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    Maybe this somehow will help to increase more users and countries
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    At last night's talk show, we were shown that the Netherlands can still go to the World Cup and being eliminated means nothing They had several good options. Option 1 - Pretend to be Belgians 1. When Belgium goes to Russia, their bus will drive via Prague, as shown in the spoiler below 2. Near Prague, there's a tunnel, where one is always in a traffic jam, and that's our chance; 3. We hijack the bus, put on some Belgian clothes and ride on to the World Cup 4. Work on the accent and nobody will figure it out Option 2 - Remove Iceland 1. After some checking, it turns out Iceland is actually an island and has no physical connection to any large land mass 2. This makes way to the option of attaching Iceland to some big boats and pulling it away 3. Pull Iceland all the way to Florida so it's part of the US and, since the US didn't qualify, a spot in the World Cup has now opened up! Option 3 - Kiss Russia's ass 1. Next year, the Netherlands will be in the UN Security Council, which opens up this entire option 2. We'll promise to vote for whatever the Russians vote for if they let us go to the World Cup Option 4 - We grab that World Cup 1. We're going to the World Cup Final and we're going to take the Cup 2. They always place the World Cup close to the field, which is our chance, since we've all bought tickets for the final 3. Rafael van der Vaart will act as a distraction for the fans 4. Arjen Robben is really fast. He'll dress up as a fan and outrun everyone to grab the Cup 5. Once we've got the Cup, a gold-painted Wesley Sneijder will be put down there as a disguise for the Cup, so nobody will notice the back switcheroo And that is how the Netherlands might be elimited, but is not even close to being out of the World Cup
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    84 nations have qualified for PyeongChang 2018. I have not included the Cayman Islands as they won't compete and included Ecuador who will make their debut. The following should qualify (all have athletes meeting part of the standard/good enough to qualify): India (cross-country skiing) Philippines (alpine skiing) Hong Kong (alpine skiing) Moldova (cross-country skiing) Venezuela (alpine skiing) Chinese Taipei (speed skating). = 90 Nations The following have athletes just outside qualification, I rate their chances as good. Nigeria (women's bobsled) Jamaica (bobsled) =92 nations The following have athletes just outside qualification, I rate their chances as not that great Algeria (alpine skiing/snowboard) Barbados (freestyle skiing) Costa Rica (freestyle skiing) Nepal (cross country skiing, their athlete needs really good results to have any chance). Paraguay (freestyle skiing) Senegal (alpine skiing) Trinidad and Tobago (cross country skiing, their athlete needs really good results to have any chance). =99 nations Almost no chance to qualify, but have athlete(s) competing to qualify: Afghanistan Dominican Republic (hard to comment, as this athlete has yet to compete). Egypt Indonesia Jordan Sri Lanka Vietnam Tonga Ghana Uganda Tajikistan =110 nations Almost no chance to qualify, but have athlete(s) competing to qualify, but have a small glimmer of hope through reallocation in figure skating: Singapore (their female skater is two spots out of reallocation, and if this were 2010 she would qualify as there were 2 reallocations back then). =111 nations
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    I agree, and I think in the future we should at least think about adding a rule which would allow only "real" users to take part in the contest. With "real" I mean users who are registered on the forum by at least X days/weeks or with at least X posts around the forum. We could even find users from Cook Islands or San Marino if it's just to register and post a song from their nation, but I don't think that's the aim of the contest and it is better to have some countries less but with all real users rather than having nations represented just by an user who registered, posted the song and never came back on the forum (and it would be even worst if one of them win the contest one day). I think reminders to users are great because some users are away from the forum for some periods, contacing active users who still have not registered for the contest is ok too, but to find new users from nations not represented just to increase the number might be dangerous because there is no point in bringing users who are not interested in Totallympics at all but just come here for the contest. It should be the other way around, when the forum grows and has more nations represented around the whole forum, automatically more nations will be represented in the TISC. I don't want to enter into the organization of the TISC but it is just a suggestion for those of you who organize
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    This's my article about Helmy El Saeed the Egyptian cross country skier , hopefully it'll make some noise and he can participate under Egyptian flag
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    hello the massive accidents
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    From Uruguay https://youtu.be/yhOmgpKpuCY
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    United Nations has named Robert Mugabe of all people as 'goodwill ambassador', what the hell https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/21/un-lambasted-after-naming-mugabe-goodwill-ambassador What's next, Kim Jong-un or Erdogan as UN free press ambassador?
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    Arianna Fontana (short track speed skating) http://www.gazzetta.it/Sport-Invernali/20-10-2017/olimpiadi-pyeongchang-2018-portabandiera-l-italia-sara-arianna-fontana-23015682366.shtml
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    Given the ending year of the contest we might wait for a while
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    the grouchy smurf of our forum hhhh you should defend me my neighbor , we are only 3 from Africa in this contest
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    Argentina Entry Fito Paez - Mariposa Tecknicolor Hope you like this song, it came out in 1994 and it's a popular song even to this day. BTW the correct title of the song is the one I wrote above, not the one in the video, but it doesn't really matter There is spanish lyrics in the video and an english translation below (I tried my best with it, but the lyrics are bit difficult).
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    Still a good result, and every international confrontations are a new and good experience for the players, since the club is the actual base of your National Team and btw congrats for another Team sport Gold we really need to start to learn something from your team sports program or just start to naturalize some Serbian B, C level players, that should be enough for us to at least participate in Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Water polo etc... championships
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    The best team in the world has finally won their title.
