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  1. I'd like to see us win five medals - I kind of feel like that should be a base line for us moving forward - a medal per million of the population! Obviously it's easy to say that but whether we can actually achieve it or not is another thing. I was slightly disappointed that we only ended up with the four in Tokyo, but then two of them being gold balanced out the slight underperformance in terms of overall medals relative to expectations going into the games. In terms of individual competitors I think Adeleke has the potential to be the star of the games for us. Not that she'll necessarily win a medal - though she might if she keeps improving at the rate she's going - but we have seen this week how big a deal having one or two genuinely top class track athletes is, especially in the sprints. I can't remember any recent European athletics championships getting the Irish media coverage the current one is - not since the days of Sonia - and that's without us winning a single medal so far. As much as we enjoy following all the other sports athletics will always be the biggest event in any Olympic games. It's the sport that has the most cut through in terms of potentially creating an "Italia 90 moment" (for the want of a better phrase) in a way that a sport like rowing or gymnastics never will among the wider population who only tune in for the biggest events. So having someone like Adeleke going in as a likely finalist and possible medalist would be great. Obviously Olatunde also, but a semi final would probably be a more realistic aim for him. How amazing would it be to see an Irishman in the men's 100m Olympic final some day though...maybe 2028 for that! What I like the most about both of them is that they seem to be able to peak on the big day - that's a great advantage at a major finals when others often underperform. Also Kate O'Connor - I don't know that she'll ever be an Olympic medal contender - but great to have an international quality heptathlete all the same. I don't generally bother with the Commonwealth games given the lack of Irish interest, but I made a point of watching it this year the days she was competing for NI and it was very enjoyable. Outside of athletics we'll obviously lean heavily on boxing and rowing again for medal hopes. Is there a possibility of both Harrington and Broadhurst competing at different weights or is that gone now - I had thought that was potentially an option at one point? In rowing the men's lightweights will probably be our biggest medal "banker" of the games. In swimming I'd agree with what has already been said about Wiffen - he seems to have made consistent and significant improvements over the last couple of years that suggest he's our best hope in the pool. McSharry has maybe just stalled a bit, if she could find something extra she might yet contend though. The other thing I'd really like to see is Rhys McClenaghan put to bed what happened in Tokyo by winning a medal. I'll be watching that event from behind the sofa though, the pommel is torture to watch when you're invested in it! Finally, in terms of team size, realistically it's going to be down on Tokyo purely because we had such an impressive size of team there, padded out by the hockey team who may not make it this time. But I'd still hope it might be one of our biggest ever teams other than Tokyo to hopefully highlight the significant and sustained improvements we're making in Olympic sports since the medal free days of the Athens games and before.
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