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    Hi, folks! I'm a sports fan from Uruguay. I love motorsport since I was a toddler. Last year I attended the Indianapolis 500. Of course I watch football / soccer, as any Uruguay citizen must. And I enjoy other sports as well. I'm a Wikipedia editor, so feel free to ask anything. See you!
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    For those interested, a certain Brazilian biathlete got a chance to 'train' at the shooting club in my small town today (with my dad, a military guy, who she very clearly outshot on the targets )
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    The official site is depressing.
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    I've got many - right now I'm doing a Hungarian-Polish-English sport dictionary for my master's degree, so the topic is really interesting for me. For example searching for "scissor kick" in football (called soccer in AmE) in Hungarian I found word "ollózás", which means scissoring. I checked in Google, if ollózás is really, what I'm looking for and... well, it is, but among the movies showing such a spectacular kick there were some... lesbian intercourses. The one with "basket" ("kosz" in Polish) seems to be a case in many languages, for example "rzucić kosza" (throw a basket) means to score. As well as @Gianlu33 said about Italian, we also use "fight" in all sports. In field hockey the stick is called "laska", which is also popular word for an attractive, young woman (probably because of the slim shape of a stick, not only in field hockey, but also the one used by elder people to help at walking). The word "canoe" (not the kayak) is "kanadyjka" which means (written with capital - "Kanadyjka") the Canadian [woman, girl...]. The ski-flying hill is called "skocznia mamucia" which means "mammoth hill". Also the "body check" came to Polish in a form of "bodiczek" (in Hungarian it's also "bodicsek"). My theory (maybe someone might confirm) is it was used by Czechs and Slovaks, which are the most hockey nations in our region, in original, English form, but as it sounds very Czech/Slovak, we adopted it as the word of Czech/Slovak origin, which is (at least in Polish) important because of declination. In modern pentathlon, before the name "laser-run" was introducted we used the word "kombajn" in everyday talk (rather not in official press reports), because it sounds like a "combined" which was the name of the event of run and shoot. "Kombajn" is a word for a harvester machine. Also Russians used such a word (our languages are quite similar) and when I typed the Russian texts about competitions to Google Translate it translated as "food processor..." About such a funny stories as @hckosice said about hole, our biggest sport journalism legend, Bohdan Tomaszewski, once said about Irena Szewińska "Pani Irena nie jest już tak świeża w kroku jak kiedyś" which may mean to thing - "she's not as fresh in stride as earlier" (which is what he meant as she was a runner) or "she's not as fresh in crotch as earlier" (which is why the sentence is so funny). Another double meaning, also by Mr Tomaszewski, about our cyclist - "Ryszard Szurkowski - cudowne dziecko dwóch pedałów" - "Ryszard Szurkowski - a wonderful child of two pedals" ("pedał" is also a vulgar word for homosexual).
  7. 5 points
    Just a fun fact. Graziela Paulino (who won the women's individual recurve in archery) is indigenous. In 2016, the athlete from Amazon tried to be the first indigenous person to represent Brazil in the Olympic Games, but didn't qualify. Maybe she has a chance for 2020...
  8. 5 points
    Marathon course for Tokyo 2020. Finally we'll have an Olympic marathon starting and finishing in the Olympic stadium like it's supposed to!!! Also, looks like there aren't any loops. Just a straight 42 km course, awesome.
