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Women's Volleyball FIVB Intercontinental Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2019

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He is Italian.   

Yes, it can. First of all send every continental champion (so that part is over with) and then give all the other teams a worldwide OQT where the top-X qualifies.

Easy victory fot Brazil, i think that their goup is one of the most easy

All in all the best possible Outcome from Germany's point of view, except Turkey losing to China, but a Turkey win was unlikely anyway. Will nonetheless be very hard to qualify.


Congrats Serbia and probably Italy.

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Congrats Italy! Very deserved win and hopefully a gold medal next year ... Egonu is outstanding!!!


Very sad about the Dutch performance today, hopefully Sloetjes will find her shape back for the European Qualifier in January (Turkey).

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Well. our girls played their best volleyball, hard to hold anything against them, Serbia is the World Champion after all:dunno: they played a good match and I think this proves how much progress they made lately. In a few years, I hope, they'll be one of the strongest teams in the world.

My favourite Volleyball position: LIBERO. You ask why? Look here.


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