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    Hello everyone! I ended up in this forum searching for some Olympics info.. and I found this thread! I'm from Argentina, can I join the contest?
  20. 3 points
    I'm in. Not so hard on spanish music but I'll try to find something cool.
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    SLOVENIA I believe this is first time in history of TISC contest, you can vote among musician for an athlete, and not some kind of athlete, but an Olympic Champion. Firstly, Tina Maze is known as best sportswoman of all time in our country. Former alpine skier took two Olympic gold medals in Sochi 2014, two Olympic silver in Vancouver 2010, become 4 times World champion and won World cup Overall title in 2013 with a record breaking 2414 points. There were hard times for Tina, before she became worldwide known. She was injured a lot, her confidence was at bottom, before she met Andrea Massi. You know the rest. This song is her only single, and it was released a day before her first race of, what was later discovered, her record season. It got very mixed reception, mostly due to her poor results in the past. People thought, she is mocking of her career and she will never be able to win again (well, guess again :P). Song title says everything - "My Way is My Decision". It is a song about Tina's courage to step forward, and doing what she does best in her own way, something not quite usual for average Slovenian. Authors are Raay (part of Eurovision duo Maraaya), Matjaž Jelen (lead singer of established Slovenian band Šank Rock) and Charlie Mason (co-writer of winning Eurovision song "Rise Like a Phoenix"). Tina Maze - My Way is My Decision
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    Even the Slovaks are apparently not so excited about getting another world title anymore, I heard some of their sports fans were even not watching the race but playing hockey or something
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    Ancient Olympia in Greece will host the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony, on Tuesday October 24, 11:30 (GMT+3) ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games which will be held in PyeongChang. Watch Live Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony PyeongChang 2018
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    Finally, a bit of nice news from the Brazilian team can be shared Last season they were coached by Tobias Torgersen, the coach of the Swedish IBU Cup team, He went to Poland's women's team however (sadly, but deserved), and long story short: Brazil needed a new coach and place to train instead of with Torgersen with Östersund as 'base' in Europe. Well, they found it, and a nice one it is! Together with the Australian team, Brazil will set up base camp in Livigno, Italy, where they will have the fantastic opportunity to have specialist shooting trainers, skiing trainers, technique trainers, a specialist waxman (in fact, he went to five Olympics as waxman of the Italian team), a ton of available equipment and facilities and everything....basically, they're making a huge step in terms of professionalism! Luca Bormolini (the ex-biathlete, older brother of the more succesful Thomas Bormolini) will be the new coach
  25. 2 points
    Yep, I am liking this game a lot. Also, those obnoxious politically correct people who want to do away with all traditions for no reason at all can go with them..... you know the type who decide that Christmas is no longer an acceptable term and that Winterville would be a much less discriminatory idea. Those people should also be on the ignore list
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    Silvio Berlusconi is back on the italian political scene He is like Voldemort..
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    Sorry, i completely forgot about it, now its sadly too late. I hope you guys will have a lot of fun (as you always do) and may the best song win ... Maybe i will participate for the first time next year ... This was my early favorite to represent Germany by the way:
  28. 2 points
    Last minute empty net goal in the AHL match Belleville - Syracuse ended by this here the moment
  29. 2 points
    This should be a summary of Argentina's Campaign at this WC qualifications
  30. 2 points
    Netherlands UEFA Nations League 2022-3 Division 4 Champions
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  32. 2 points
    Lol she will break some world record soon and then disappear like many chinese.
  33. 2 points
    I think in your particular case it doesn't really matter because Argentina still has me and konig as long time representatives... so argentine participation is not in risk nor it is a "one-off" thing, which is what Sindo is talking about.
  34. 2 points
    I think we (Croatians here and me) can all live with that
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    0.001 Japan FIG maffia! cheater referees!
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    Turkey iş in. And ı hope you will enjoy with this song.
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    Šta reći za ovu ženu?
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    The Southpark avatar already makes you cool in my book
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    to me it's the opposite...this year's Worlds will be the highlight of the season... finally, we're going to see how this sport should be if only the world was made just by honest people...
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    I think his name might be Mr. Sarcasm.
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    Alexia Paganini qualified for Switzerland. She is a US based skater. Her native language is English and she speaks some German. I'm eagerly awaiting for @dcro to come back here and post about his dissatisfaction with Paganini for not speaking fluently Italian, French and Romansh, three languages that are also spoken in Switzerland.
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    This happens all the time. Don't blame Williams for only performing when it counts. The American women do this all the time in Artistic Gymnastics and I haven't seen anyone complaining about it.
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    Don't worry Romania will be part of the Contest again .
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    confirming their participation in this contest
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    One famous politician in Indonesia suddenly became "sick" when he is scheduled to come to the Anti Corruption Commission for some investigation of a major corruption case. It was claimed that his heart is congested, had a stroke, and some other complications While this is a classic excuse for politicians here, it is the first time a picture came out as a "proof". But the photo has many strange things such as smiling wife that looks like saying "Hey honey, wake up, we are being photographed" and a flat line electrocardiogram. Maybe someone with medical qualification can explain more what's wrong in this one picture...
  48. 2 points
    CANADA Since this is an Olympics forum... I thought Canada's entry should be Olympic related. k.d. lang's rendition of Hallelujah at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was my ceremony highlight of any Olympics I have seen. k.d. lang - Hallelujah
  49. 2 points
    Oh wow, Uruguay! Amazing surprise @Hem Shampa welcome on the forum
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