  9. 5 points
    Thank you. This is the meme I wanted to find and use when posting prediction contests results recently:
  10. 4 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 4 available here Camel "The Seer" Award @amen09 (Predicted exact score in Costa Rica-Serbia match and the only one to predict 1-1 score in Brazil-Switzerland match. Honourable mention: MCMXC and Vojthas (2-2 both in BRA-SUI match) and Pavlo for 1-1 in GER-MEX match) Walk of Shame Award @Felipe the Bagel eater
  11. 4 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 2 available here Tiger Soccer Award @sounak (11 points out of 15 maximum) Walk of shame @Gianlu33 @NikolaB @rybak (amazing effort to collect one pity point)
  12. 4 points
    btw a bit weird..but well, let´s go. During the PyeongChang Olympics Women´s Ice Hockey final our consultant of the commentator when speaking about one nice shot and goal said one memorable sentence - "She did it perfectly, what a shot it was, look, how she find a hole between her legs." ofc he immediately realized what he said but it was too late practically the whole nation still remember it and is still used as a common joke
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    Provisional Standing after Day 1 available here Teddy Bear Award @thiago_simoes (predicted 5-0 for Russia) Walk of shame @Olympian1010 (predicted the win for Saudi Arabia)
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    Trump looks like he has been napping for 30 minutes while all important things were being talked about, and he just woke up because everyone was standing around him. Like, "huh? What? I wasn't sleeping!".
  15. 4 points
    FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 In the FANZONE at Fifa site, there are many games for this WC 2018 (with prizes), and other survey-games will be open during the World Cup. For who was already registered at FIFA_Club (or played the Panini Album), can use the same email/password, don't need a new registration but only the acceptance of term and conditions PREDICTOR BRACKET Deadline Wednesday at 17:00 CET MATCH PREDICTOR Join in the league "Totallympics Cup" for an ultimate challenge >>>>>>>>>>> code: 648B36F3 FANTASY FOOTBALL For who play, I have a private league (code:NKZTIZXF), all are welcome. Panini Digital Sticker Album (for who hasn't completed yet) @Vojthas @thepharoah @Agger @crovitlaci @vinipereira @toulousain @stefanbg @Gianlu33 @africaboy @tuniscof @bestmen
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    Chile made a very good games, a big progress for the chilean sport after the games of Santiago 2014, the 23 golds of Ecuador are VERY IMPRESIVE.
  17. 4 points
    A) I respected your Mediterranean Games B) the level is actually about par with other international games C) It been around since before the Pan American and South American Games D) It gives smaller countries an opportunity to compete on a big stage and win medals E) It helps countries qualify for the Pan American Games F) to turn your words back on you “if you don’t like sports games why are you here?”
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  19. 4 points
    Yeah, our continent really likes multi-sport games. Panama is in the unique position where they compete in all games (Bolivarian, Central, South, Central & Caribbean and Pan American)
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    PANINI Digital Sticker Album 2018 UPDATED!! The Panini Digital Album of WC 2018 is updated with 64 new players and 32 Fifa world Tour stickers. The new pages are at the end of the groups (new players) and at the end of the album You can find the new stickers simply open the packs or swap with other stickers Note: in 2nd Totallympics group, there is space for other users (ID: 278 password: 2018wc ) @africaboy @Agger @crovitlaci @LDOG. @Pablita @Rafoo @SteveParker @stefanbg @Vojthas @vinipereira @Fran-UDA @Gianlu33 @mrv86 @toulousain @tuniscof
  22. 3 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 6 available here Crafty Marten Making Surprises Award @crovitlaci (Perfect score for POL-SEN match, and another point for the RUS-EGY. Honourable mention: tuniscof for POL 1-2 SEN, James for perfect 3-1 for Russia and the rest of the gang predicting Senegal's win - thiago_simoes and LDOG ) Walk of Shame Award @Olympian1010 @Ufilov @Herberth Nelson Balbi Silveira (triple bagel! Olympian1010 already with hat-trick and it's only Day 6!)
