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  1. Here’s how they constructed the massive LED screen in the Birds Nest,
  2. Opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics abandon large crowds, to focus on shared future of humanity - 9 January 2022 - Global Times Zhang promises unprecedented Flame lighting at Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony - 7Jan22 - Inside the Games Full rehearsal held for Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - 23Jan2022 - Inside the Games
  3. The Beijing 2022 Olympic Flame will be lit in “unprecedented fashion” "This time, the way of lighting will certainly be different. I am very nervous. I believe it is totally innovative and people will be surprised," Zhang claimed, hinting at "a bold design of the lighting and design of the Cauldron." “Although no further details were given, he hinted that environmental themes and low carbon emissions had been important factors in the designs.” “Zhang Yimou directed the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and is also overseeing the Beijing 2022 Ceremonies.”
  4. …. and more on this from the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong: On Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony Director, Zhang Yimou: “The Oscar-nominated director of Raise the Red Lantern, Hero and The House of Flying Daggers is leading a team to design the show. Zhang also directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.” “Rehearsals are under way for the pared down ceremony, without the large-scale artistic performances that marked the 2008 programme, state television said.” “Rather, technology will be used to make the opening ceremony “ethereal and romantic”, state television quoted Zhang as saying.” Beijing 2022: Zhang Yimou to direct Winter Olympics opening ceremony - 8Jan22 - South China Morning Post
  5. Just in ….. Zhang Yimou named as chief director of the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony - 7Jan22 - Inside The Games “Zhang Yimou directed the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and is also overseeing the Beijing 2022 Ceremonies.” “Chinese media reported Zhang is working with a crew of "high-profile consultants" and will also take overall responsibility for the Closing Ceremony and Paralympic Ceremonies.” "It is a great honour to direct the Opening Ceremony for the second time," Zhang told the Xinhua News Agency. "The burden is very heavy. Of course we know we cannot repeat Beijing 2008, so we are striving to be different from it," he admitted. “Only 3,000 are expected to take part, in contrast to 2008, which had a cast of 15,000, including 2,008 drummers at the start of the Ceremony.”
  6. As expected, Australia has today joined the US and New Zealand in a diplomatic boycott only of the Beijing winter olympics in China. Australia joins diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics - 8Dec21 - ABC News Australia
  7. Wake up. Not a single country has announced a full boycott of Beijing 2022. Not a single one. Not Italy, not your own country Great Britain, not USA, not Australia, not any countryin the entire world. There are views that each government and prvate citizens around the world may or may not privately have on China and Beijing 2022. But so far, not a single participating country at Beijing 2022 has announced a full boycott at this point in time. Not a single one.
  8. Yes and you are still totally incorrect. The invitations to government reps and the US President are issued by the IOC and have been issued a long long time ago and have nothing to do with anything else. You are incorrect because you do not seem to realise that China or the Beijing organisers do no send invitations to the US President to attend Beijing 2022. This is and always has been the job of the International Olympic Committee who are politically neutral - another point you seem to have missed.
  9. Buddy, I’m fully aware of the debate going in Canada right now with some minority parties calling for a full Canadian boycott of Beijing. There is no sign at all of the Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada supporting a full boycott of Bejing 2022. None whatsoever. But, I would not rule out a Canadian diplomatic boycott.
  10. Again you’re dreaming. The International Olympic Committee always invite the US President. It’s not China or the Beijing 2022, its the IOC who does the inviting. The IOC have already invited the US President to Beijing 2022 as they have done for every other Olympics. The IOC “own” the the Olympics with Beijing as the organisers. The President Biden has announced that no-one from the USA will be taking up the IOC’s invitation at Beijing 2022.
  11. You’re dreaming. There’s no way or any evidence that Canada Government will have a full boycott of Beijing - nor any other country. However, Canada may well announce a diolomatic boycott as might Australia. But that’s it. Both Canada and Australia will send their athletes to Beijing.
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