this time - the gold one! I remember @juliosilva being fourth on several occasions last year, this time he succeeded to get a medal, the silver onel! Congratulation Well, I can rest in piss now, medal is won in something not related to tennis at all Another strong showing from @chrischi08, but few points short to make the podium. Congrats @Gigs on probably the best place in prediction contests so far (not many of them entered). Same for @heywoodu, who might get out of hibernation he fell into last year At the end, he might not be among the best - but in eleven events @Bearas was the only one with at least one perfect prediction - and it was on the very last day! I wish to thank to my helpers @Dunadan and @wumo26! Thank you everyone who participated, in few days, we go south for Nordic Skiing
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    Are we about to start a new viral "what colour is this"-discussion, like "the dress"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress
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    Can we all stop giving IOC new ideas about new events, please.
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    I'm starting to write a new book The Little (Black)-Red-(Gold) Book of Sports, Quotations from a great Fan of the Olympics Chapter 1 - Definitions 1) No-name = every athlete who has a <90% chance of medal.
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    Our women keep on delivering, everyone with PB or near PB results and first time ever 3 Estonians getting points Tuuli showed today that with clean shooting she can finish in top 10, hopefully she keeps this form.
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    A TISC edition without a controversy with Bestmen like protagonist, it isnt a TISC
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    @Sindo There is a user with the name "heywoodu" who is spamming the forum. I'm not sure who he or she is. Could you please check it.
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    So, since we sparked the discussion, I thought I would look this up for funsies: How many junior category medalists we actually lost in Biathlon since 2009/10 season 2010 Yann Guigonnet (France) - individual gold (quit in 2015) Michael Galassi (Italy) - individual silver (quit in 2013) Tom Barth (Germany) - individual bronze, sprint bronze (quit in 2013) Reka Forika (Romania) - individual gold (quit in 2016) Leslie Mercier (France) - individual bronze) (quit in 2011) Evgeny Petrov (Russia) - sprint gold, pursuit bronze (quit in 2011) Manuel Muller (Germany) - sprint silver, pursuit gold (quit in 2011) Sophie Boilley (France) - sprint silver, pursuit gold (quit in 2015) Vladimir Alenishko (Russia) - pursuit silver (quit in 2014) Nastassia Kalina (Russia) - pursuit silver (quit in 2015) 2011 Aleksandra Alikina (Russia) - sprint silver, pursuit silver (quit in 2013) Tom Barth (Germany) - sprint gold, pursuit bronze (quit in 2013) Ludwig Ehrhart (France) - sprint bronze, pursuit silver (quit in 2012) Nikolay Yakushov (Russia) - individual bronze (quit in 2012) Florie Vigneron (France) - individual bronze (quit in 2011) 2012 Elena Badanina (Russia) - individual bronze (quit in 2013) Kurtis Wenzel (Canada) - individual gold (quit in 2013) Marius Hol (Norway) - individual silver (quit in 2012) Elena Ankudinova (Russia) - sprint gold (quit in 2015) 2013 Dino Butkovic (Croatia) - individual silver (quit in 2014) 2014 Jarle Gjoerven (Norway) - pursuit silver (quit in 2014) Dany Chavoutier (France) - individual bronze (quit in 2014) 2015 Aleksandr Dediukhin (Russia) - individual silver, sprint gold (quit in 2015) Vemund Gurigard (Norway) - individual bronze, sprint silver (quit in 2015) Lena Arnaud (France) - sprint gold (quit in 2018) 2016 Susanna Kurzthaler (Austria) - individual gold (quit in 2016) Andrea Baretto (Italy) - individual silver (quit in 2017) 2017 Nikita Lobastov (Russia) - individual bronze (quit in 2018) Kirill Streltsov (Russia) - sprint silver (quit in 2018) 2018 Sturla Laegreid (Norway) - individual silver (quit in 2018) Sverre Aspenes (Norway) - sprint bronze, pursuit gold (quit in 2018) A lot of these cases, the juniors dropped the sport mostly after the junior championships, some of them trying a couple of IBU races. A lot of Russians and Norwegians, I think some might have quit since it's very hard making the team and most of others left the sport, because it was their hobby and they did not want that as a career after university. Lastly, a lot of them are medalists from the individual race. Sidenote: Tom Barth looked like he had a lot of potential.
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    Greetings all. Glad to have finally found an active forum that discusses biathlon. It is hard to find that here in the USA, especially in the South where I live. I look forward to learning a lot from you guys and sharing my opinion.
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    Hold on a minute, Skorusa has a specific girl as hobby. That could either be his girlfriend or, judging by the 'single', someone he's stalking.
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    Getting ready for the main event of the evening 😎
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    I suggest cutting nothing. What's the real difference between having 10,500 and 11,000 athletes? That's just IOC going for most obvious (though not really) budget cut solution.
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    This crazy idea about merging freestyle and GR comes from lack of knowledge about the sport. yeah they "look" similar if you just watch one match in 4 years. but in past 50 years only one wrestler managed to win medal in both styles in major competitions and that wasn't at the Olympics. and that was a special case in super heavyweight. yeah there are some wrestlers switch their styles early in their career when they are teenager but it's not like you easily can switch style whenever you want. how many swimmers win medal in different styles ? freestyle and butterfly for example ? they look very similar to me. since we are all free to have crazy idea. let's drop the boring/predictable Swimming. we will have lots of spots to add multiple new sports.
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    first, drop the ipocracy of gender equality... then, drop entire senseless sports (artistic swimming, trampoline, rhytmic gymnastics, dressage, skateboarding, freestyle BMX, surf, rugby 7s, the current no man's baseball...and of course this weightlifting and the farce of "amateur" -or "Olympic", name it as you prefer- boxing) or some events in some senseless sports (synchronized diving, individual time trial in cycling)... after that, drop most of the places reserved to officials and IOC's guests...actually, this could be the first option... finally, I'm pretty sure that the remaining sports not only don't need quota reduction, but they also have a shot to regain their technical dignity by increasing the number of competitive starters in any event (of any sport)... frankly, I'm really tired of and annoyed by this everlasting buzz of "quota reduction"...it's time to choose an affordable number of sports to appear at the Games and let them have the best and strongest competition possible... stop making most Olympic events a "technical farce" in the name of stupid ipocracy...
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    Happy new year Olympic fans! May the new year bring you lots of joy, love, success and plenty of health. Cheers
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    Happy new year, full of sport emoction for all
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