  23. 3 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 5 available here Wolf Watching-Soccer-from-Home Award @Henry_Leon (All three matches perfectly predicted ) Walk of Shame Award @Olympian1010 (addiction is dangerous )
  24. 3 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 3 available here Confused Lion Award @Federer91 (15/20 on Day 2 with perfect 1-0 for Denmark and 1-1 in Argentina-Iceland) Walk of Shame Award @heywoodu (Miss Penalty is waving with two fingers )
  25. 3 points
    My avatar will be "the trophy" for the "walk of shame" award, thank you
  26. 3 points
    I see there is no league for Bracket, so I created one: 92982a4d
  27. 3 points
    The Italian delegation by sport can be found here: http://www.tarragona2018.coni.it/it/discipline.html There are 27 Olympic medallists: Basile and Giuffrida (judo), Galiazzo (archery), J. Rossi and Pellielo (shooting), Paltrinieri (swimming), Longo Borghini (cycling), Pizzo (fencing), Chamizo (wrestling), Battisti and Venier (rowing) and a lot of water polo players, both men and women, who were at Rio 2016. It looks like a very serious delegation. There's also a detailed calendar (in Italian) by date and sport: http://www.tarragona2018.coni.it/it/programma-gare.html (I have no idea where to find a detailed calendar on the official site of the Games)
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  29. 3 points
    Anderson Ezequiel de Souza é medalha de bronze no Mundial de Ciclismo BMX!!!
  30. 3 points
    i am looking at results and Colombia has boxer John Lennon
  31. 3 points
  32. 3 points
    I got the call from the LOC today. I'm a volunteer. I'll be working with the doping testers.
  33. 3 points
  34. 3 points
    I think we have a prize winner in the "Most stupid doper of all time" category. Iuri Dudoglo was born in Moldova. He competed for Moldova in weightlifting from 2009 to 2013 the moved to Azerbaijan. In his 1st championship for Azerbaijan he fails a drug test and is banned for 2 years (2013-2015). He then moves back to Moldova and competes for then between 2015 and 2017 before failing another drug test at the 2017 European Championships. Because it's a second offense he gets an 8 year ban. He can return when he's 34 in 2025, But the IWF keep him on their testing list (I guess because he doesn't announce his retirement). So this year, 7 years before he can return to competition he fails another test.... This time it will be a life ban...
  35. 3 points
    Randomly tuning in just to see commentators getting crazy over Bolivia winning a medal in women's 4x100m relay. A medal for Bolivia in this event, how? Did everyone else got disqualified?
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  37. 3 points
    Some comments and trivia about gymnastics. With the medal earned after the group all-around event, Argentina is the only nation in South America to have earned at least one medal in all of the events in gymnastics in the history of the South American Games. This includes trampoline, which was first competed this edition, and Argentina won two medals here. Amazing feat. Also, Argentina had a ridiculous increase in medals in gymnastics. For example, Argentina got zero medals in women's artistic last edition, and now they earned a medal in every event, including a gold medal, and against the A team from Brazil. Also an amazing feat. This was the most diverse edition ever when it comes to medalists in rhythmic gymnastics. Five nations (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela) earned medals. This edition marks the debut of trampoline, so the Olympic program in gymnastics was fully replicated here (and expanded with six extra events in rhythmic gymnastics). In the future, I hope for three more events: team event in rhythmic gymnastics and men's and women's synchronized trampoline. Also, I don't understand why Aerobic Gymnastics has never been competed, since it is a very important discipline in South America. Scores throughout the different events were very weird. They were a little lower than they were supposed to be in artistic gymnastics and ridiculously low in rhythmic gymnastics. Some routines in rhythmics would have gotten up to 3 or 4 more points in international competition, I suspect. This is insane. Peru must be somewhat disappointed with the results. They have invested a lot of money in gymnastics, and I thought they had a medal in the bag on men's floor, and a gold medal guaranteed on men's vault. In the end, no medal on floor and just a bronze medal on vault, behind Brazil and Uruguay. Speaking of which, Uruguay got their first medal ever at the South American Games in gymnastics. I knew they had enough potential for a medal, but I also knew it would be pretty hard to actually get one. Turns out it wasn't so much. Great achievement for the nation. Finally, I'm happy that my predictions for Brazil (15 gold medals and 25 medals overall) were greatly surpassed (19 gold medals and 33 medals overall), but I'm also kind of sad because I thought we would have had a lot more competition for the gold medals. It's not so nice when one single country earns most of the titles in a competition, so I would have liked a little more diversity. But I hope this makes the other nations train hard to beat our gymnasts. It's great for South America to have as much competition as possible.
