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    Nope, Nothing. I've been looking in historical tables and results of the volleyball in our territory in the 70s years. And I did found nothing. Absolutely nothing, Not a single mention of any special result, nor any club that would approach the mentioned name. Moreover, such a city or village does not exist and did not existed in the communist era. So it's a fake report. Sorry Guys
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    I've always "loved" these kinds of pictures. Such an easy manipulation...
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    Don't bother trying to use logic and basic math with people on this thread. They will still be convinced of their ideas regardless. It's amazing how the forum has shifted, in the old one most active users were leftist and progressive for the most part... now everyone here is a right winger and occasional xenophobia seems to be ok lol
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    I've made this spreadsheet to keep track of all medals in World Championships in olympic events in this olympic cycle - to have an automatic medal count, filter by nation, sport, etc.... I know I won't have always the time to update it, but if anyone wants to help, feel free to do it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MAJEFi4ehwx3ToNckblf6SrJGaFjWComU6dn796N90g/edit#gid=8313002
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    ^should be heywoodu. He is here every day and he is the one that cares most about the issue
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    Ok guys, I already said that for me this matter is closed and I really don´t want to return to this topic anymore. What happened happened. The match was fixed. and both teams advanced. So this is my last post about this. to @Gianlu, Dude, I respect you a lot as a very good, important and honest user and a very good friend here, and I understand that you support your team, this is normal, but in this case you are wrong. Everyone who followed this game know what happened. Even MHSN from Iran who has nothing to care about Slovak football or so immediately after the game send a post mentioning what happened. the 2nd half of the match Germany-Italy was a clear farce and a huge fuck off not only to us but to all "small" unimportant football countries. Oh yes, I did understood everything already when the Italian players entered the field before second half and started to speak with the Germans and showing them signs with hands "Calm ! we are both in" and it was how the 2nd half has been played. Nothing, any single attack, any single try to play, only passing the ball from left to right and back, no one attacked the opponents passes. The only moment when they started to play was when the Czechs equalized, yes from this time Italy played a nice football with great actions and shoots, but immediately when the Danes scored the 3rd goal, suddenly the game stopped ! absolutely nothing, any single attacking move, any single shit.. Why the whole stadium started booing and whistling ? Really, even the German coach and players admitted after the game that it was played only in order to qualify and using the situation, the whole world knew that, only the Italians somehow are still defending themselves, c´mon you really think that you would have beat Germany 1-0 and they will not show you any resistance ? No, trust me Germany let you win 1-0. That´s all, I´ll not return to this topic, for me it´s closed. Maybe I (we) just need some time to pass this. For now, me and as I read in the comments in many forums, many football fans not only in SVK lost their respect to Italian and German football. to @Dareza question about the players after EC: Tears, frustration, anger, feelings that we´re just some garbage waste, despair, hopeless, misery and once again tears
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    If any of you are like me, you were very dissapointed that Sochi or Rio didnt get a proper video game, so Pyongchang 2018 is finally different! Ubisoft announced in their E3 press conference that their game Steep is getting a pyongchang expansion!!! the trailer showed the following events : Downhill Snowboard Cross Slopestyle Ski Cross Halfpipe PGS GS Super G Slalom Big Air Ski Halfpipe while it's not a huge list, it's better then nothing which we got in 14 and 16 i'm super excited!! December 5th, if someone here is a ps4 gamer, come join me!
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    Not really contributing to this topic, but just wanted to highlight these comments, haha
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    Big surprise for us!! !!! Now Turkey's turn to take a good lesson from our girls..
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    As many of you know, the World League finals will be played at Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, one of the World Cup stadiums. The arena received a friendly match last year, which was a huge success (now they'll have seats closer to the action, like in World Championship 2014). While most of the matches have an "okay" schedule (at 15h00 and 17h00 local time), the final will be played at 23h00 (!). At least it will be in a Saturday, but I do hope Brazil reaches the final, otherwise I don't see many people wanting to watch someting like France vs Serbia this late. Oh, and aparently @hukbrazil will watch some matches there
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    the most beautifull beach in the world
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    I don't think it's just a Polish thing. Those are the same kind of idiotic people (but on the opposite side) who celebrate when there's another Islamic terror attack.
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    I'm not tuniscof, but I think those are 7 points for the day (3 points from MEX-POR and 4 from CMR-CHI). I know because I had similar predictions (1-1 too and 2-4 for chile).
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    Here the full race replay https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/cycling-road-mens-road-race-rio-2016-replay/
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    I really miss the totallympics medal table
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    Yeah sure I love your replay when someone touch Algeria or Africa
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    Final Standing available here ady48 Dunadan africaboy Congratulations to our French Open prediction contest winner and it's another win in a row for Dunadan !! Congratulations @Dunadan ! Congratulations team Italy for fourth Gold in last five contests ! Our champion Beginning in 3rd place on the opening day, our new champion @Dunadan was always in top 5 during the first third of the contest before leading the contests from Day 6 until the end and never been worse than second placed ! It's a totally deserved win Congratulations once again @Dunadan for his second gold medal, third overall for him and 9th for ITALY On the second step of the podium there he is our Romanian @ady48 who almost didn't leave the top 10 ; progressing through the contest from 8th to 6th to 4th place which he kept from Day 9 to Day 12 before jumping to top two on last three days. Congratulations to our Silver Medalist @ady48 for his first silver medal, 4th overall and 5th for ROMANIA ! On the third step of the podium it's our second Romanian @africaboy who has almost been on every top 3 all contest long. Congratulation to Our Bronze Medalist @africaboy for his first bronze medal, second overall and 6th for ROMANIA ! Good tournament also for @Pablita and @heywoodu and @Henry_Leon who weren't that far from getting the bronze. Best represented teams in top 10 : Team Italy with 3 players in top 6 @Dunadan (1st) @Pablita (4th) and @Henry_Leon (6th) and Romania with two top 3 players @ady48 (2nd) and @africaboy (3rd) and Croatia with two players in top 10 @dcro (7th) and @Crolympic (10th) were the best represented teams among top 10 with 2 players each. We should not forget to congratulate @Pablita for making the 10 perfect picks . I hope you enjoyed the first tennis contest for this year. Good luck and see you soon! Now please stand up for the national anthem of Italy !
