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Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Venues


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Beijing Cluster

  • National Stadium (Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony)
  • National Aquatics Centre (Curling)
  • National Indoor Stadium (Ice Hockey)
  • National Speed Skating Oval (Speed Skating)
  • Capital Indoor Stadium (Short Track Speed Skating, Figure Skating)
  • Wukesong Sports Centre (Ice Hockey)
  • Big Air Shougang (Freestyle Skiing - Big Air, Snowboarding - Big Air)

Yanqing Cluster

  • National Xiaohaituo Alpine Skiing Centre (Alpine Skiing)
  • National Sliding Centre (Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton)

Zhangjiakou Cluster

  • National Biathlon Centre (Biathlon)
  • National Kuyangshu Ski Jumping Centre (Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined SJ)
  • National Kuyangshu Cross-Country Skiing Centre (Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Combined CC)
  • Genting Snow Park (Freestyle Skiing - Slopestyle & Halfpipe, Snowboarding - Slopestyle & Halfpipe)
  • Thaiwoo Ski Resort (Freestyle Skiing - Aerials & Moguls & Ski Cross, Snowboarding - Snowboard Cross)
  • Wanlong Ski Resort (Snowboarding - Parallel Giant Slalom)
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(Bird's Nest)





Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 80 000

The Beijing National Stadium, more famous under the nick name "Bird´s nest" is one of the most iconic olympic venues, build and used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Summer Games. Will became an Olympic venue again 14 years after. This time as the place of the Opeing and closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.


Located in the Beijing Olympic Green, the stadium was build in 2007 and opened on June 2008 with capacity of 91 000, for the Winter Olympics the expected capacity was shorten to 80 000 seats.




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(Water Cube)





Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 4 000

The National Aquatics Centre is another iconic Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics venue, The arena famously called the "water cube", witnessed one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history. Michael Phelps won there an unprecedented 8 gold swimming medals during one single olympic edition. now 14 years later the venue will be ready to welcome and see the best curlers of the planet fighting for olympic medals and glory in 3 Curling events, M & W tournaments and Mixed doubles competition.


Located in the Beijing Olympic Green, the stadium was build in 2007 and opened in 2008 for the 2008 Olympics, This time renovated the arena with 4 main curling sheets will host the Winter Olympics curling competitions with the expected capacity of 4 000 seats.



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(The Fan)





Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 18 000

The National Indoor Stadium is another Summer Olympics and Paralympics 2008 "heritage" venue. Located in the Beijing Olympic Green, the stadium was opened in 2007 and first served for the gymnastics test events for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Later the arena was also used for Basketball. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, it hosted the Gymnastics events and Handball final matches.


Nowadays, the stadium is used for sports competition, cultural and entertaining purposes, and serves as a multi-functional exercise center for local residents.


For the 2022 Winter Olympics the stadium will be the main Ice Hockey arena, and will serve mainly for the mens tournament matches but also the womens tournament medal games. The stadium had already experiences with this sport, since In 2015 the National Indoor Stadium hosted the ice hockey women's Division I world championship in Beijing 2015.

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(The Ice Ribbon)





Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 12 000

The National Speed Skating Oval is the only new built venue in the famous Olympic Green Beijing 2008 complex. The arena opened in 2021 was built on the location of former Field Hockey and Archery venues of the 2008 Summer Olympics.


The capacity for the Winter Olympics is expected at 12 000 seats and will host all 14 Speed Skating competitions of the XXIV Winter Olympic Games, Mens 500m, 1000m, 1500, 5000m, 10 000m, Team Pursuit and Individual Mass Start and Women 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, Team Pursuit and Individual Mass Start events.


After The Olympics the arena should turn on a public skating venue and is also expected to be used by local ice hockey clubs.



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Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 15 000

The Capital Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena located in the Southern part of the Chinese capital. The arena opened in 1968 became firstly famous as venue of the legendary USA-China ping-pong diplomacy exchange program in early 70s. Later the venue was used for various events, in 2001 for the Summer universiade or as host of NBA games.


At the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics the arena served as venue for Volleyball. 15 000 seats capacity is expected to use for the upcoming Winter Olympics when the Capital Indoor Stadium will host all 9 Short Track Speed Skating events (M 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m Relay, W 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m Relay and the historic debut of the 2000m Mixed Relay) and the all 5 Figure Skating (M & W Singles and Mixed Pairs, Ice Dance and Team Event) competitions as well.



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(The Cadillac Center)





Cluster: Beijing

Capacity: 10 000

The Wukesong Sports Centre is an multipurpose indoor arena located in the southern part of Beijing. Opened in 2008 for the Summer Olympic Games, served as venue for the Basketball competitions.


The arena as the biggest entertainment venue of the Chinese capital hosted several artists since then, from Avril Lavigne having there the opening concert of the arena to another giants like Metallica or Ariana Grande in the past years. As part of the venue the arena includes a modern flexible Ice Hockey rink, planned as home place of the local KHL team Kunlun Red Star.


The venue alongside of the National Indoor Stadium will host the Ice Hockey tournaments during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, focusing mainly on the Womens tournament, but will also a home of a couple of mens tournament games. The expected capacity for the matches is 10 000 places.



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