  38. 3 points
    Interestingly he said that he might go for more than one sport. Let's go crazy and take a look in which all sports he could possibly compete if he aims to take part in as many as possible. Universality sports Athletics - almost any individual event if selected by Tongan NOC Swimming - any individual event if selected by Tongan NOC Easily achievable continental qualification Judo - Just participating at couple of qualification events should be enough for an Oceanian continental place. Sailing - Just participating at a qualification regatta likely enough for Finn, RS:X, 470, 49er and Nacra. Might face a couple of nations in Laser. Taekwondo - Already qualified there for Rio. Should be easy enough if Australia doesn't choose that weight. Possible continental qualification Archery - Could become possible if Australia gets a quota before the continental qualification, however island nations are not that bad here (including Tonga). Badminton - If Australia again decides to decline men's singles quota, then he could get a continental place. Quite possible, Tonga itself almost qualified for Rio but it turned out that their player didn't have enough international tournaments to be eligible. Canoeing - Both slalom and sprint are possible, though Oceania does have decent athletes outside of AUS/NZL... I guess C1 (200m or 1000m) in sprint might be the best chance. Artistic gymnastics - Should be able to qualify through continental qualification event, provided that both AUS/NZL qualify before. Open water swimming - Could qualify if both AUS/NZL qualify directly and/or decline. Tripartite commission invitation Boxing, Trampoline, Modern pentathlon, Rowing, Table tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling (+ Archery, Badminton, Canoeing, Artistic gymnastics, Judo, Sailing, Taekwondo) So it's possible for him to compete in 16 sports. However, he may struggle to reach minimum eligibility in a couple of them (I already excluded shooting for example because reaching MQS there is probably impossible). Also, I don't think Tripartite Commission would be that lenient for this cause. Anyone wants to suggest this to him and make a complete mockery of the Olympics? @heywoodu perhaps?
  39. 3 points
    A Guyanas boxer qualify for semifinals in boxing, all the countries in the south american games win at least a medal.
  40. 3 points
    Well I don’t see any differences between Algeria and Tunisia and Morocco, so I’m glad we’re on the same page. Also, just so you know Asia has 5-7 games, Europe has 5-6 games, Africa has 3 games and commonwealth, so let’s not pretend that America has too many games. Also, North and South America are two Continents connected by a land bridge, like Africa and Asia.
  41. 3 points
    As expected, Brazil and Argentina have qualified for the Pan American Games in women's handball.
  42. 3 points
    Because we have the Pan American games next year for that...
  43. 3 points
    What a great judo throw from Ramos on Salah. I think it was at least waza-ari.
  44. 3 points
    Try this: http://www.televisionparatodos.tv/tycsports/
  45. 3 points
    The official website says that the Bolivian channel (Bolivia Tv) will broadcast. So, you can find live stream on the internet like this, for example: http://www.boliviatv.bo/principal/tvenvivo71.php
  46. 3 points
    Sad things of our time......
  47. 3 points
    The ICF have published that very same document on their website. The March date contained in the URL below suggests it is effectively the final version. https://www.canoeicf.com/sites/default/files/final_2018-03-16_tokyo_2020_qualification_system_canoe_slalom_eng.pdf The canoe sprint QS isn't ready yet, though there is talk of changing the quota from one event berth per NOC to two (whether that applies to all events or some is currently unknown).
  48. 2 points
    Table Tennis Table Tennis Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf
  49. 2 points
    Argentina 92 vs 0 Bolivia in Rugby Seven
  50. 2 points
    spisak je dobar, sasvim solidan, bolje od ovog nemamo.. videcemo ko ce jos otpasti ali nema mnogo razloga za lupanje glave. kako cemo se provesti to je potpuno druga prica, odbrana nam je najlosiji deo tima sigurno, povreda nastasica dosta znaci, ako on ne bude spreman bice tumbanja. to sto imamo 3 napadaca ne mora nista da znaci, bice malo problem ako jovic otpadne, mada mi cemo svakako igrati sa jednim spicem uglavnom. a da zove jos jednog klasicnog napadaca, realno nema koga.