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    There's no off-topic in a general chat thread
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    I'd say it could be like this: If someone feels an event (be it a competition, a race or a news event) is big enough to deserve it's own thread, he/she should feel free to open a thread about it. If it turns out there's not really a lot of interest, someone (like me) could merge it with a general thread, whereas if it generates a little buzz and the person who opened it isn't posting just on his own there, it could be left open.
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    Adriana je koplje 500g bacila 55.76m To je top 10 u svetu za devojcice do 18 godina, a ona je 2004 godiste
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    Group fight, everyone on the tatami and the team with the most ippons in one minute wins
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    Mixed team realy would have been more useful in modern pentathlon than triathlon
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    and after 4 days it matures quickly
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    well Iran is not an Arab country and this is the first time such things happen in middle of Iran in 20-30 years. Iran is/was probably the safest country in the middle east. Today was a very sad day. I never saw such thing in Tehran in my lifetime (yeah we had MEK terrorist attacks but that was long time ago) I prefer to not judge until we know the nationality of the terrorists. that's very important. but that was about time until ISIS found a way inside Iran. so far 12 deaths, mostly innocent civilians RIP and I hope such things never happen again, anywhere specially in my hometown.
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    I am a man, for your information gathering.
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    Both left and right people use logic and reason. The main problem is that both sides are getting more and more extreme and finding some opinion 'in the middle' and with some nuances is impossible without both sides telling you're an extreme leftist/rightist. Of course both left and right, progressive and conservative etc are not by definition 'the only correct way', but it's like it's impossible to accept both sides have good points now and then.
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    Absolutely. This is why this sport is unpredictable, but so beautiful and exciting to watch really shame that canoe slalom is so underrated and underestimated
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    Well, as I posted earlier, for me 2.1 billion people for action of ISIS which has 9 thousand members is senseless. So what, next thing we are going to blame Christians from Armenia, Poland, Italy or Romania for actions of NLFT in India or LRA in Uganda? Because that is exactly the same reasoning - ISIS kills in the name of allah, the NLFT/LRA murders people in terror attacks in the name of "Kingdom of Jesus Christ", and overall they are very similar to ISIS - the only different thing they are christians. Lets not also forget planned parenthood bombings in the USA, Dylan Roof, Anders Breivik, Alexandre Bissonette... So should we ban all Christians from entering India or Africa because a small percentage of them claim their own religion is hateful? Should we ban all Atheists from taking public offices because of Stalin, Red Khmers or North Korea? How are Muslims from Bosnia or Indonesia responsible for the actions ofa single person from Iraq or Afghanistan? How am I as a Pole responsible for actions of "christians in India"? To me blaming all Muslims for terrorism is like blaming all Germans for WW2. Except of course, ISIS' power is not supported by any organization.
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    The eastern half can be saved!
  40. 2 points
    but one crime doesn't justify another
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    Well that guy is an idiot.. If it was one time it could pass as a joke in the moment, but he went overboard. These things can work in bars, but dipshit you are on live TV and in todays world this will go viral in minutes.
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    Well, it seems I'll join the others here, celebrating my local team. CD GUADALAJARA "CHIVAS" won it's 12 title in the Mexican league!!
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    The only Ice hockey team and ice rink in central and eastern Africa is dreaming about the winter olympics
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    Cool, but you are welcome in Italy, expecially in Costiera Amalfitana Only risk is the sun Only joke
  45. 1 point
    231kg for a barely 17-year old in 69kg isn't bad neither, would have been a decent Olympic top-7
  46. 1 point
    Apparently Slovenian federation plans to sue FIVB if the new rules will be applied. Slovakian and Dutch federations which will be totally eliminated from World League under the new system stated they will support the Slovenian federation.
  47. 1 point
    It's no Olympic year so don't expect fast times from Churandy until 2020
  48. 1 point
    Qatar will have all 4 naturalized
  49. 1 point
    Quite disappointing to see them keeping synchronized swimming intact, while reducing from swimming/water polo. This goes to show you how dumb these people are.
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    14/15 for me, due to my old age and the fact that for ten years I have been spending my holidays in the former Yugoslavia. Really unbearable the world's ignorance on these beautiful countries and their slavic languages and only because of the alliteration of the two names ... the world got still a long way to go to improve and how can I be optimistic if there are millions of peoples who mix-up SLO and SVK, Arabic and Persian, Shiites and Sunnites, Spanish and Portuguese, Indoeuropean and Afroasian languages, who still believe that languages and dialects can be clearly distinguished and - last but not the least - still think that the Olympic boycotts were useful (this one is the most painful one for an old Olympics lover ...) and fully plausible because ... "the sports are integrally part of our civil life" ?!?